November 15, 2013

Luxury Homes on a Low Budget - Classy Kitchen Updates

Luxury Homes on a Low Budget
The kitchen trends frequently change with the invention of new appliances every day. The interior of luxury homes focus mainly on the kitchen place which includes modular kitchen and complementing cabinet work.  A renovated kitchen design can give a new definition to your old home. Here are a number of ideas that will help you reinvent the kitchen as you desire, under budget and will give an appeal of a luxury home.

Update the Cabinet Hardware

The cabinet made of wood is always preferred as it gives a classy look. Although cabinets are made of steel, plastic material etc., the use of wood will add an alluring effect to your kitchen. The utility cabinets need to be thick and durable to carry more storage material. Look for termite resistant and thermal tolerant hardware units for long lasting cabinets. Try iron or brass finished handles for the wooden cabinet doors. The stainless steel cabinets are widely used for its sleek design and are mostly fitted during the construction work.

You can find a variety of cabinets in different shapes, color and finishes that will pair up with your kitchen walls and floor. Most of the luxury apartment builders opt for modular kitchen with the perfectly finished wooden cabinets.

Try Open Shelves

Instead of having closed door cabinets that give an ordinary look, try open shelf cabinets. The open shelves will exquisitely showcase the contents of the cabinet, forming a great appeal to your kitchen. You can also use the glass doors to cover the cabinet to avoid dirt and dust particles occupying the cabinet space. Frosted glass is a good candidate to obscure the cabinet content yet giving a contemporary look.

Arrange the utensils

Arranging the utensils is the most important part of renovating your kitchen. You can hang the pans, ladles, utensils and other cooking must haves to the wall using a rod but also make sure that they are easy to use when required. Leave the less used utensils inside the cabinet on top shelves and arrange the more frequently used plates and pots within a reachable distance.

Luxury Homes on a Low Budget

Use refreshing Colors

Some cabinets look weathered and worn but still remains intact and durable. You can paint these cabinets with refreshing colors and save a lot on your budget.  You can try colors that suit your floor and look contrasting to your walls. This way, the cabinets will look distinctive and highlighted which gives a modern appeal to your kitchen. You can try either subtle colors that are classy and pleasant, or bold colors that will make a fashion statement.

Make way for storage

Apart from the regular cabinets, you can add new storage spaces in the kitchen. Try to leave your grocery and dishes inside the storage space which will add more space to a small kitchen. Try installing shallow floating shelves attached to the unused corners of the wall to display the glassware and festive dishware.

Change the lighting

Even a dull kitchen can restore its freshness with change in the light settings.  If you have the dining area attached to the kitchen, use chandeliers on top of the dining table. Use task lights for the kitchen work area, near the stove and counter-top. Try installing small accent lights fixed inside the glass cabinet to give an emphasized view.

Your normal kitchen can look luxurious under budget if you can be little creative and concentrate on the renovating products. You can also get the help of professionals to remodel the kitchen with contemporary design.

Luxury Homes in India

Luxury Homes on a Low Budget
In India, most people choose the luxury homes which include sophisticated building with modular kitchen, superior wooden finish, swimming pool, gym, park etc.  Listed below are a few of the leading builders from various cities who offer luxury homes within budget.

1.    Isle Royale villas and apartments
By Gera Developers in Pune

2.    Trump Tower project
By Donald Trump and Rohan Lifescapes in South Mumbai

3.    Shobha international City
By Shobha Developers in Gurgaon

4.    Aurum Villas
By Pacifica Companies in OMR, Chennai

5.    Silvana Villas and Row houses
By Pruksa India Housing Private Limited in Bangalore