October 31, 2014

A Home Buyer's Inspection Checklist

So you’ve finally decided to buy your very own house? Splendid!

Now, before you sign on the dotted line and prepare to move in, consider it a must to have the property checked first.

A Home Buyer's Inspection Checklist

Doing so will effortlessly help you successfully gauge if it is indeed the right house for you.
While the list of elements to look out for can be quiet lengthy, below are key points to include in your list.

  1. Inspect if the mortar between the bricks is in good condition.
  2. Make sure all electrical wirings are properly fitted and installed.
  3. Check if the structural condition of rooms and walls of garages and sheds are reliable.
  4. Check the garden’s condition. See to it that the bases of the gates and fences are in tip top shape.
  5. Make sure there are no poisonous plants and shrubs, including Rhus and Oleanders present in the garden.
  6. Check for presence of large trees near the house. Their roots can likely cause structural damage.
  7. See to it that walls are straight. In most timber houses, sagging weatherboards could often indicate timber stumps are already rotten.
  8. See to it that weatherboards, windows and doors are all in good condition.
On the roof
  1. Place a ladder against the guttering and check for wavy roof lines.
  2. Check if there are broken roof tiles, loose ridges and valley tiles.
  3. Make sure corrugated iron sheets are properly installed.
  4. See to it that flues and chimneys are securely in place.
  5. Check if the ceiling is adequately insulated.
  6. Check if the gutters have holes and rust. Keep in mind that even small holes can eventually result to detrimental leaks.
  7. Check the roof space for possible vermin residing in the area. Rat-like droppings usually denote the presence of these unwelcome dwellers.
  1. Jump lightly on the floor to gauge if floorboards are still in good condition or in need of replacement. 
  2. Inspect for signs of dampness by lifting buckling floor tiles.
  3. Check the walls for cracks, especially areas that are newly painted or wallpapered.
  4. Check the brick walls thoroughly and look for prevalent signs of dampness.
  5.  Check windows in the house and see to it they can be opened easily. Also check for broken window panes.
  6. Make sure light switches and power points are in good working condition.
  7. Check all power points with a tester.
  8. See to it that there are no termites and other unwanted pests dwelling in the house.
  9. Have an expert scrutinize the house’s electrical system.
  10. Ensure all plumbing fittings don’t have any leaks or cracks.

When buying a house, a substantial amount is often involved. In line with this, it is advisable to leave no stone unturned. Apart from taking the mentioned tips into consideration, consider using a home inspection software to help you thoroughly assess if the property is worth the splurge.

Chennai South: The emerging and most preferred location for many home seekers

There is dream for every tenant in Chennai, to own a beautiful individual house or a flat in Chennai city. But with the increasing demand for residential property there are many home seekers who have started preferring flats in Chennai South due to their affordable segment specifically for units in the price range of Rs. 30 - 50 Lakhs.
 location for many home seekers

And moreover, many have a desire to own a house in Central of Chennai, as the location helps in transportation and with all necessary amenities like schools, colleges, ATMs and hospitals are in close proximity. But with increasing Chennai property value, many people are finding difficult to buy a flat in Chennai Central which covers (Egmore, Nungambakkam, Royapettah, Triplicane and George Town) and in South Chennai places like Adyar, Velachery, Anna Nagar and Mylapore people are finding difficult to get a 1 BHK flat also within an affordable budget.

But with the prevailing property trends in Chennai many real estate developers and builders are launching new projects in Southern of Chennai like Pallavaram, Chrompet and Tambaram. These localities are a part of the Tambaram taluk of Kanchipuram district.

And moreover, many home seekers have started preferring these locations, as they enjoy good connectivity through roadways and railways. And also with the Chennai Airport which is only 4 to 6 kms away and the flyover connecting with Chennai MIT, Pallavaram - Perungudi bypass providing inter-city connectivity, broad highways etc. has improved the real estate in these localities and also helped to increase the Chennai property growth.

Along with good connectivity, the locality also offers amenities such as colleges, schools, hospitals, market area, business outlets and retail stores required for a residential destination. The availability of entertainment hubs and shopping stores also attract the home buyers looking for plots and flats in Southern Chennai.

 Keeping all these aspects in mind, many real estate developers and builders have started promoting flats in Chennai South. And there are many top builders in the Chennai who are exclusively offer projects in these localities. Below are the few lists projects by premium builder in the city.
CC Builders Pvt Ltd, Pallavaram.

Chelliah Chandar Builders is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company offering premium flats in and near Pallavaram locality. With more than 40+ completed projects, the company is progressing with new projects comprising of 2 and 3 BHK flats in Chennai with affordability. Below are few lists of their ongoing projects:
  1. Senthilnathan Arcade in Anakaputhur, Chennai
  2. Sri Krishna in Pallavaram, Chennai
  3. CC Mithila in Polichalur, Chennai
  4. CC Dhoni Arcade in Pallavaram, Chennai
  5. CC Sweet Homes in Pammal, Chennai
  6. Anugraha Apartments in Kundrathur, Chennai
  7. CC Crystal Garden in Pammal, Chennai
  8. Sri Square in Pammal, Chennai
  9. CC Auroville in Polichalur, Chennai

October 30, 2014

Top Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Invest In Professional Indemnity Insurance

As a real estate agent, you must also experience serenity over the transactions you make.  To gain this sort of security, it is recommended to invest in professional indemnity insurance for real estate agents.  Here are the top reasons why countless property professionals get this type of insurance.

Why Real Estate Agents Invest
1.    It is mandatory in some countries. In NSW, the government now requires agents to maintain professional indemnity insurance of about $1 million.

