July 29, 2014

Guruvayur - Growing Beyond Tourism

When you think of Guruvayur the first thing that comes to our mind is the temple. Yes! It is famous for its Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple and attracts millions of devotees every year. The main economic driver has been the religious tourism in this area for many years now. This ancient city is nearly 5000 years old if researchers are to be believed. There are mentions of this town in literature as early as the 14th century. This ancient town has been famous for its historical reverence but a little known fact remains that properties in Guruvayur is in great demand for residential and business purpose.

Although the real estate industry is in a very nascent stage this locality shows immense potential after the other top cities in Kerala like Kochi, Trivandrum and Calicut. Its close proximity to Kochi is another plus adding to the overall connectivity in the region.  National Highway 17 starting at Edapally, Ernakulam extends upto Guruvayur providing good road link. State highway 49 in the Thrissur district is another important road in Guruvayoor. Good road connectivity is very crucial to a place like Guruvayur because of the number of tourists it attracts every year.

 This city can also be easily accessed via Kozhikode & Palakkad additionally with the help of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) Buses. Bus services are the most extensively used modes of transport in the state of Kerala. Interstate transport is also good in this state from its neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Railway is the largest network of transport in India and is also very crucial in Guruvayur. Guruvayur is a part of the Thrissur Guruvayur Line with the last station being the Guruvayur Railway Station. It provides very easy access from Chennai, Trivandrum, Kollam, Madurai and Trichy. Airport connectivity is also fairly good considering that it is a tourist destination. Cochin International Airport is just 87 km away and Calicut Airport is 100 km away. This provides easy access via airway for many NRIs visiting Kerala every year.

Being a Tier II city one might think that real estate growth is slow in the city of Guruvayur. This notion has been proved by my seeing the recent market trends. It has shown the highest capital value for villas in Guruvayur. Prices of individual homes and villas can start from INR 1000 per square feet going up to INR 2000 in some localities. The area is a calm and peaceful residential destination outside the vicinity of the temple where the city faces a lot of crowd and hustle and bustle. Other kinds of properties in Guruvayur include plots, which are reasonably priced at INR 700 to 800 per square feet.  Like most of the Tier II cities apartments are coming up in every nook and corner of Guruvayur. Smaller 2BHK and 1BHK units are popular here. Retail and investment in commercial establishments like hotels is also a good investment option considering the tourism potential of the place. However, villas in Guruvayur and plots are a good investment choice considering the price.

July 23, 2014

Good Time to Invest In Indore Real Estate Market

Indore has been ranked one of the major upcoming markets in the country. One of the two top cities in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Indore has been a city with a flourishing IT sector. Unlike the administrative capital of Bhopal, Indore has seen economy and real estate flourishing in the past few years with corporate biggies like TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), Infosys making their way to Indore and its Super Corridor. This Super Corridor is becoming an IT hub and real estate hub in Indore, along with other developing localities like Nipania and Airport Road.

Invest In Indore Real Estate Market

A little known fact is that Indore attracts a fair number of migratory population, which has increased the demand for residential real estate in the city. This fleeting population has eventually created a demand for residential real estate that can generate rental revenue for home owners. As a results developers are buyers are looking to invest mostly in apartment property in Airport Road, Nipania and along the Super Corridor. To support the growing population and real estate development, the corporation authorities need to work on infrastructure development in the region along with improving connectivity.

If you are looking to invest in Indore there are some localities u need to look at. Property in Airport Road is in great demand due to its close proximity to the airport. North and north-west Indore are going to be specific growth clusters if experts are to be believed. Super Corridor, Aurobindo Hospital, Indore Ujjain Highway are some of the other localities that have been in the forefront of investment. The new railway station in Indore is on its way and the localities near this area is said to be one of the key developing localities as it will turn into a medicine and biotech hub along with a proposed brand new sports complex in the area.

Indore Real Estate Market

Property in Nipania along the Bypass road is another hot investment choice for the residents of Indore. This locality has several new projects and resale projects to choose from for reasonable prices. “In comparison to nearby Vijay Nagar and Mahalakshmi Nagar, prices are 10-20 per cent lower in Nipania, which is why buyers with limited budget prefer this area. Construction for the road connecting Dewas Naka to Nipania is almost complete and is expected to improve the connectivity of the area,” said Shoaib Khan, owner of PropertyIndore.Net to Times of India.

