September 30, 2014

5 ways to save money while investing in new residential projects

Real – estate market investment can never turn – out to be a disappoint and you can actually make the most out this sector, when you are investing in a developing economy you enjoy the edge too and investing in a new residential project, can actually nurture your investment to make you a  millionaire down the line.

new residential projects

Investing in a new residential properties has always been a better option since you enter the investment at a very low point and appreciates your wealth over the period of time. Apart from that you enjoy five-fold financial benefits.

You get a better deal

New residential projects are always available at more competitive prices than resale properties. So, deciding on the new launch properties will get your money work more smartly. You get approximately 7% - 21% price benefits over the resale properties across the country. It’s always a better investment proposition now to opt for Tier – II cities like Kolhapur, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Pune, Chennai etc. since the Tier – I cities like Mumbai, Bangalore etc. where the real – estate market have already been flourished to the great extent( if you are buying property only for investment purpose). Moreover, the builder’s credibility depends on the fast movement of the inventory of the newly launched residential complex, hence to pull the crowds or attract the customers he will offer a better deal.

EMI advantage

For the new – launch residential projects you have the leverage of part – payment to the builder, which depends on the completion of different phases of the project. During the early days of the construction of the projects, you pay the builder as per the phases completed. Though you have the entire loan amount sanctioned, but till you are paying a percentage of the money and hence you are paying EMI on that limited principle amount. The EMI is the summation of both the component Interest as well as the Principle amount with the rate of interest has been levied on the Principle amount and with lesser amount of Principle, you pay less interest.

Better return of Investment

If you are looking for an investment proposition, then opting for new residential projects are definitely the best options. You get the property at the best prices on virtue of being the early bird and with the long term horizons, you mint money with it.

Chances to get your flat customized

While opting for a new launch you have the option of customizing your room the way you want within the feasibility limits e.g. you are opting for a 2BHK and you are fascinated about designing your bathroom. So, you may place a request to tailor – made your rooms as per your taste and preferences and making space to craft your bathroom as per your wish. If you plan to re – do your room on a resale property then it may cost you higher….hence in a way, you are saving those extra grand when you are opting for new residential projects.

Tax Benefits

Last, but not the least, you are earning the Tax benefits on the EMI amount under section 80 (C). The amount you pay as the EMI for your home loan is exempted from tax, thus it’s also a financial advantage you reap when you are investing in new residential projects, though all home loan EMI’s enjoy the same benefits.

New residential projects definitely come – up with certain monetary advantages, but before investing in the new projects don’t forget to check the location and the connectivity of the property with the city – centers and the availability of daily life amenities like nursing home, ATM, bank, café, restaurants, theatres, petrol pump etc. too. You may get a better deal, if the place is not conveniently positioned, but on the long – run that won’t be a good proposition, when you will want to sale the property.
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September 24, 2014

Pune: Property Investment on Smaller Flats is a wise decision

There is always a huge demand for homes present in all sizes especially in larger cities. When it comes to Pune and when you spot a notice- Properties for sale in Pune, the demand is more towards the smaller residential units ranging from 550 to 800 square feet. Such homes and compact homes such as studio apartments and 1BHK flats tend to be affordable in any city.

Pune: Property Investment
 Many home buyers start looking out for starter homes at Mumbai and Pune for property investment. Starter homes are those properties for sale in Pune and Mumbai that fall within their current budget and can be sold in future as their incomes and family witness growth. This clearly tells that the demand for smaller housing units such as 1 BHK, 1,5 BHK units and studio apartments will remain constant in all the metro cities. In Pune, the newer townships in localities such as Charoli offer best options for the same.

Due to this constant demand, the developers at Pune are also focusing upon providing small residential units. Apart from being the most affordable and easier to sell, small homes also have higher steady rental demands in cities such and Pune and Mumbai. This will be a delight for those who are unable to buy in the most central locations. From rental income as well as capital appreciation point of view, compact flats remains to be an ideal investment option for property investors.