2.    It protects you from any civil liability for claims. For some reasons, business transactions may not go smoothly. Third parties may file lawsuits if they believe that the business have caused them damage or loss. These may involve breach of contract, allegations of misrepresentation, breach of statutory provisions in laws and so on.

3.    It is a good investment. When you are confronted with claims, indemnity insurance serves as your financial protection from allegations on misrepresentations or mismanagement.

4.    Indemnity insurance gives you the benefit of shielding your personal assets and expenses when you face a court case. It will cover legal costs from investigation to actual defence up to the compensation claimed by the other party. When you’re running a startup, asset protection is very important.

5.    In the event that you will be closing your real estate company or retiring from real estate industry, professional indemnity insurance can also protect you. Lawsuit for services you have rendered for years can be taken care of by your insurance. Choose policies with run off coverage. This feature will take care of any claims made after you stopped operating.

6.    Having the right professional indemnity insurance will boost your business. It will help you attract more clients. Potential clients are encouraged to obtain your services. Clients are secured that they are transacting business with a reliable and legitimate service.

Improving consumer confidence in the real estate industry is one of the reasons why indemnity insurance becomes mandatory in NSW. Lobbyists had sought to have the policy approved so that customers are confident in entrusting their property transactions. Whatever issues that may arise, real estate agents are prepared to address them.

Protect your real estate business against unforeseen events. With the right type of indemnity insurance, you can live a peaceful life while earning passively. Even after you have retired from work, there is nothing to worry about lawsuits or legal actions as you have your insurance taking care of them.

About the Author: Oliver Finney is a real estate enthusiast and a writer. He frequently writes are articles about real estate which can help home owners, buyers and sellers to find the ideal home solution they need. He shares this resource on professional indemnity insurance for real estate agents.

Five Factors that Affect your Choice for a Location for your Home

Location is often the key factor when zeroing in on new property. Location is what primarily decides your home’s potential value, resale value, and more importantly, your lifestyle. There are several factors that could affect your choice when it comes to choosing a location for your home.

Are you currently working, nearing retirement, or already retired from active work?

If you are currently working and have quite some years ahead of you, you would ideally want a home that’s close to your office in order to reduce commuting time. On the other hand, if retirement is on the horizon, you could be comfortable living somewhere in the suburbs, or even close to rural areas, where you can escape the humdrum of city life.

Affect your Choice for a Location for your Home
Do you have your own transport, or do you depend on public transport for commuting?

If you don’t own a vehicle, or you hate driving during rush hour, it would be better to shortlist homes that are close to public transport systems such as metro, bus, and trains. Good local connectivity lessens the hassle of your everyday commute.

How old are your kids?

For people with school going kids, some good schools in the neighborhood is a real bonus when selecting a home. On the other hand, if you have older kids who are pretty much self-dependent, a neighborhood with good schools can easily take a backseat.

What is your purpose of buying a home?

If you are buying a Residential Property in Ghaziabad solely for investment purposes, it is the best option. Because we should ideally look for areas that have a lot of development planned in the coming years. Areas with planned corporate hubs, industries, new metro stations and the like in the near future are more likely to fetch you a handsome return. On the other hand, if you intend to live in the property, you would do well to select an area that has basic amenities such as a grocery market, hospitals etc. in the vicinity.

Finally, what is your budget?

Every city has posh areas where prices of homes often go through the roof; and then there are areas that are a little more affordable. Before going house hunting, you must decide on an approximate budget and then use the factors above to shortlist some suitable properties.
Finding the right home in Rajnagar Extension, Ghaziabad. It is about your setting your priorities right and going about it in a planned manner.

SG Estates to support your dream and plan your future offers many wonderful projects to invest. Find your preferred location and right choice of land or home to invest and secure your family, generations and future.

Market Stats of Realty Sector in Reality

With a property roar in India scattering across all directions, real estate business in India is touching new height every day. Moreover, to boot the expansion of this sector depends on the policies accepted by the govt. to attract investments primarily within the economic and industrial sector. The new stand taken by the Indian government in the relevant foreign direct investment (FDI) policies has galvanized confidence of foreign investors for investment in Indian properties.

Market Stats of Realty Sector in RealitySince the last few decades, Indian economy has been rising rapidly, promoting expansions in the real estate segment in India. In recent times, Indian government has brought out the fact that the real estate market in India contributes a monumental 11% to the National GDP.

Real estate business could be an unpredictable business endeavor in India. Buying and selling of realty property has equivalent prospect of each, profit and loss. Choosing the proper realty property and also the adequate investment on right time is incredibly necessary. It is always better to think about realty in real time for proper dealings. Commercialism of a property at the exact time could certainly fetch vast profits. Buying a property i.e. house, land etc. and selling it out at the proper time is much profitable and simple way of investment. Such kind of investment does not involve any continual expenses associated with the same and therefore is a much safer investment.

Pricing is a major factor of a real estate business. You have to be terribly vigilant while buying a property keeping in mind about the competition in the market, consumption of property in future and alternative problems such as location of the property in the cities and the demand for an explicit property. Meaning, the fast growing economy can change the value of property.

The population of the various larger Indian cities has grown staggeringly over the past one and half decade. There's a high requirement for residential and commercial properties in some giant cities of our nation. A number of the highest cities for realty growth and investment in our country are Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow and Jaipur.

Moreover, the Indian government has made an arrangement for economic reforms to improve infrastructural growth by encouraging domestic and international investor for investments in the real estate market of India by establishing investor-friendly atmosphere. The developing urbanization and enormous scale migration of individuals from agricultural to built-up areas to seek newer occupation advanced earning; enhanced livelihood have led to the augmentation of the demand for residential and commercial properties in India.

