October 24, 2013

Join the Green Home Revolution

Join the Green Home Revolution Green homes in India are on the rise. Statistics show a phenomenal 5 – 7% growth in the green home sector during the last 2 years. Experts predict that the next decade will see an influx of green homes which utilize less water, optimize  energy savings, consume  less natural resources and enhance construction management.

Builders in Chennai for instance have geared up to provide solar panel homes in complete gated communities.

Mumbai builders has more than 300 + registered green home projects spread over approx 229 million square feet.  Delhi builders are second with 200+ projects, followed by Bangalore and Pune.

Until you buy your own green home though, you can always join the green revolution!

Having a garden aids is the first step to a green home.  Here are a few tips on how to have the perfect garden:

Who would say NO when it comes to relaxing in the garden? Gardens have always been the preferred place to relax and soothe your senses. While a garden provides room for flowers and vegetables to grow, a perfect garden should trigger our emotions and enlighten our architectural skills.

Here’s how you can transform into an expert while discovering the art of coming up with a perfect garden. Sometimes, laying a separate pathway from the entrance to the sit out could also be the best idea to add aesthetic beauty to your garden space.

Below are few more options: 

Divide the open space

Green Home Revolution

 This is one of the simplest ways of adding beauty to your garden. All that you’ll need to do is, break up the lawn into small sections with flowing designs scattered with colourful flower beds. This will give an exciting contemporary feel to the garden and will add more interest than just a big green patch with colourful borders. You can also break up the space using different types of pavements and stones. The combination of pebbles, stepping stones and pavements give a unique visual treat and will also help prevent rainwater runoff.

Make a grand entrance

Plan for a low-level wooden door gateway. This could enhance the beauty of your garden. Plant evergreens, especially the junipers on both sides of the gate, or even along the pathway in order to create that formal feeling.   
Let your eyes travel

Pave more than two different directions from the main path. This will add up more mystery and will make the visitor curious about where the diverted paths lead to. It also gives an amused feeling when they end up hitting your garden. Let your sight be more active than your feet!

Put the right colours together

Come up with innovative ideas by adding a colourful combination of plants. Use various colour combinations of plants and flowers to soothe the eye. Choosing the right place for each colour is an important decision too. For example, beautiful pink meadows look wonderful on a green base. Play with colours. Do not panic about accomplishing the desired combo, you could end up having a totally breathtaking beautiful colour-combo at the end of it!

Include a garden room

Include a garden room

 Now, if you are wondering what a garden room could be like - be sure that it has nothing to do with traditional cement and bricks. It is as simple as planting four medium sized evergreens, such as spruce, in a square to create a garden room. 

Diverge with the texture

Texture is as important as the colours in your garden. Sometimes, repeating a texture creates a sense of uniformity. But don’t forget, too much of the same texture creates boredom as well. Bringing in some visual contrast will add brilliance to your garden. You can make use of other artificial material other than the natural plants and flowers to bring out this visual contrast. Such artificial things could include your antique furniture. 

Play with the junk

Smart gardeners come up with creative recycling and reusing junk materials. Starting from boots to bottles, and coffee tins to cattle troughs, decorative gardens provide ample possibilities to explore. Bottle turned vases, foot tub turned into pond gardens, boot planters; recycled glass and coffee tins etc are the common junks you could make use of to decorate your garden.

Decorate your fence

Decorate your fence

 Picket fences covered with fresh greenly creepers add more charm. You could also opt for hanging a small bouquet in the entrance of your garden to create that welcoming feel. Also add your signature touch by adding up a small watering mug or some loved collectibles that serve its purpose in your garden.

Bug off

When everything is set for visual beauty, insects can cause the nuisance. Get rid of these unwanted pests the natural way. Use vinegar, boiling water, salt, bleach, bar or liquid soap in your flower vases.
Well, creating a perfect garden with some of these tips doesn’t seem to be hard, right? So, why wait? Go ahead and roll up your sleeves - play with the plants! Happy gardening!!