Usually, the smaller residential properties for sale in Pune are spotted at the most central areas as it offer easy access to important work spots in the city. Won’t it be great reaching your work place on time amidst the traffic chaos which is a major concern for all home buyers. Work places have been expanding in Pune and Mumbai. In Mumbai, such places include Navi Mumbai, Panvel and Thane whereas in Pune, Baner, Kharadi and Wakad are notable localities. Faster appreciation of properties for sale in Pune and corporates opting to convert it into guesthouses can be expected. Flats that are given out for longer leases can also be considered as a prime source of higher and steady rental income.

Local Real Estate Market and Trends

Local Real Estate Market and TrendsMost view the real estate scene in India with intense optimism. A few, however, tend to be more sceptical – they see the rainbow as a mirage; and the pot of gold as a false promise. However, the arrival of the Modi administration with its business-friendly stance has done much to boost the Indian real estate sector. Many initiatives like building on real estate investment trusts have attracted huge chunks of foreign investment. Although the real estate sector welcomes foreign investment, it is in no way dependent on it and is perfectly capable of flourishing on its own. Real estate developers in India offer many schemes like possession-linked plans in which 70-75% of the price is paid only after possession, which is really a steal.

The steaming debate at the moment is whether or not India is engulfed by the dreaded “property bubble”. This term has acquired a chilling reputation after the devastation dealt out by the recent recession – a blow from which the world has yet to recover. A property bubble, simply put, is a phenomenon identified by swift and steep increases in real estate valuations, followed by an abrupt and deep descent. The Great Recession saw the “popping” of property bubbles all over the world.

There are claims that the Indian real estate market has been in the “bubble state” since 2008. But  the market has seen an ascending graph for the past 10 years and a bubble is only a temporary disturbance. In fact, supply trails demand by roughly 5 years in the Indian real estate sector. There is a deficit of decent residential space in most major Indian cities, which ensures that there is enough demand for a decade to expect price increases of 10-15% over 5 years.

No-money-needed home makeover ideas

No-money-needed home makeover ideasIf you want to freshen up your home but your budget is not enough, don't feel bad. There are many ways to improve the look of your property and still keep your money. A renovation of any kind will certainly require a lot of finances and the purchasing of new items and materials. With our help, however, you won't have to do any of this but try a rather different approach for a thorough makeover of your real estate property.

The improving of the home can begin with a simple but powerful deep cleaning which will help you bring order into your place and still sort and separate all those things that you won't be needing any more. During the cleaning it is possible to discover many interesting items which can serve you later for the no-money-needed home improvement you want to do. Believe it or not the cleaning is one of the best ways for freshening up of the home and it doesn't require a lot of supplies and products but mostly your efforts and skills.

When you finish with the cleaning, you can put aside all the things which you won't be needing any more and use our ideas to improve the interior design of the different premises of your home. Here are some interesting tips which might work and won't cost you money:

•    Use the old paint – In order to avoid the throwing out of a perfectly good bucket of paint, you can use it now for the annual makeover of your home. Since you've already purchased it, you can repaint some of the old furniture and make them look like new. This idea can work for chairs, tables and many other things which will give to your property a completely new appearance.

•    Use paintings to cover stains or damages on the walls – You certainly have some old pictures with frames from trips or some other occasions, so now is the time to bring them out and use them for the covering of a hole in the wall or some other damage. If you can't afford to repaint right now, the pictures will be a nice solution to the scratches, the stains and dark spots which appeared.

•    Use the collected ribbons as decoration – The makeover of your property is a good opportunity for you to put into use all of those old ribbons that you have been keeping. For instance, you can take a couple of colorful ribbons from old gifts and place them on the knobs of any drawer. You can also tie the ribbon around a vase or some other decorative element of your home.

•    Transform the drawers with the old wallpaper – Another interesting idea about renewal of the drawers and the shelves is to take the old and already useless wallpapers and create beautiful decoration with it. You can completely cover your drawers or use variously shaped parts from the wallpaper to make them attain a different look.

•    Put a plant into a non-functioning fireplace – A repairing of a broken or damaged fireplace will certainly cost you a lot. Until you can afford to fix that problem you can place a nice big plant in front or directly inside your fireplace. Make sure, however, that the potted plant which you are planning to use doesn't need a lot of sunlight.

