September 1, 2014

Helping hand for buying a new home

Helping hand for buying a new home
Considering buying a new house? Are you a first time buyer? Buying a new house for the first time can be a daunting thought, especially if you do not have any help at hand. A few tips as to how you should characterize and pick a house can be very helpful.

1)    Ideal home

When considering buying a new house, you need to think about what fits into you’re criteria of a perfect home. How many rooms would you like to have? Would you like to have you’re own driveway? Can you imagine yourself living there? Listing a few ideas of what you would like in your ideal home is useful in order to narrow down your search. Even if it were a small preference, such as having a drive way it can determine what type of house features you would like to have.

2)    Location

Thinking about location is extremely important. Looking at what needs your family or you have, such as having a local school could be one of the criterias. Also, having transportation near the house could also be a favored feature, such as having a bus stop nearby. This touches on how accessible the house is.

3)    Finding an Estate Agents

Finding a helping and proactive estate agent is a must. Especially as the estate agent will organize any viewings for houses. Also, the estate agents have to be able to understand your needs and preferences before organizing any viewings. Having a good level of communication and understanding is needed, especially as the estate agent will be the one communicating with the seller.

4)    Viewing houses

Viewing as many houses as possible to yet again get an idea of what type of a house you will need and want. Viewing houses is important for instance if you are planning to extend the house to make it bigger or to decorate it in a certain way. Also remember that buying a house is a big step and cannot take place in a week. Seeing as many houses as you possible can and then making a decision will prevent any mistakes from occurring.

5)    Budget

Looking at how much your budget is will help clarify how much you can afford. For instance the bigger the house the more expensive it will be. Also looking at how much it would cost to redecorate a house if needed is also important. If the house is unsafe and requires you to do major work before you can move in. Having a budget alongside having a plan of how much you can accommodate in terms of expenditure is important. Also assessing how much salary comes into the household, and how estimating the monthly mortgage repayments.

6)    Mortgage Advisor

Being able to find a good and sufficient mortgage advisor will allow you to find the best rates. Also it will determine how much the monthly payments will be and if you can accommodate the rate.

 7)    Gaining expert advice

Seeking expert and legal advice towards buying the house will ensure that you can buy the house in a legally appropriate manner. Therefore, hiring a solicitor is a must; a solicitor can also protect you from any type of fraud when consulted. The solicitor will also draw up contracts to legally complete the sale. 

8)    Cooling off period

After buying the property you feel that you have made a mistake, you can withdraw the deal. During the first five days the buyer is give a cooling off period whereby if you would want to go back on the deal it is possible, however there will be a price penalty.
Heather Roberts is a blogger from United Kingdom. As a former realtor, she has a good house selling experience. Currently she writes about moving and storage services: Office Furniture Removal Greater London