Further profiling the buyers looking for properties in Nipania, Mayank Kumawat owner of a local real estate broker firm says to TOI, “List of buyers in the area includes both high and middle-class segments. Generally, people working in the IT and motor companies buy the budget properties here, while the businessmen or people at managerial levels go for the luxurious apartments. Not only locals but people from outside the city, especially from Gujarat,Maharashtra and some NRIs are also investing here” Property in Nipania is said to reap 20 to 30 % more returns in the coming years. Today you can get apartments here for INR 60 to 80 lakhs.

July 22, 2014

Several tips to protect your home from water damage

Water damage can do more than just cause unsightly stains in your home; it can also cause significant damage to its structural integrity. Generally, water damage caused by infrequent maintenance, deterioration or general neglect isn’t covered by your insurance. But no need to worry, proper home maintenance can help you to prevent costly damage to your home.

Check your gutters

Check your gutters

Gutters are one of the most common causes of water damage, because when they are overflowing they pour water onto the ground next to a home’s foundation. As part of a regular maintenance routine, you should remove debris such as leaves from your gutter. Depending on your home and the amount of nearby trees, clean your gutters at least twice a year.

Inspect your downspouts

Inspect your downspouts

Inspect your downspouts to ensure that they are connected and pointing away from the foundation. To ensure adequate drainage, downspouts should extend at least 9/10 feet from your property. If downspouts are positioned too close to your home, the damp can erode the soil around its homes foundation. This can result in the cracking of walls and ceilings, allowing significant amounts of water to seep in through hairline cracks.

Check your sump pump

Check your sump pump

Checking your sump pump now will prevent further problems down the line. Sump pumps are often forgotten about – and subsequently stay out of mind, until they fail. A fully functional sump pump is crucial for keeping your basement and crawlspace dry. The primary function of a sump pump is to pump ground water from heavy rain out of the sump pit (located in the basement) and away from your properties foundation. Not checking your sump pump can lead to significant flood damage, so it’s paramount that you test it regularly.

Keep an eye out for rust or pipe corrosion

Keep an eye out for rust or pipe corrosion

Check for signs of pipe corrosion rust, this is especially important if you have an older home. If you notice any unusual odours or noises coming from the pipes, this could be a sign that they need examining. If you do decide to have your pipes examined, make sure you choose a reputable plumber who can examine the plumbing and take care of any repairs.

Inspect your hot water tank

Inspect your hot water tank

This should be done at least once every two months. Any maintenance should be in accordance to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If your tank is over 10 years old, it’s recommended that you get it inspected by a professional. A leaking hot water tank can lead to severe water damage and significantly increase your utility bills.

Pay attention to your roof

Pay attention to your roof

This is especially important if you have an older home. Check your attic for water damage or leakages, if you notice any water stains on your walls or ceiling, it’s quite likely that you need repairs.  Also check the flashings on your roof. These are the metal pieces that cover interruptions in the roof plane.  If your flashing appears damaged, it should be fixed immediately as faulty flashing can lead to infrastructure rot and a host of other serious damp problems.

Also check for cracked or missing roof shingles. It’s important that any damaged or missing roof shingles are replaced so that water is prevented from seeping under the shingles and rotting the wood beneath. Remember, the primary function of a roof is to act as a shelter for you and your belongings, so it’s vital that any problems are resolved immediately.

Waterproof your basement

Waterproof your basement

To protect the structural integrity of your property, it’s important that you waterproof your basement. Damp basements are often home to mildew and mold. These are fungi that can lead to numerous health issues including allergies, breathing problems and headaches. By waterproofing your basement you can also increase the value of your property and significantly lower your energy costs. It may seem like an expensive home improvement at first, but in the long run it can save you a lot of money in damage repairs.
This article was contributed by David at Protectahome Waterproofing

July 21, 2014

Crucial Real Estate Tips for Sellers

The housing market today looks more stable than it was a few years ago. Though the global economy still looks suspect of inflation, the real estate industry is settling down for the most part. The current trends in the housing markets from all over the world only suggest that today’s market is for sellers. The increasing average prices of homes are making it easier for homeowners to sell their properties on a profit. However, profits are not a definite guarantee if you don’t follow the right steps. Follow these crucial real estate tips to become a successful home seller today!

Real Estate Tips for Sellers

Invest In Renovation

Is your property old, or does it need a makeover? If yes, then don’t think twice and get it renovated as soon as possible. Home renovation today can go a long way in increasing the value of your property. But with home renovation or improvement, you must have a clear idea of what areas in the home you want renovated.

