May 29, 2014

Delhi-Real Estate Investment is Rising

Delhi, the capital city of India one of the top profitable real estate markets, every reputed Global Consultant recommends to invest here. Various investors prefer to buy residential or commercial property in Delhi so as to get great resale value while selling it or by the means of rental to get optimum results, while automatically making an asset. Investment in real estate, especially in residential property has been for years the favourite avenue for many investors in India, due to its great returns.
Delhi-Real Estate Investment is Rising
The prophecy is almost ominous to Indians who want to buy a dream home but is not able to do so because of the heavily rising realty costs. The cost of real estate is rising fast across India. Moreover commercial spaces in Delhi ranks amongst the top 10 in the world, however along side the metro cities tier 2 and tier 3 cities are also seeing step rises in property prices.

Why is real estate so expensive in India? While, reaping much great returns in real estate investment arena. There are several contributing factors to name a few:

More Demand than Supply – Courtesy of the economic boom, more and more people are opting investment in real estate as a security for the future, as a tax saving tool or simply because they need a roof over their heads, homes are in demand. In turn making the demand manifolds compared to the supply.

Scarcity of land – The demand pattern has been mainly in the metro cities and its surroundings. Mostly, like Delhi and its outskirts the National Capital Region. The scarcity of land in Delhi, is continuously making it harder and harder for developers and builders to provide mid level flats in Delhi. Thus, pushing the middle income group towards the outskirts, while the Delhi metro is facilitating fast communication and transport with the Capital City.

Delhi-Flats Investment is Rising
The IT boom – Around 60% - 70% commercial property demands rose due to the rapid development of IT and ITES sectors. According to NASSCOM, this sector employs 1.63 million people and the numbers are likely to double by the end of the decade. 

As people are shifting to NCRs and other surrounding neighbourhoods, the rates of Delhi real estates are still rising because till date investors and the upper income class are opting for Delhi over the NCRs, so as to get greater investment returns with time. The increase in living standards and also the recent betterments and up gradation of facilities like Electricity, Sewage and Water Supply people have found there preference in Delhi rather than the outskirts. So by seeking professional help through the new media or internet by online real estate consultants and dealer, potential buyers and lenders can gain more than their expectations.