For the investment purpose, since mutual funds and stock-exchange are extremely unsteady and volatile more and more people from the middle-class income group and NRI’s are investing in the realty sector of India, which offer vast returns in short terms in addition to long term investments because of mounting value of property. Investment in realty sector conjointly offers an associate choice for investors – a second financial gain to reinforce their financial gain.

Introducing the Information technology development Centers, BPOs, giant scale manufacturing units in engineering and automobile sectors by international firms has speed up the growth in industrial area needs. Setting up business offices by additional MNCs in Indian cities and expansion of business activities can certainly open new avenues for the growth of realty market in India. The appearance of MNCs can give additional employment preference to the community leading to additional jobs and a rise in the financial gain level can improve the buying power of property patrons.

State governments in our country have given permission for the improvement of residential townships, business areas, outlet close to industrial areas and IT hubs tantalizing each domestic and international developers and investors. A lot of huge residential and business realty comes have returned up to cater the increasing housing desires of the individuals. The new strategies implemented by the govt. of India in the view of foreign direct investments (FDI) have advanced numerous firms for investment in Indian properties.

Investment in land property in the Republic of India yields huge profits, in the manner that about 70% of the investors are getting profit. An attractive destination for foreign direct investment (FDI) attributable to the positive approach of the Indian government is one in all the prime factors in the expansion of the Indian real estate business.

Valuable Checklist of buying new properties in Gurgaon, India

new properties in Gurgaon, IndiaRealty sector in North India has seen slowdown in this decade. The NCR region has been the hub of economic activities in the past two decades and it continues to attract businesses even now. But the dynamics have shifted.

The last three years have proven that the property market is not the steady-growth market. It is as fickle as investment in gold. One can focus on long term gains; but short term investments require a local insight. Different territories are governed by different trends.

Amongst all the cities in the country, perhaps the most volatile market is that of Gurgaon. The city comprises of pockets which are no less than dead investments. It also comprises of areas which are witnessing high growth.

This year, the property major DLF has suffered a major loss when it lost its footing in Gurgaon after it was banned from capital markets by Securities and Exchange Board of India. The property major was condemned in the city that it has been credited to have built. The consumer sentiments therefore have swayed against the organization which had long ago persuaded General Electric to setup its offices in the city.

Despite the fact that a major corporate has exited the market, investors have not lost confidence in the city. The realty major Hines is set to enter the property markets in a joint venture and will invest in many cities of the country including Gurgaon.

In addition, Indian companies like ATS Infrastrucutre, Tata Housing, Bhartiya Group and Anantraj Industrties already have made considerable investments in the city. This means that even after a major setback, there will be no dearth of demand in the city.

Those who plan to invest in new residential properties would do well bearing certain points in mind. There are numerous new and upcoming projects in Gurgaon but investment in any would not be a feasible idea. The following points would help a potential investor in making correct investment decisions.

Do not grab a cheap property immediately

If a good accommodation at a relatively inexpensive price is available, then it is bound to be accompanied by a “limited time” offer clause.

There is a reason why such offers are still available and why one should be careful when he/she comes across one. Gurgaon is perhaps the only territory which has witnessed a sharp contrast in prices within different localities. There are pockets where the demand is stupendously low and there are regions where it is atrociously high. It is important that a buyer knows which area is he/she is being given the offer in. Cheap accommodations available in low demand areas are not good for investment. Hence the “low price offer” is associated with them! It is vital to know the area.

Solar Panel Charge

According to a recent news piece, buyers might encounter a slight escalation in the prices of homes Sellers may included an additional cost for solar panels. Solar panels may become compulsory in the following year. The government is considering this as an alternative to the rampant power issues of the city.

In Conclusion

Realty markets are witnessing normalization after their boom and subsequent slowdown. Gurgaon may have seen the worst this year, but it remains a sought after destination for investment.

October 24, 2014

Pune: The Attractive and Affordable Destination for Home Buyers

Pune, the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra has witnessed enormous increase in real estate market in the past few years. Pune property has been showing huge increase in various sectors like education, employment, industries, businesses, hotels, hospitals and many more. Presently the property in Pune is known to be the most attractive destination for investment purpose and as well as it offers property for every class of people.

Pune: The Attractive and Affordable Destination for Home Buyers

With the increasing demand for residential property, there are many investors and home seekers who prefer Pune property. Right from the affordability in property price, quality of infrastructures, nearby located top notch companies, ensuring employment, calm environment has made the property in Pune to be ideal for investment purpose.

So, if you are an investor looking to invest in any of new projects in Pune, there are several developers offering affordable residential projects in Pune.

Suburbia by Saarrthi Group

Saarrthi Group is a dynamic real estate development company with a keen focus on quality and vision. The Saarrthi projects, benchmarked by highest quality and credibility, get tremendous response and hold a special place in the heart of the customers.

To bring tranquility and relaxation to your life, Suburbia Estate, a residential project featuring 1, 2 and 3BHK apartments was recently launched in Lonikand, Wagholi Annexe.

It is affordable project, with all modern amenities ranging from Rs. 22 lacs to 35 lacs. he builder has included specifications like vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles dado in kitchens, branded sanitary fittings and regular amenities like gymnasium, swimming pool, kids play area, badminton court, etc. The project is under construction and the excepted possession is given by 2015.

Tara Athena, Shivtara Properties

Tara Athena by Shivtara Properties is another reasonably priced project coming up in Wagholi, Pune. Tara Athena project price ranges from Rs. 21 lakh to 30 lakhs comprising of 1 & 2 BHK apartments, from sizes 637 square feet to 863 square feet. It is located at a distance of around eight kilometers from Kharadi IT hub.