Bathroom and kitchen jobs are generally considered as smart renovations today as they can substantially increase the add-on value of a property. Consider increasing the area of your kitchens and bathrooms and allocate a portion of the budget to them. 

Home Décor

Themed homes are becoming the hottest properties in 2014 and if you have one, then you’re in for some good value for your home. People today look for properties that are complete and represent their lifestyles, and with home décor, this can be achieved like a charm. If you live in hot countries, you can go for tropical or nautical décor. If you live in cold countries, then you can use rustic and western décor. 

Property Tips for Sellers

Depending on the area where you live and the standard of the neighborhood, you should invest in home décor accordingly. Another thing worth mentioning is that homebuyers today want complete homes. By complete homes, we mean that homes that have a monotonous theme in each and every area of the home. For example, if you have a nautical décor, then your kitchens and bathrooms should have it too. This embodies a feeling of completeness in a home, and can help in making your property sell quickly for a great price.

Use the Internet

There are so many ways to promote your property today that most people believe they don’t need to work with a real estate agency. But to do so, you will need to follow some simple tricks. Get professional pictures taken of all the areas in your home and upload them on local listings in your area. Use your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and so on to promote your property further. 

Social media can really give your property the exposure it needs to sell quickly. Post your pictures on real estate fan pages in your locality along with the asking price. There are endless possibilities to how you can promote your property on the internet and social media. Not only will this make your property sell quickly, but will also help in saving costs that would otherwise be spent on hiring a real estate agent.

About Author
Tasha Karen is a passionate writer and she enjoys writing about real estate marketing, Islamabad plots for sale, real estate investments and real estate tips and guides.

July 16, 2014

How to Become a Successful Real Estate Investor

Misleading adverts out here can make people believe that making money in real estate is a simple affair. For those who are gullible enough to believe this and go into it without doing their homework, they find that they fail miserably. So what does a person need to do in order to make the best out of this business?

Successful Real Estate Investor

1.    Ask for help

There is no shame in this. Many business people who are considered as those who have made it in this sector will tell you that they do have someone who they bounce their ideas off. This could be a close friend, a lawyer or even another person who has a fruitful run and is willing to show you the ropes. Having a support team will also prove to be instrumental in the smooth running of the business. Include in this group people like an insurance broker, a property surveyor and even an accountant.

2.    Have a plan

Investing in real estate should be taken as any other business. What a business plan gives a person is the resilience to push on even when faced with obstacles in business. When you have a goal in mind, you will be more motivated to stick on. What this also provides is a blueprint of everything that is needed as regards taxation and other regulations.

3.    Know the market

This means that you should know what works best in your territory. Does buying then renting work better than buying and selling? Who lives in the place that you plan to buy? What is the crime rate? There are some areas that look great when it is sunny and bright but when it rains it becomes a small lake. You may be tricked by some sellers who will want to make a quick buck so take your time and know the place well. The one way that you will make sure that you do not fail in this regard is by having a real estate agent that you can trust. Another important thing is to know when to buy and sell. As the market prices continually fluctuate, it is paramount that you know how to get value for your money.

real estate investment

4.    Stay on top of the game

The real estate market is very dynamic. One thing that may be working today may work to your detriment in the future. Read on the regulations on taxation and any other thing that may affect the business. When you do so, you reduce the risk associated with this market.

5.    Be honest

Honesty is a quality that most people value. Since you will be working with people, be trustworthy in all that you say and do. One satisfied customer will draw in others in droves and one dissatisfied person may end up ruining your name. This business is one that thrives on word of mouth and having a good network is everything for an investor. Once you build a reputable business, you may get more referrals and get to sell more. Listen to your customers. Listen to their concerns and do your best to solve their problems. This will make you more approachable and in case they have any concern, they will be willing to share them with you as opposed to them going home disgruntled.

6.    Know the risks that you are up against

Take this as going into war. Know the threats that you may encounter and prepare yourself accordingly. It is easy to get discouraged when things don’t go your way but if you had anticipated it, you will be more empowered to persevere. Do your research well, ask established business people about those risks and listen to what they say. It is easy to think that some things may not happen to you but truth be told, no one is immune to every form of difficulty.