Here is how a couple of simple ideas can completely transform the appearance of your home. By using the old things which you have been storing in your home, you are actually doing yourself a favor by freeing more space in the premises and improving the look of your property at the same time.
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September 22, 2014

Noida Expressway: Prime Location for Property Investment

Noida Expressway: Prime Location for Property InvestmentAre you looking for a property investment in Noida that yields good returns? Noida Expressway is one of the most promising locations in the Delhi NCR for real estate property investment due to the various civic and infrastructural developments along with logistic network. There is a wide range of properties in Noida for sale but it is necessary to choose the right location before finalizing the property. Some of the reasons why home buyers and property investors should invest in Noida Expressway:

Noida Expressway has become one of the fast developing localities in the Delhi NCR region due to the enormous development opportunities provided by the civic authorities. The whole Noida Expressway belt has witnessed development through world class facilities and infrastructure along with 165 km long Yamuna Expressway, providing improved connectivity. There are leading IT and ITES companies such as HCL, Accenture, TCS, IBM and KPMG located along the Noida – Greater Noida stretch which provide better career opportunities for the residents nearby.  This influenced the set up of commercial and retail establishments which have also helped in the development of dominant residential market in the Noida Expressway.

The residential sector in Noida expressway offers properties in all segments such as luxurious, affordable, mid range housing along with plotted investment. In case of any property in Noida for sale, home buyers will generally enquire about the infrastructure and connectivity as they are the key features associated with property appreciation.  These features also contribute to the prospects of a particular locality. As Noida Expressway offers better connectivity and infrastructure, property buyers prefer this locality. The other fast developing sectors such as 94, 95, 96, 97, 100, 101, 110, 107, 137, 142, 143 and 150 also contributes to the residential growth of Noida Expressway. The well planned locality with wide roads, proposed metro connectivity, job opportunities, commercial space, retail shops, budget and affordable housing options etc., also add to the positive growth of Noida Expressway.

Homes for Sale in Allen& Taxes-What a Seller Needs to Know

If you have a home for sale in Allen, you may be wondering what taxes you may be required to pay once your home is sold. The good news is that you may not have to pay any taxes on your gain, depending on your situation. Here's a rundown of what you need to know.

Capital Gains - What it is

When you sell your home for profit the Internal Revenue Service or IRS usually wants a chunk of your profits. “Capital gains” is the term used for the increase of value on an asset -- in this case, your property. If your home for sale in Allen has appreciated in the time you owned it and you've made money when you sold it, you may owe capital gains tax.
It doesn't matter whether the home you sell is the home you live in, a vacation home, or a home that you've bought for an investment, fixed it up, and sold it for more money. This includes whether you have a home or homes for sale in Allen.

Exemptions for Capital Gains Tax

There are exemptions for home owners who earn capital gains. If you've lived in your home for two years out of the past five and your capital gains is less than $250,000 if you are single and $500,000 if you are married and filing jointly.

If you can't exclude part or all the capital gains from taxes, you'll have to include the capital gains on your tax return. So, if you sell a home that you haven't lived in for two years or you make a profit of more that $250,000 (or $500,000, if you're married), you are not exempt from capital gains tax.
What if you do have to pay capital gains tax? The best thing to do is talk to a licensed tax advisor and sees what your options are when it comes to taxes and your investments. You may be able to find ways to offset this tax.

Medicare Tax

Another tax that has appeared recently is the Obamacare or Medicare tax that went into effect in 2013. Those who make $200,000 or more adjusted gross income ($250,000 for married couples) who also fail to be exempt from the capital gains tax will have to pay a 3.8 percent Medicare tax on top of what you already pay for capital gains.

This tax affects very few people so it's unlikely that you would have to pay it. If you do have to pay it, you may need to consult with a tax advisor for the best way to handle this extra tax and find out if there are any ways to offset it.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

If your home for sale in Allen is exempt from capital gains tax, you may not have to report it to the IRS come tax time and when reporting other capital gains on your return. But consult a tax advisor before thinking you don't have to report it. That way, you can be sure that you stay out of trouble with the IRS when tax season rolls around.