Loaded with state-of-the-art specifications like marble sill, high quality copper wiring, specially provided TV and telephone points, Tara Athena is a good deal at the available price. Other amenities included in the project are gymnasium, swimming pool, sports facility; children play area, power backup, etc.

With the increasing number of affordable projects for sale in Pune, many first home buyers have started investing in Pune property. So, now it is the right time to invest in Pune real estate if you are looking for any affordable projects.

The 4 Good Reasons To Hire Commercial Leasing Agents – Perth Properties

While your commercial property has been able to give you a decent income over the last several years, you’re thinking it may be time to move on. Move on to retirement or to a new life; wherever the next phase in your life is taking you, it is clear in your head that it no longer involves active participation in your commercial property.

But you don’t want to sell your commercial property, either. Whether it’s been with your family for decades or you feel it represents a kind of milestone in your life, you’ll still want ownership of the property. And this is where a commercial leasing agent comes in. Here are four good reasons to hire the best commercial leasing agents Perth has licensed.

1. You ensure qualified tenants to rent your property or spaces.

Unless your commercial property “sells itself,” by virtue of its prized location, then most of your work as the owner of the investment property may come from finding good tenants. Finding suitable tenants can be more challenging than you think; some form of marketing has to be involved to entice the right tenants and a thorough credit check is necessary to ensure financial capability.

Leasing agents have acquired the credentials and skills to find the best tenants to rent your commercial property. By hiring a commercial leasing agent, you save yourself the legwork and paperwork.

2. You get professional property management.

Leasing agents will also provide commercial property management. Perth commercial property owners, such as yourself, know that maintenance is a key aspect to keeping the value of any property.

Whether you own a shopping center or have an office building, you need to make sure that tenants’ issues regarding the upkeep of your place are addressed and resolved. And the right commercial leasing agent can offer up a full suite of services that focus on property management.

3. You don’t have to worry about payments not being collected.

A commercial leasing agent can also collect rent from your tenants. If rents have to be raised, the leasing agent will also handle enforcement as well as calculations.

 4. You will have more time for what you have always wanted to do.

From maintenance issues to late tenant payments, you could lose a lot of time when you’re managing your own commercial property. Leasing expertise from the right commercial real estate agents (Perth, particularly) can help you make time for more meaningful endeavors, like spending time away with your family or taking a month off in some remote island to recharge your mind and body.
About the author: Oliver Finney is an enthusiast of the real estate industry who loves to continuously learn and share knowledge as well about the vast and comprehensive world of the real estate business, off and online. He has first realized his passion for real estate at the age of 18 after attending an auction. He continues to share his knowledge through writing and considers this site as a helpful resource in doing so.

October 21, 2014

Investing in Greater Noida? Know the prospects of it

In the last few years, Noida has undergone a major shift in the real estate sector. With close proximity to the National Capital (Delhi) and with the enhanced connectivity with the other localities, Greater Noida is well connected through a strong logistic network. Noida extension has been renamed as Greater Noida. Properties for sale in Greater Noida are in greater demand due to its close proximity to the corporate houses and also the vast availability of apartments and townships in and around.

Reasons behind Investing in Greater Noida

Noida-Greater Noida Expressway

Stretched on a six-lane highway, the expressway connects Noida (already a suburb) to greater Noida (new suburb) with the total length of almost 23 kilometers of which 3 kilometer belongs to Greater Noida and the rest to Noida. The properties for sale in Greater Noida are in great demand as the expressway in under expansion to International Airport, Taj Economic Zone and Aviation Hub that is proposed to be coming up along the Yamuna Expressway (Taj Expressway).

Huge Property Demand

Both commercial and residential properties for sale in Greater Noida have been increasing every year at a faster pace due to factors such as infrastructural development and connectivity. There was a recent survey by India report, which stated that the Greater Noida has been tagged as the most developing suburb in Delhi. As the locality witnesses huge job opportunities, migrations, businesses and investment tools, prospective buyers are exploring various options for investing upon Greater Noida real estate.

Future Prospects

•    The upcoming huge urban conglomerates in Greater Noida and Noida with a great potential have an easy access to Mathura, Aligarh and Agra.

•    Shorter and safe travel time and accessibility will accelerate land development in a planned manner for commercial as well as residential properties for sale in Greater Noida long the Yamuna Expressway.

•    The proposed Export Promotion Zones including Taj Economic Zone located along the Yamuna Expressway enhances in promoting economic development of the area.

October 20, 2014

Buying a House at Auction: What You Need to Know

Buying a house at auction is exciting and stressful yet potentially very rewarding. Months of planning can all boil down to one last minute decision, and the wide variety of properties available means some interesting, unusual and downright amazing houses are there for your taking.

Buying a House at Auction: What You Need to Know

Well, first things first, why should you buy a property at auction? Auctioned properties come in all shapes, sizes and conditions – buying one can be a great family project or investment for the future. At auction you could pick up your dream home in an amazing location for just a fraction of the new build price; or not. This is the challenge of the auction house and the main reason why so many people love buying real estate in this way.

Finding an auction

Speak to a local estate agent, scour the local paper or do some online searching to find a property auction in or near your area. You might be surprised how many there are, auctioned properties are big business.

