June 24, 2014

Luxury Living: Converting Spare Rooms to Home Theatres

The concept of home theatres has caught on in a big way in the last few years. Changes in technology have made the components readily available in the market. They have become much more affordable also. The layout of the home theatre is an integral part of getting the best performance out of your widescreen HDTV and surround sound. Unfortunately, setting up the room for ideal home theatre viewing is not exactly easy. Proper planning into seating, lighting and speaker placement can make a big difference to the final performance of your home theatre.

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Traditionally the living room has been the popular place for a TV. But from a home theatre point of view it is far from an ideal choice. There are a large number of entrances and multiple windows which will reduce the acoustic aesthetics. Also there will always be a large number of other appliances and products in a living room.

The best option is to go for a spare bedroom or basement for the home theatre setup. The inconvenience to other family members will be minimal during the construction process as these rooms are secluded. In a living room there are many different activities that must be accommodated and the home theatre will have to be planned around these. However in a basement you can play around with your ideas painlessly. Also in a home theatre set up light control is of utmost importance. In a living room, blocking out light and darkening the room are not feasible options. The most important step in getting a home theatre system is to plan and choose your components carefully.

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Some systems are built to replicate a modern movie theatre setting – complete with chairs that can fold and are kept at different angles for a great viewing appearance. If this seems too ambitious then you can plan it out in the style of a living room. You can accomplish this using recliners, sofas and tables. Whatever your idea is, it can be easily accomplished with proper planning. It will also provide you with a clearer idea of your seating layout.

The layout is the most important aspect. It affects how the screen looks, how many people can enjoy it and the overall viewing experience. So perhaps it is not a bad idea to consult professionals in the field. Not only can they help you with sound-proofing the room but they might have some excellent ideas which you would not have thought of. The overall quality will also be much better.

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If you are doing it yourself, then take care to look up layouts and features from all possible sources. Ask friends who have had it done at their homes. Look up online and in magazines to get a good idea. Then combine these with your own personal tastes to create your own layout. Convey these ideas to a professional also so they can guide you to create the perfect setting for your home theater.