If you have a home for sale in Allen, you may be wondering what taxes you may be required to pay once your home is sold. The good news is that you may not have to pay any taxes on your gain, depending on your situation. Here's a rundown of what you need to know.

September 19, 2014

Checklist for Buying Flats in Delhi

Buying a property and leading a blissful life is the main aim in everyone’s life. It is one of the biggest decisions in life involving a huge amount of investment. And when it comes to investment in metro cities like Delhi will take up most of savings due to the high demand in property. So if you are in a plan for a big investment, buying a flat in Delhi make sure you gather all possible information and confirm that the investment is safe.

Checklist for Buying Flats in Delhi
Take a look at some of the factors that you should be careful before buying your property.
Location: When planning to buy flats in Delhi the main factor that should be taken into consideration is locality. Check how safe is it to investment in that location, the infrastructure and the transport facility. You should also make sure that the locality is surrounded with all basic needs like education institute, hospital, railway station, bus stand, entertainment centre and lot more.

Price: Due to the massive development in real estate sector Delhi flats for sale is witnessing a rapid increase in price. Migration of many people to Delhi is also a prime reason for the rise in property price. Before buying a flat you can consult with real estate experts regarding the price value. Collecting the price value of more than 4 to 5 projects from the same locality will give a rough idea of the budget. More the facility the price would be really high.

New Projects: The rapid development of infrastructure, industrial hubs and huge demand for properties has made many builders and developers to turn their concentration towards Delhi. Many new projects are coming up with best facilities and specification. Should confirm that the project you are looking for meets your requirements like number of units, design, fully furnished or semi furnished, whether the project is complete or under construction and other basic amenities like electricity, water, security etc.

September 18, 2014

Why Noida is preferred for new real estate projects in Delhi-NCR?

Usually buying a home requires research, understanding the financial options and site visits to choose the right property. In Delhi NCR, many regions offer infrastructural development, good connectivity, work force improvement and residential projects but realtors prefer Noida for new residential projects. Noida is a city in Delhi – NCR, under the management of the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA) which offers quality projects in all ranges, from luxury to mid segment and in all price brackets.

real estate projects in Delhi-NCR

According to property experts, it is expected that Delhi NCR region will witness a considerable forward momentum in the real estate industry. Here are the reasons why Noida is preferred for real estate projects:

1.    Room for expansion: Availability of huge land parcels is abundant in Noida, making it suitable for the launch of new projects in the city. Thus there are wide options in terms of inventories in Noida and Gurgaon. Flats in Noida are available in all sizes and price

2.    Proposed Smart City: The smart city proposal in Noida and greater Noida has created a favorable environment for real estate industry in Noida as the property prices are appreciating every day.

3.    Infrastructural Advantage: Noida is growing and expanding opportunities for business centers and IT parks which will bring career opportunities and in turn real estate growth.  The MNCs located in Noida include IBM, TCS, Wipro, HCL, Tech Mahindra, Ericsson, Dell, Accenture, Samsung, Adobe systems etc.

4.    Better Return on Investment: The low pricing of real estate properties and plots is one of the key factors for the launch of new real estate projects in the city. Within few years, the buyers who opt for flats in Noida for sale can get better property appreciation and return on investment.

5.    Better Connectivity: Noida will get direct connectivity to Delhi and other NCR regions via the proposed Dwarka-Noida city center to Pari Chowk expansion. The Metro rail network is expected to cover 29km long Noida – Greater Noida metro link. The good connectivity through metro and road network also boosts the real estate market in Noida.

Take a good decision in property with the best real estate agent

Buying and selling properties mean a lot to the investors. They take it as a source of investment which can be used in the future. Aged people believe that this is the best way to have a safe future as the cost or the price of the property keeps on increasing day by day.

property with the best real estate agent

A real estate business deals in buying or selling of property. People who are involved with the real estate business are usually called real estate agents. They are the ones who are smart, clever and know how to handle the different aspects of the property matter. A real estate agent helps buyers and sellers in buying or selling the right properties.

It is to note that the real estate agents are the ones who make the deal between the buyer and the seller, so often they are referred to as the ‘middle man’ in the real estate business. When a property is sold, all the minerals or the other water or electricity connections that are linked with the property are a part of the deal.