Finding a property

Some people turn up to the auction on the day, flick through the catalogue and buy on instinct. Whilst this might work out for some, buying in this way is a huge risk as your purchase may turn out to be structurally unsound, ineligible for planning permission or undesirably located. Finding these things out after the hammer has dropped and regretting your purchase is never a good feeling, so make sure you take your time to look through all the houses available for auction and pick the best of the bunch (although don’t get your heart too set on it, after all this is an auction and you may be outbid at the last hurdle!)


It is highly recommended that you view any potential purchase yourself before the day of the auction. Doing so enables you to see anything that may have been glossed over in the auctioneer’s description of the property and allows you to make a fair assessment on your own terms. It might be worth paying an estate agent to give you a valuation of the property, both in its current state and after any renovations that you might have planned. The auction house is legally bound to supply you with a legal pack, read it thoroughly and ask a solicitor for any advice if there is anything you don’t fully understand.

On The Day

On the day of the auction, bring a deposit of 10% of the expected house value with you; and maybe a little extra in case the bidding is intense and comes to more than you expected. The rest of the price must be paid with twenty eight days. Decide on a max value you are going to pay for the property and stick to it – the risk of getting overexcited in the heat of bidding war and paying over the odds for a property is very real, so be careful and stick to your guns! If the auction ends without the property reaching its reserve price it might be worth speaking to the auctioneer and asking to see the seller privately to come up with an arrangement. This is often a good way to grab a bargain as the seller will be more likely to sell for a lower price than they originally asked for.

Happy house hunting!

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The 4 Most Luxurious Ski Chalets On Sale Right Now

The worldwide luxury real estate market has been on fire in recent years, and there's no better example of that than the rising popularity of world-class ski chalets. Skiing (or snowboarding, for those who prefer it) is a fantastic hobby on its own, but to enjoy it from the comfort of your very own luxury chalet up in the mountains? Simply unbeatable! Here are the 4 most luxurious ski chalets which are currently on sale in the world's most prestigious skiing destinations:

1. Haus Taube (Kitzbühel, Austria) - $15.23 Million

Haus Taube (Kitzbühel, Austria) - $15.23 Million

Located in the scenic Tyrol region of the Austrian Alps, Kitzbühel is a charming medieval-style town that looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale. It's little wonder, then, that those seeking their own "happily ever after" endings would build gorgeous chalets in this legendary resort town - such as, for example, Haus Taube. This fine property boasts panoramic views of the nearby mountains, and - even better - is conveniently situated just minutes' walk away from the town square. Built as recently as 1999 and further renovated a decade later, this home includes countless high-end amenities, including a large indoor swimming pool, a wine cellar, an underground parking lot, and a dedicated ski room. With 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, Haus Taube truly is the world's ultimate Alpine ski retreat.

2. 10448 Summit View Dr N (Park City, U.S.A.) - $6.9 Million

10448 Summit View Dr N (Park City, U.S.A.) - $6.9 Million

Utah's Deer Valley has long been known as one of the hottest ski destinations that America has to offer, being site to many of the nation's most exceptional new chalet properties in recent years. One such chalet is this gorgeous 6-bedroom, 7-bathroom property located in an exclusive Deer Crest community. Each one of the 6 spacious bedrooms boasts its own en-suite bathroom, while the airy floor plan and fine wood finishings throughout the home keep the theme feeling extravagant and luxurious. The gourmet kitchen is a sight unto itself, featuring high-end Sub-Zero and Viking brand appliances, while the entire property comes pre-furnished with top-of-the-line furniture. This just might be the nicest ski chalet in America!

3. Chalet Le Mayen (Nendaz, Switzerland) - $2.19 Million

Chalet Le Mayen (Nendaz, Switzerland) - $2.19 Million

Nestled in a truly idyllic location in the Swiss alps, Chalet Le Mayen is the kind of breathtaking property that almost seems too good to be true - and yet there it is, real as day, and potentially yours for a cool $2.19 million US dollars! 5 bedrooms (including 1 elegant master bedroom) spread out over 190 square metres of floor space ensures plenty of comfortable lodgings for the whole family, or even for friends and business associates you may wish to take for a trip to the nearby slopes. Under-floor heating permeates the property, keeping you warm and cozy even on those snow-swept winter nights. An extensive wrap-around balcony offers a scenic view and a breath of fresh air, while the property's secluded garden area provides a bit of outdoor greenery that's all your own. A truly magnificent piece of real estate!

4. Les Balcons de la Chapelle (Méribel, France) - $4.11 Million

Les Balcons de la Chapelle (Méribel, France) - $4.11 Million

Méribel is perhaps the most renowned of all the French Alps resort towns, both on account of its unbeatable natural beauty as well as its abundance of phenomenal ski runs. It's little wonder, then, that this town (actually a collection of 3 separate villages) in Savoie has become the darling of high-end European ski enthusiasts. This particular property, however, is more of an "opportunity" than an "commodity". Why? Because it's a semi-detached chalet, not yet finished, whose interior features can be customized by the developer according to your precise preferences and desires. As part of a larger project (6 chalet apartments which have already been sold), this chalet is the last one for sale in the development and, if you customize properly, could easily be the best of all!

October 15, 2014

Expat Guide: Thinking of Bangalore? Here’s What Facts Say

Now why Bangalore? The question might be playing with your mind and thoughts; well, the answer lies. An Expat Explorer survey done by HSBC in the last quarter of 2013 revealed that amongst Indian cities, Bangalore and Kolkata are the most preferred cities of India.

As an expat, you must be puzzled about choosing a city for work and stay. There are a good number of cities in India that are developed and claim to be expat-friendly. However, there are few who actually qualify upon all the criteria and Bangalore is one of them. In addition to the worthy fact, there has been quite a lot buzz about the city in the town as well. Let’s make you acquainted with facts that will push Bangalore at the top rank in your wish list.