7.    Resilience

Nothing comes easy and that certainly applies to the real estate business. Building a brand will take a lot of time which if you are not ready to spend then you will be up for a rude shock. As I had mentioned earlier, this business is a dynamic and also a volatile one. Learn to absorb all the shocks that come your way and with a bit of perseverance, you will get to where you want to be.

Author-bio: I am a writer by profession. A lot of my articles have been published in diverse blogs and some other online publications. My past experience guided me to deal with academic and other sorts of articles. I could handle the articles that are not in my area of interest. My enthusiasm towards writing aided me to write the article, “How to Become a Successful Real Estate Investor”. I have experience with affordable essay writing service also.

July 14, 2014

City Of Joy Is Enhancing The Real Estate Level To A New Zone

Also known as the City of Joy, Kolkata can be defined as the best possible option under the zone of real estate investment values. There are so many options available, which will surely make you go awestruck. However, from good connectivity to reliable infrastructure development, you will get everything you want in this metropolitan city. On the other hand, there are official restaurants and yummy food street zones, where you can fill your tummy with some delicious Bengali cuisines. Moreover, Kolkata is also famous for offering multi cuisine services as well, especially for foreign travelers. At this present moment, Kolkata is fully packed up with natives and other residents, but there are ways and space for more real estate deals to be made. This can mostly be seen towards the Rajarhat areas.

The Real Estate Level

Good connection always plays a pivotal role:

It is always advisable to note down the point that Kolkata is known for offering some of the best connectivity, to other parts of India. Not only India, but you can easily travel from one part of the world to another with the help of international airport zone. Make sure to get in touch with reliable options, under the same zone of domestic airport services, in case you are willing to roam about in India. There are reliable rail and water connectivity as well, which can enhance the connection zone. Moreover, you can avail bus transport service, taxi and other AC bus and taxi services, for the betterment of the residents.

Both commercial and residential areas available:

If you are planning to invest in Kolkata property, you can get a wide gamut of options related with commercial and residential services. There are specific office zones available in Kolkata, where only office buildings can be seen. Moreover, reliable IT companies have also made their way and opt for the best places in Kolkata to open up their branches and they were also successful in their thought processes. On the other hand, there are other options associated with the zone of infrastructure developments.

Some other infrastructure developments:

There are some reliable infrastructure developments, which will make this field a must attend for all. Some of those are well known hospitals, schools, colleges, educational institutions, restaurants, 5-star hotels and there are so many other options for you to deal with. On the other hand, you can also try and focus towards the areas of entertainment zones, where you can avail parks, multiplexes and more.
Civic issues are manageable

The Real Estate Level in india

There are some civic issues, which you might face while dealing with Kolkata. You have to check the building papers well and can also help out with the special areas of proper constructional methods, under legal authorities, to avoid any sort of a negative result, in the end.

July 2, 2014

Hasthinapuram a Rising Suburbs

Hasthinapuram, an upcoming suburb, is located in the southeastern part of Chennai. There is high demand for flats in Hasthinapuram due to its close proximity to Chromepet.

Hasthinapuram a Rising Suburbs

Hasthinapuram is well-connected to most of the places in Chennai. Buses from Hasthinapuram Bus Terminus ply to near and far areas like Tambaram, Kundratur, T. Nagar, Saidapet, Pozhichalur, High Court, Guduvanchery, Pallavaram, Broadway, Avadi and Velachery. The nearest rail station is Chromepet and Chennai International Airport is just 8 km away from here. Apart from this, one can find the MIT Flyover that connects the Grand Southern Trunk Road with Hasthinapuram and Chitlapakkam, and also the newly-built flyover in Chromepet that links to Thoraipakkam and the Outer Ring Road. The neighbouring areas of the locality include Chromepet, Chitlapakkam, Purushotam Nagar, BBR Nagar, Rajakilpakkam, Gowrivakkam, Tambaram East and Pozhichalur.

In the last few quarters, the locality has seen an increased demand in flats for sale in Hasthinapuram, especially from the IT sector. One of the reasons for this is the opening of the State Highway 109, also called the Pallavaram-Thoraipakkam flyover. This flyover connects to Thoraipakkam, which is host to a number of multinational companies like HCL, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, Ford, TVS, Ajuba Solutions, Allsec Technologies, HCL, Shell India, WNS, etc.

Hasthinapuram a Rising Suburbs

Good and reputed schools can be found in and around Hasthinapuram. They are Shiksha Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Zion Matriculation School, and Vels Vidhyashram, Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir and some good primary schools like Olive Kids International Preschool and Kidzee. One of the oldest temples, Thiruneermalai Perumal Temple is near the area and attracts a huge crowd of worshippers from all parts of the city.