During the selling or the purchase of the property, there are certain rules and regulations that are followed. All such rules come under the arrangement of the housing tenure. The tenure comprises some provisions and measures, to pass on the custody of the property to the second person, or a person who is buying the land or the building. In simple words, housing tenure, gives the person to stay on in the property, i.e. once all the legal formalities are done, no one else can come and put a claim on the property. The same scenario is applicable on the tenant’s part as well after all the documents are signed and the owner cannot claim his right on his property during that particular time frame.

In a real estate business, people work in groups. The main agent is a Realtor and everyone who works under him, or is a part of his group is called real estate agents. These agents handle the various stages that are involved in the selling or the purchase of the property. These stages usually involve, introducing the two parties and helping both of them to come at a neutral point from where the deal can be cracked. Later, the same agent handles all the paper work associated with the deal. The last thing that real estate agents do is finalize the deal, i.e. giving the property papers to the new owner along with the keys.

Sometimes, real estate agents are also responsible to take good care of the property when the owner is away from his or her place. They refurbish all the sections that are damaged, and renovate the exteriors.

If you are thinking about buying a new home or selling your existing home, take help of a real estate agent as they will really make the entire home buying and selling process quite smooth for you.

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September 17, 2014

Bannerghatta Road: Profitable locality for Prospective buyers

Bangalore city has always exhibited positive image when it comes to property investment. Several localities experience steady rise in property values in the last few years especially for flats in Bangalore. A few localities pop up as a magical one being considered as one among the top locality. One among such localities in South Bangalore is Bannerghatta road that tops the list delighting the local investors.

Profitable locality for Prospective buyers

When it comes to property price appreciation, flats in Bannerghatta road has seen almost 20 per cent rise at present when compared to last year statistics.

What are the reasons behind this rise? Peep into the following:

1.    The improved connectivity between East and South Bangalore and the newly coming up efficient planned transport infrastructure to economic hubs which has in turn boosted the property rates.
2.    The growing job market has also encouraged prospective buyers to own a home, flats in Bannerghatta road in particular, in the close vicinity of their workspots especially in and around areas such as JP Nagar where huge companies such as CISCO, IBM, Infosys, Honeywell, Accenture and Convergys are present.
3.    Another major reason that has contributed to the development of Bannerghatta road is its green cover that attracts many home buyers which makes livelihood at this locality livelier.

Future Prospects of Bannerghatta road

Major concern of any prospective buyer of flats in Bannerghatta road is safety. You need not worry about it as it is fulfilled to the fullest due to developments such as connectivity and infrastructure. This boosts the demand among home buyers. Metro rail system (arriving soon) is expected to boost up the sales of flats in Bangalore. The upcoming metro rail connectivity in this locality is expected to raise the capital values of properties at Bannerghatta road. The metro station at Bannerghatta road is a part of the North-South Corridor New Line which connects Trinity Circle and MG Road to other commercial areas in the city.

September 16, 2014

Real Estate Selling Tips for First-Timers

Assuming you have a sale planned ahead, you will have to work on focusing what you have to offer in a way that would benefit you the most, but also benefit your future buyers. The market of today is pretty specific when it comes to sales, so you will be facing some difficulties in need of overcoming before you can make a good sale and some profits as a result. The best way to do that is to let your future buyers have some sort of incentive available to work with. You have to remember you need to focus on both your marketing and quality of the property so you can land a successful sale. The following tips will give you more information on the subject you can make use of in your future efforts:

Tips for First-Timers

•    You would do well to work on focusing your efforts on realistic pricing. Make sure you never inflate things way too much above a reasonable margin of profits. This is something a lot of newbies on the market end up doing. Since most of your clients have clear understanding of the way the web works, you will not be able to avoid their scrutiny. Putting up an unrealistic price will only drive your potential buyers away from you and your property, so make sure you avoid doing so and stick to a more reasonable price overall. This way you will have a much easier time working things out once it gets on the market.