  1. Surveys’ Support
There are a number of surveys that proves the fact that Bangalore is one of the decently ranked cities for work and planning a settled life. Here are few findings

  •  2014 Cost of Living Survey by Mercer says that Bangalore is one of the affordable cities in India alongwith Kolkata. The affordability accounts to a diverse population here that yields approachable housing options and a manageable cost of living here.
  • One more nationally acclaimed survey, Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems (ASICS), which is conducted by the Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, says that Bangalore has an average yet appreciable score here. This makes it one of the choicest cities for work and life in an expat’s wish list.
     2.   Business Hubs

If you are a business man or someone who is planning to make an entrepreneurial entry here in Bangalore, you are definitely at the right place. A comprehensive report by World Bank Group says that, Bangalore or Bengaluru is at the rank 2nd in the list of cities where doing business or starting a business is easier and effective. Moreover, the report indicates that all the legal formalities takes about just 40 days and number of procedures involved are merely 13, which is lowest recorded .

      3.  Career Opportunities
Almost all the known IT companies have either branches or headquarters here in Bangalore. If you are planning to have a great tech-career then Bangalore can be the deal to nail down right now. Multi-national firms and some of biggest financial institutions have branches here and owing to foreign interests there are number of opportunities and professional projects here. So, if you are looking out for jobs in one of the most economically booming city, then go Bangalore!

      4. Accommodation Options For All
A news report says that people residing in Bangalore are choosing 1 BHK apartments over bigger ones. Moreover, the high migration rate and people dropping in for business visits here in good number has also given rise to the likes for serviced apartments. The rates are not much higher here as the populace is mixed here that has a varied budget accompanying them. The builders have stationed residential apartments, builder floors and villas that aptly cover a diverse accommodation need. So, if you are new and seeking to have a house on rent in Bangalore, then your worry ends as the city has it all.

    5.   Living Conditions
Bangalore is a happening place and the most highlighted aspect of the city is the youth here. The populace here is mixed and owing to a good number of professionals here, the youth here is ambitious as well as fun-loving. Another beautiful thing about the city is its weather; moderate and pleasant. After all, climate regulates one’s mood in many ways.

The Verdict
Bangalore is a place to be at the moment and whatever is your budget and living needs, the city has it all to satiate that. Moreover, a decently balanced cost of living here elevates and supports the decision of moving to this dynamic city.

Why Hire A Buyers’ Agent? – Eastern Suburbs, Sydney Locals List Advantages

Whether you are a newlywed couple looking for your first home, a family needing a bigger space, or even an investor who wants to diversify your portfolio, buying a piece of property can be a daunting endeavour. Surely, you may have different questions swirling in your mind. But at the end of the day, two questions perfectly encapsulate all of these: "Am I going to get the best value for my money?" and "Am I doing this right?"

Truth is, buying a property is a complex thing. Even if you have some experience in buying a property for occupancy or for investment, the associated tasks do not always get easier. It’s also worth mentioning the fact that most home buyers are busy and can allocate little time for scrutinising all the big and small details involved in the buying process.

It is for these very reasons, and more, that many people enlist the aid of a reputable buyers' agent. Eastern Suburbs, Sydney residents ought to know that buyer’s agents offer a diverse suite of services, all designed to facilitate the purchase of a property in a quick and efficient manner, allowing buyers to make an informed purchasing decision and get the best returns on their investments.

These services vary in nature, depending largely on the needs, resources and experience of the buyer. For instance, buyers who want to have a higher degree of involvement in the buying process may perform the bulk of the work involved in searching for a suitable property. Once a suitable property has been found, the prospective buyers may call in a buyers' agent to evaluate the property in terms of its overall condition and the owner's asking price. From there, the buyers' agent can help in the negotiation process.

And there are first-time buyers who, due to time constraints, inexperience and other factors, seek the aid of a buyer’s agent to conduct a comprehensive property search. Upon learning their client's preferences and budget, the agent will conduct a thorough search of properties matching the buyer's criteria. On top of that, the agent will conduct a thorough evaluation of the properties that a buyer can look into and even facilitate the actual purchase of the property by coordinating with the sales agent and other relevant professionals.

Indeed, buying property can be daunting and confusing. And when you are making a substantial investment, the last thing that you want to do is commit yourself and your finances to a lemon. Enlist the aid of a reputable buyer’s agent to avoid making crucial errors in buying your first property.

About the author: Oliver Finney is an enthusiast of the real estate industry who loves to continuously learn and share knowledge as well about the vast and comprehensive world of the real estate business, off and online. He has first realised his passion for real estate at the age of 18 after attending an auction. He continues to share his knowledge through writing and considers this site as a helpful resource in doing so.

October 13, 2014

Kolathur: One among the Top 10 Preferred Localities in Chennai

According to a recent survey conducted by a real estate portal, Kolathur is a new entry as one of the top ten residential localities in Chennai preferred by property buyers for real estate investment. The home buyers who look for apartments in Chennai have a set of criteria like connectivity, good schools, hospitals, infrastructural development, affordable price, better ROI (Return on Investment) etc., while investing their money in properties. These top 10 localities should fulfill all these requirements in order to stay preferable in the real estate market.

Here is the view on the Kolathur locality and its real estate trend which made it as one of the preferable real estate destinations in Chennai:

Location and Infrastructural Advantage:

Although a suburb, Kolathur is a well known, fast developing residential locality situated in North Chennai, surrounded by localities such as Perumbur, Villivakkam, Puzhal, Korattur. Thiru – Vi – Ka Nagar, Periyar Nagar etc. Anna Nagar is only 2 kms away from Kolathur and the locality has good connectivity through road and railways. The Inner Ring Road in Chennai passes through Kolathur, offering enhanced connectivity to the nearby business hubs.

