May 19, 2014

Property Investment in Kolkata, A Lucrative Deal

flats in kolkataKolkata real estate market was not adversely affected by the nationwide slump in the real estate market as compared to other metro cities. It is not as volatile as other metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Delhi for realty investment. Hence, one cannot deny with the fact that, the demand for property investment in Kolkata remains high most of the time. This nature of Kolkata property market has attracted a number of residential as well as commercial realty investors.

Property at Posh Areas

The costliest and posh areas for residential as well as commercial property in Kolkata are Park Street, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Ballygunge Cir. Road, Salt Lake, Alipore, and Loudon Street,  to name a few. These localities are primarily chosen by high budget investors because of good infrastructural facilities, easy accessibility to commercial establishments, and good connectivity with close areas through road transport and Kolkata Metro. Following are the average property values in posh areas of Kolkata: 

Locality                                         Capital Property Value (Per sq.ft.)

Park Street                                                             12,000-17,000
Prince Anwar Shah Road                                         7,000-10,000
Ballygunge Cir. Road                                             10,000-15,000
Salt Lake                                                                  4,000-6,000
Alipore                                                                   10,000-15,000
Loudon Street                                                       10,000-15,000                                             

Affordable Property Investment

Property in KolkataAffordable real estate markets in Kolkata include Rajarhat/New Town, Jassore Road, Madhyamgram, E.M. Bypass, Jadavpur, etc. Investing in these areas is the best decision for huge return in future. These localities are not much expensive as compared to posh localities of Kolkata. Many prominent developers have launched their projects in these areas. Some of them are DLF Ltd, Unitech Ltd, Bengal Sharchi Group, Eden City Group, Fortune Realty, Mani Group, Ruchi Group, Elita Homes, Merlin Group, and many others.  

Locality                                                         Capital Property Value (Per sq.ft.)

Rajarhat/New Town                                                   2,000-4,500
Jassore Road                                                            2,000-4,500
Madhyamgram                                                          1,800-3,000
B.T. Road                                                                  1,500-4,000
E.M. Bypass                                                              3,000-5,000
Garia                                                                          2,000-3,000
New Alipore                                                               3,000-5,000
Jadavpur                                                                    3,000-5,000
Tollygunge                                                                  3,000-5,000

Why Invest in Kolkata? 

Property prices are not much high in Kolkata than other metro cities - Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Delhi. Whether, one is looking for property in a posh area or affordable locality; there is good supply of both residential as well as commercial properties at par with demand. Buyer has lot of choices to choose from, according to his or her specific requirements. In various regions of the city, properties are easily available according to the budget of buyer. Also, a number of residential as well as commercial developments have taken place and some of them are upcoming in various realty up-markets of Kolkata.
Some of the real estate growth drivers for better return on investment in Kolkata are commercial development at large scale in various regions, better job opportunities for residents, excellent road transportation facilities, Metro rail link connecting residential areas with all commercial places. Besides it, residential up-market areas have rich social infrastructure development such as schools, hospitals, shopping complexes, and entertainment centers.