•    During the sale it is possible you may end up losing some money, but in the long run the money you spend on your property will pay out handsomely. Tax assessments, maintenance and other similar things will need to be covered if you want to make the property as desirable and useful as possible. This will need to be done long before the property hits the market, so keep your eyes open and get things done as fast as you can if you want to give it a fighting chance.

•    Another thing you have to focus your efforts on is promoting your home on the market, making sure you understand that this is one of the major aspects of what will make it successful on it. A good way of doing that is making use of the services of a real estate agent, giving you professional help you will need to figure things out. A good way of doing that is ensuring you have a certain targeted demographic for your property, such as expatriates, students or any other targeted part of society you believe would be best suited for your property. Your marketing will need to be done in a variety of ways, such as QR codes, listings on websites offering properties and many other solutions.

•    You can work on adding some bonuses to your deal to attract more willing buyers. A way of doing that may be covering the utilities of the home for a few months, giving away an appliance or two as part of the deal or something else that works. Whatever you consider, you will need to give additional incentive so people can make that purchase and be convinced it was worth every penny.
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September 10, 2014

Why Porur Remains Popular Among Property Investors?

In the recent times, buying properties in Chennai have increased due to the infrastructural development and the expansion of the city limits along with growing career opportunities and cosmopolitan lifestyle. In Chennai, among various residential and commercial localities, few areas like Porur, Medavakkam, Velachery, Ambattur etc., remain popular among home buyers and property investors. This is due to the availability of versatile projects in all ranges and types, suitable for end users.
Porur Remains Popular Among Property Investors

In spite of the shortcomings, Porur still remains the popular real estate destination in Chennai due to the following reasons:

Presence of IT Parks

The enquiries and the conversion rate in Porur real estate have increased in the last 6 six months and the experts quote the development of IT SEZ (Special Economic Zones) as one of the reasons. Apart from the already existing DLF IT park (housing global IT companies), there are other tech parks such as TCG IT Park, Jayanth Tech Park etc., developed near the locality. The IT and ITES professional working in HCL, IBM, Dell, Logica, Barclays, iGate, L&T etc., are looking at flats in Porur, Chennai for sale due to this IT SEZs.

Availability of End User Projects

Most of the flats in Chennai for sale are builder floor apartments as the home buyers can get higher UDS (Undivided Share) when compared to high rise buildings. Pour is known for such builder floor apartments, thus it is an end-user driven market where people would like to settle down. This is another reason for the demand of properties in this locality.

Perfect Residential Locality

Porur is one of the fast appreciating localities with good educational institutions in the city. There are a large number of private schools such as St. Francis International School, PSBB Millennium, Pon Vidhyashram, Lalaji Memorial Omega International School etc. There are also renowned medical colleges and hospitals in this locality. Along with malls, retail stores and market place, Porur makes a good residential option for home buyers.

September 5, 2014

Apartments and flats become popular in Palakkad

Palakkad previously known as Palghat is an important town in the state of Kerala. This city has been low key for years now only attracting residents of Kerala and other NRIs. Part of the Palakkad District this town is the 7th largest city in the state of Kerala. Situated in the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu the city proves as an important transport route between the two states via the National Highway 47 between Salem and Kanyakumari.

popular in Palakkad

Palakkad according to the 12th 5 Year Plan will have a premier educational institute of IIT in the region. The properties in Palakkad enjoy a good location as a liaison between Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu and the state Kerala. The nearest airport to the city being the Coimbatore International Airport situated 67 km from Palakkad. Other airports like Kozhikode and Cochin are more than 100 km away from the city of Palakkad. Railway connectivity provides a good network to the residents looking to travel from and to Kerala. The locality has good social infrastructure with schools, colleges and healthcare facilities for the residents.

Being given a status of a small town and a conservative real estate market, Palakkad was not able to catch up with other cities in the state of Kerala. Like Kozhikode, Kochi and Trivandrum the service sector and industries like shipping, gold trade are not prevalent in the region. The district was for the most part restricted to the farming community with its extensive paddy fields being an important source of revenue and income for many. Government jobs are another prevalent means of employment here. But today there are several small scale industries and retail units in the town. They attract man power and this man power aspires for a better standard of living. This is when the builders in Palakkad identified a realty opportunity. Affordable housing is an important market in the city. The area mostly has buyers who are looking at individual or villas by the ones who called Palakkad their home town. But there is a whole new set of buyers who come from smaller towns in and around the district and aspire to start lives in Palakkad. Therefore these group of people are the ones looking for Properties in Palakkad like apartments and flats.