Top 10 Preferred Localities in Chennai

Kolathur has good educational institutions like the Don Bosco Matriculation Higher Secondary School at Srinivasa Nagar, Don Bosco Matriculation Higher Secondary School at Peravallur, Smt. Durgadevi Choudhary Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Everwin Matriculation School etc. The locality is filled with commercial establishments, leading chain restaurants, retail shops, banks, entertainment centres etc., along with Rettai Lake.

Property Trend in Kolathur

Kolathur provides a wide range of residential projects in affordable price range with good capital appreciation. According to reports, the property price at Kolathur ranges from Rs. 4200 to Rs. 4900 per sq ft which is comparatively lesser than the neighbouring localities like Anna Nagar, Perumbur etc. Property experts say that this locality has more demand for smaller residential units such as 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments when compared to bigger or luxury units. Mostly people working in Ambattur industrial area, Perumbur, Padi, Anna Nagar etc., are interested in buying Kolathur properties and also NRIs from Gulf countries show interest in this locality.

The flats in Kolathur Chennai are mainly bough for end use by home buyers who are looking at affordable projects. The property buyers are also interested in builder floor apartments and individual houses when compared to multi-storey apartments.  In Kolathur, one can find more builder floor apartments constructed by local builders due to the less expense, better UDS (Undivided Share), fast construction etc. A 1 BHK apartment costs around Rs. 10 – 20 lakhs while 2 BHK apartments range between Rs. 20 lakhs and Rs. 60 lakhs. The residential houses are in huge demand and range from Rs. 30 lakh to Rs. 75 lakh while plots are available in different ranges from Rs. 30 lakh to Rs. 1.75 crore.

If you are planning to invest in properties, Kolathur in North Chennai will be a good real estate destination for both end use as well as investment as it is expected to show good property appreciation in future.

Worst Advise You Have Ever Heard About Pune Properties

Pune Properties has long been the cultural hotspot of Maharashtra. It has also been known as the “Oxford of East”; a title accorded by none other than Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. The city shines with its multitude of universities and academic institutions. After the establishment of the National Defence Academy, Pune became a popular city for retired army personnel.

They were soon followed by other government officials and then the business community. Soon enough the city started to attract business. Initially, there were government manufacturing units but later the private firms gained prominence. The nineties saw phenomenal growth in the local economy. Pune became an ancillary hub of auto motives; second only to Chennai. But the big change was led by the evolution of the IT industry.

Pune Properties

Pune as an Investment Arena

A direct result of the humungous economic alleviation of Pune led to rise in real estate development. There has been a constant stream of new launching projects in Pune. But that puts up the question about how to assess the right and wrong information about the real estate in the city.

There are a lot of places one can seek advice from. There are experts on television who offer their opinions regularly. There are newspapers with their real estate sections offering advice on various topics. There are a multitude of other resources available online offering trends and guidelines for investment. But most of such advises turn out to be marketing techniques more than anything else. Therefore a lot of advice sourced from them does not bode well in terms of an actual investment.

The worst such advice about the city in the recent times has been about the inability of Pune to sustain growth of the residential sector. Many experts have predicted humungous growth in the Eastern and Western fringes of the city. But according to them, these areas are the commercial belts and therefore have offerings for businesses rather than individuals. Hence they advise against investment in the residential properties.

But what such experts have forgotten is that there are other areas like Baner, Wakad, Hadapsar and Kharadi where large tracts of land have been acquired primarily for the development of the residential sector. They have also forgotten that there was an addition of at least 47000 jobs in 2013 due to industrial development. They also forgot about the rising demand for commercial spaces.

Demand in Residential Sector

The highest demand in residential spaces is for 2 BHK and 2.5 BHK in the city. These houses are available in a price ranging from 35 lakhs to 55 lakhs. That being said, houses with prices ranging from 70 lakhs to 3 crores are also available. They too do not remain in market for a long time. The high end projects are quickly sold as are such apartments in the posh areas of the city. Though the residential properties in the old Pune city are few, costly and far apart; yet any upcoming project is quickly booked.

Such growth is expected to continue well into the future. 2014 has witnessed rise in sales as well as demand in both residential and commercial spaces. The city not only offers apartments, but also plots and land for new development.

In Conclusion:

Pune properties are undoubtedly on the rise. There is demand in both commercial and residential sectors. Anyone believing otherwise is bound to lose a good opportunity for profitable investment.

October 9, 2014

Rajarhat in Kolkata is booming with real estate demand

Kolkata, also known as ‘Calcutta’ is witnessing a steady and stable boom in the realty sector, however, due to its creditability, people are interested in investing in this city. The demand for apartments in Kolkata comes for places like Rajarhat, Garia and New Town; these three are some of the emerging areas of the city which is welcoming investment from all corners. In particular, Rajarhat.

In recent times, Rajarhat has been seen a noteworthy increase in the number of home buyers and the reason is attributed to the basic infrastructure and the proximity to the IT hubs in Kolkata and the upcoming metro rail. It is a planned township and offers all the amenities and facilities one can think of, hence the demand for flats in Rajarhat.