This locality does not have many restaurants, but this is compensated for by the neighbouring areas like Chromepet and Tambaram, where you can find a good number of International and Indian restaurants. Leading hospitals like The Government General Hospital, Parvathy Hospital, Chromepet Government Hospital and Sree Balaji Medical College are found in the vicinity of this area. Indian Bank and Axis Bank are operational in this locality.

Its close proximity to Chromepet, Pallavaram and Tambaram can be considered as one of the reasons for the increased demand for land in Hasthinapuram. Another reason can be the access to Thoraipakkam via the 100 feet Outer Ring Road. The workforce working in IT companies in Thoraipakkam are willing to invest in apartments in Hasthinapuram. One can find villas, luxury apartments, and residential apartments coming up in this locality. Some of the upcoming projects are Hi-Teckno Chitrakala, Bridavanam by Sabarrisa Homes, Brooklyn Flat by Brooklyn Properties, Roja Flats by Anjana Life Spaces and Hi-Tech GKM Flats by Hitech Properties.

The average price for flats for sale in Hasthinapuram is Rs. 43,333 per square metre. Independent houses may cost around Rs. 85,616 per square metre and the residential plots for sale in Hasthinapuram may cost approximately Rs. 24,989 per square metre.

Proximity to the IT corridor is the prime reason for real estate growth in the area. Investments made in Hasthinapuram might catch up in the near future.

July 1, 2014

The Importance behind Opting for a Home Insurance

If you have deiced to avail a Home Insurance, you must know about it in great detail. This article is aimed at presenting to you, the details, pros and cons of a home insurance.  Home insurance otherwise known as the “Hazard Insurance” is a property insurance coverage that protects/recovers your home from various hazards.

Opting for a Home Insurance

Generally, a home insurance covers up for losses that occur to your home-the loss maybe natural or accidental. In other words, it is an insurance that chiefly provides protection from various risks and dangers like natural calamities that include earthquakes, floods, tsunami or fire accidents or even thefts and burglaries.

In India, home insurance has developed into the most progressive sector in the insurance market. Usually, the degree of risk coverage depends on the policy type you choose. But on a general basis, a home insurance policy usually covers up for the following calamities:

•    Natural Calamities – The natural calamities that include cyclone, earthquake, fire accident, flood, lightning attacks, storm destruction, landslide and tsunami caused destructions etc.

•    Man-Made Calamities – The man made destructions to your house which might be due to terrorist attack, burglary, political strikes and riots, malicious damage, aircraft laws and accidents created by rail/road vehicles are categorized in this content.

Besides these, there are two other types of home insurance policies and they are:

•    Building insurance 
•    Content insurance 

Building Insurance is that which generally covers up for the damage caused to the structure of the building. This may be owing to any man-made or natural calamity and will cover up to the degree of providing the entire cost for the reconstruction of the whole building. Such types of calamities include fire and explosion of domestic appliances like cylinder gas, political strikes, cyclones, floods, earthquakes etc.

Content Insurance usually covers up for the contents that are lost in the house. This includes one’s jewelry and other valuables like furniture, clothing and electronic appliances too. It is very important to present the total value of your possessions before opting for the right content insurance coverage. The reason being, it is the deciding factor for claiming the right amount of money from your insured policy.

 Home Insurance

As a snapshot, you can browse through the following advantages and limitations of possessing a home insurance policy:

•    Your invested property is well protected. A good insurance policy will completely repay for the loss that you have incurred.

•    Emergency repairing costs are covered under the insurance policies, which is definitely an added advantage.

•    Another benefit is the low monthly premium for these policies. Low premiums are surely easy and light on the pocket too.

•    It does not demand for unnecessary documentations or any other lengthy procedures in case of any emergency.

Now coming to the limitations of opting for a home insurance policy, you can browse through the points below. These are termed “policy exclusions” and will not be funded in case of damage:

  • Willful destruction of the residential property
  • Damage caused by regular wear and tear
  • Contamination and pollution
  • Loss of cash
  • Property damage caused due to the ignorance of the homeowner
  • Damage caused by power outages
Therefore, opting for a home insurance coverage is like keeping yourself shielded even before any mishap occurs. Remember, prevention is better than cure. And, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry, especially when you have invested in a residential property.