Today the land prices in Palakkad come in an average range of INR 3000 to 6000 per square feet for prominent localities within town. Some also come to as low as INR 700 to 1000 per square feet. However these areas will require extra spend in terms of arranging for proper basic necessities. However apartments and flats have been introduced in the market by builders in Palakkad. The convenience of investing in a flat and not worrying about the nuances of construction is what is attracting many towards this culture in the real estate sector. In the near future realtors in Palakkad expect a steady rise in demand for townships and flats although the real estate sector is still in a nascent stage.

September 3, 2014

Real estate trends in Halifax and the financing options

Halifax offers an amazing life in a beautiful setting in Nova Scotia. The city has also come up with all the modern amenities and conveniences along with the overall economic and cultural growth in the last few years.

The steep growth in the Halifax real estate market is evident; therefore it is the right time to invest in the properties here in Halifax.

Be it the city’s downtown core, or the most prominent areas, Halifax offers different options – from rental housing options to well-planned condos and apartments. Also, Halifax offers a lot of water front properties for the people looking forward to settle here. Irrespective of the apartments, condominiums and townhouses, Halifax real estate agents are in favor of the saying, “This city is one of the most affordable cities in Canada, which is yet another reason behind the growth of the real estate market here”.

Real estate trends in Halifax

Those seeking for apartments and condos for rent in Halifax would love to find the perfect blend of small town charm and the hustle-bustle of the city life. The art and entertainment throughout the city is always bustling with activities and the opportunities for outdoor recreation are easy. Taking an apartment for rent is an excellent step for the new residents to get acquainted with the benefits the city has to offer.

With the rise in the apartment rental vacancy rate to almost 3%, it is indeed the right time to take the property for rent. The demands for the rental property have given rise to the construction of different rental units. Again, the rental demand is highly supported by the gains in the real wages and employment at the same time. Depending on different properties, the facilities differ. Prospective landlords could provide better insight about rental properties to the prospective tenants.
Buying a home in Halifax Regional Municipality is a great decision, right at this point of time. The condos and the properties are not only well-built, but are also located among some of the best setting in the city. Buying a home in some of the spectacular locations across the city is also a great opportunity.

Buying a condo or a home in Halifax is not a big deal thanks to the number of Halifax realtors present in the region. Extensively experienced real estate agents can make buying or renting real estate properties in Halifax a smooth and hassle free experience.

Financing Options for buying real estate in Halifax

With the boom in the real estate market, the financing options are also becoming wide. There are several renowned mortgage brokers around the city to help the buyers. It is always imperative to opt for the pre-approval before the buyer starts off with the search. With pre-approval, a buyer can be aware of their budget. This way, the seller will also be able to understand that the buyer is really serious about the investment. Lenders also offer a great deal of flexibility to the property buyers in Halifax.

With the availability of the numbers of properties in this city, finding the right property is not really a tough task. Buyers, who are new to this city, should opt for some advice from the expert realtors, who are well versed with the property buying, mortgage options and legal assistance required to make a wise purchase. A little homework regarding the real estate market could help the buyer make the right investments that reap results in the long run.

September 2, 2014

Ghaziabad: Why should you invest in Indirapuram Locality?

The real estate in Delhi NCR is developing fast with the new smart city planning and other recent infrastructural development. While the property prices rise in the National Capital Region, home buyers are showing interest in buying properties that offers good ROI. In Delhi NCR, Ghaziabad is one of the fast developing cities in terms of infrastructure, connectivity and industrial expansion.  The properties for sale in Ghaziabad are mainly located in areas like Indirapuram, Raj Nagar extension, Crossings Republik etc. The first choice for Ghaziabad home buyers’ is Indirapuram due to its transformation as one of the busiest areas with expectations for good ROI.

