May 30, 2014

Does Delhi property market still have strong demand?

Delhi propertyInvestment in Delhi properties is always fruitful, be it from any angle. The demand for properties in Delhi is increasing day-by-day not only because it is the national capital but also its proximity to NCR which has very high commercial and industrial importance. Further, the elevation of the erstwhile Union Territory to the National Capital Territory with the status of a state has further increased the value of property in Delhi.

Infrastructural development, metro rails and many such other developments have increased the demand of property in Delhi. MNCs, IT sectors are also the reason of the high demand of properties in Delhi. Delhi property has seen a fast paced growth in the last few years. Delhi, along with its surroundings has become a great attraction for investors who want to invest in Delhi Real Estate. Demand for both residential as well as commercial properties in Delhi is growing at a very high rate. Due to the advent of many multinational companies setting up their offices and commercial establishments in Delhi and the NCR it has become a lucrative deal to invest in Delhi residential property.

Home loans are also helping to increase the demand of properties in Delhi because it is helping the middle class, who form the majority of the country to fulfil their dreams of having their own houses in a place which is said to be the hub of everything. The demand for Delhi residential property market is always high due to large influx of tourists, expats, and students and professionals from other parts of the country.  There is a great demand for both commercial and residential properties in Delhi property due to presence of multinational companies, corporate houses, media houses, IT, BPO, KPO and host of others.

Delhi propertyDemand for apartments, bungalows, penthouses are increasing day-by-day in and around Delhi. Good career with a good living is what people are looking for these days and Delhi is one such place which is providing all this at very affordable prices. Capital city, hub for media houses, fashion houses, what more does a person want to live a life full of luxury with the best of career.

Demand for property in Delhi has also increased due to easy transportation, metro facilities, multiplexes which attract more and more people towards it. 1-2 BHK flats at about 25-35 lakhs and 3BHK flats at about 50-75 lakhs are available in posh areas of Delhi which is also the reason why Delhi properties still have a very high demand.

Delhi has always been a land of equal opportunities for real estate developers, investors and professionals. Corporate executive and expatriates are especially identified as the segment that would drive the demand for premium property in Delhi.