Ghaziabad: Why should you invest in Indirapuram

As a property investor, why should you choose Indirapuram? Here are the best reasons for investing in Ghaziabad’s prime locality:

1.    Proposed Metro Connectivity – The proposed metro line has increased the property values in this locality which is expected to appreciate better in the coming years. As property buyers mainly focus on the connectivity, this proposed metro network and its extensions are an added advantage for the city.

2.    Rental Demand – In Ghaziabad, Indirapuram accounts for over 40% of rental demand for residential apartments. According to data, around 60% of the properties in Indirapuram are multistory apartments and 32% comprises of builder floor apartments.  This will help the property buyers earn higher rental income when compared to other parts of Ghaziabad.

3.    Versatile Residential Locality – Within 16 years of being demarcated as an independent residential locality, Indirapuram has developed its infrastructure and have become a self contained mini-city. This locality offers versatile residential solutions for people in all income brackets with a wide range of properties.

4.    Strategic Location – Indirapuram is closely located to important business centers like Noida, Delhi and Ghaziabad. It is only 25kms from Connaught Place, the prominent business hub of North India. Thus Indirapuram has better chances for fast growth and development when compared to other localities of Ghaziabad.

5.    Properties within Budget – If you look at a property for sale in Ghaziabad, Indirapuram offers the best residential projects within budget. The property prices are at a saturation level although they have a good potential for appreciation in future. If you are planning for long term investment in Ghaziabad, Indirapuram is worth your money.

September 1, 2014

Helping hand for buying a new home

Helping hand for buying a new home
Considering buying a new house? Are you a first time buyer? Buying a new house for the first time can be a daunting thought, especially if you do not have any help at hand. A few tips as to how you should characterize and pick a house can be very helpful.

1)    Ideal home

When considering buying a new house, you need to think about what fits into you’re criteria of a perfect home. How many rooms would you like to have? Would you like to have you’re own driveway? Can you imagine yourself living there? Listing a few ideas of what you would like in your ideal home is useful in order to narrow down your search. Even if it were a small preference, such as having a drive way it can determine what type of house features you would like to have.

2)    Location

Thinking about location is extremely important. Looking at what needs your family or you have, such as having a local school could be one of the criterias. Also, having transportation near the house could also be a favored feature, such as having a bus stop nearby. This touches on how accessible the house is.

3)    Finding an Estate Agents

Finding a helping and proactive estate agent is a must. Especially as the estate agent will organize any viewings for houses. Also, the estate agents have to be able to understand your needs and preferences before organizing any viewings. Having a good level of communication and understanding is needed, especially as the estate agent will be the one communicating with the seller.

4)    Viewing houses

Viewing as many houses as possible to yet again get an idea of what type of a house you will need and want. Viewing houses is important for instance if you are planning to extend the house to make it bigger or to decorate it in a certain way. Also remember that buying a house is a big step and cannot take place in a week. Seeing as many houses as you possible can and then making a decision will prevent any mistakes from occurring.

5)    Budget

Looking at how much your budget is will help clarify how much you can afford. For instance the bigger the house the more expensive it will be. Also looking at how much it would cost to redecorate a house if needed is also important. If the house is unsafe and requires you to do major work before you can move in. Having a budget alongside having a plan of how much you can accommodate in terms of expenditure is important. Also assessing how much salary comes into the household, and how estimating the monthly mortgage repayments.

6)    Mortgage Advisor

Being able to find a good and sufficient mortgage advisor will allow you to find the best rates. Also it will determine how much the monthly payments will be and if you can accommodate the rate.

 7)    Gaining expert advice

Seeking expert and legal advice towards buying the house will ensure that you can buy the house in a legally appropriate manner. Therefore, hiring a solicitor is a must; a solicitor can also protect you from any type of fraud when consulted. The solicitor will also draw up contracts to legally complete the sale. 

8)    Cooling off period

After buying the property you feel that you have made a mistake, you can withdraw the deal. During the first five days the buyer is give a cooling off period whereby if you would want to go back on the deal it is possible, however there will be a price penalty.
Heather Roberts is a blogger from United Kingdom. As a former realtor, she has a good house selling experience. Currently she writes about moving and storage services: Office Furniture Removal Greater London