Reasons for the demand for flats in Rajarhat:

The locality is surrounded by DLF IT hub that houses all the major MNC’s like, Accenture, HP, Wipro, IBM, and Cognizant among others. As it offers job opportunities to many, this place has topped the list of home buyers and migrants, who are looking for flats in Rajarhat for comfortable living. Builders and developers are coming up with projects that will offer various amenities and facilities to the home buyer and they will get the value for their money.  Some of the projects in Rajarhat are:

•    Avenida by Tata Housing
•    The Banyan Tree Garden by Banyan Tree Group
•    Unitech Fresco by Unitech Limited
•    Jain Dream Palazzo by Jain Group
•    Silver Oak Estate by Salarpuria Group
•    Sampoorna by Bengal DCL Housing Development Co Ltd

 If a person is looking for an apartment in Rajarhat within Rs. 45 lakh, then the size would be like 700 to 1300 square feet. The demand is mostly for 2 and 3 BHK apartments, and those are available in furnished, un-furnished and semi-furnished form. The average price in Rajarhat is around Rs. 3,500 per square feet, which is quite reasonable.

The demand for rental property is also huge in this locality. For a multi-storey apartment, the rent is like Rs. 13 per square feet.

NRI Investment:

Rajarhat does not only attract investment from locals, but is also attracting investment from NRIs. Around 35% investors are from such NRIs who have recognized the potential of this area and know that it will yield good returns in the future.  Some of the NRIs are looking for investment for end-use, but give it for rent for extra income.

Rajarhat is affordable, has excellent connectivity, and superb infrastructure that has given a boost to the residential real estate and increased the demand for investment.

October 8, 2014

How An Auckland Apartment Seller Can Get The Best Price And Clinch A Sale

Auckland ranks third in the world in terms of quality of life. Brit expats love it so much, they have even declared it their number one destination. Respondents of this survey named the clean air and water, the efficient services, and a favourable taxation system as among the best bits about Auckland. One other notable thing that makes Auckland one of the best places to live in is that it has the lowest average property prices in the developed world.

How An Auckland Apartment Seller Can Get The Best Price And Clinch A Sale

Of course, even with affordable housing and an increasing number of expats living in the city, an Auckland apartment seller might still have a bit of trouble getting buyers. Challenges like the lack of resources to market the property to the right buyers or the lack of knowledge to offer it at the right price could leave the seller’s property sitting on the real estate market for far too long.

So what should an apartment seller, like you, do? Get help from experts in apartment buying — Auckland experts who have provided support for countless sellers. Property experts can assist in determining just how much your property is worth. They can also recommend ideas on how you can get more inquiries and viewings to your apartment. And they can guide you through the process of the sale.

You can find property specialists by knowing where other sellers have sought advice and guidance. From there, you can work up a shortlist of potential specialists you can work with on the quick and efficient sale of your apartment.

The next thing you might want to work on is to stock up on information. Now, finding the right professional support to sell your apartment may be the easy part — it is being able to grasp, with limited knowledge, the entire process that could be a bit tricky.

Even when you have professional support, it would still be in your best interest to learn what you can about the sale process, to understand what goes into the valuation of your property, and to have some insight into what truly sells a property. The more information you get, the quicker your property will sell. 

Selling property like a freehold or leasehold apartment, Auckland specialists say, even in favorable market conditions, could still present some challenges — challenges that may prevent you from getting the best price for your apartment. For something as crucial as the sale of your apartment, it is worth investing in property specialists and in increasing your knowledge about the whole process. By combining both, you are guaranteed to fetch a fair price for your property and close a sale.

About the Author: Oliver Finney is a real estate enthusiast and a writer. He frequently writes are articles about real estate which can help home owners, buyers and sellers to find the ideal home solution they need. He shares this resource for more information about leasehold apartment in Auckland.

Types of Real Estate Buyers

In terms of investment characteristics and investment behavior we have differentiated four types of real estate buyers. Also we have made a brief feature review in order to recognize them easily. Here is our list of different property buyers:

Types of Real Estate Buyers


This type of property buyer is not a real professional really. Commoner are not in the best buying condition. The lower level of their buying capability is given by different factors such as: bad credit history, commoner buyers may not have enough funds to invest in real estate, ownership of other property that they don't want to say goodbye to, etc. The common looker may often tend to view different real estate but their buying power is not that trustworthy. Sometime they might review the same property over and over again in order to receive a better offer or to mislead the owners that they have serious interest in the real estate. The easiest way to recognize the common looker type of buyer is their “observing and looking” attitude which shows exactly how much you can rely on them.


That type of real estate buyer tend to be more investment-reliable than the common-looker. What you should bear in mind is that deal-seeker are hunting down fine bargains. Their interest in property is serious and they are absolutely capable of making investments but they are only willing to do that if they reach a sweet deal. The best way to spot a deal-seeker is to analyze their investment behavior. Seekers are always looking for a way to avoid the real estate agencies so they can dodge the extra commission. They will try to contact you directly with a possible offer of their own. The favourite pray of every deal-seeker is a lender in need who offers property in act of desperation. Although seekers tend to be more trustworthy than commoners, you should reach them carefully since you can never be sure if they are really going to invest.


Most steady-buyers have serious investment intentions. They are on the real estate market to buy property but they are not going to make risky moves. Usually steady-buyers have already planned an investment and they want to see a number of properties in order to choose what is best for them. To recognize that kind of buyer you should look for two significant features. The steady investor takes his time before making the final buying decision. Another thing that makes them easy to define is their agent. Steady-buyers tend to use the assistance of professionals for safety reasons and for competent advices and services. There is a high chance to meet such buyers if you also use the help of real estate agencies.


This is the kind of buyer you want to deal with. Instant buyers are capable and ready to make property investments. They could be either private family investors or a large scale companies with real estate interest. The thing that matters most is that don't have the time to wait and they need properties. This type of buyer could need new home or office due to a job loss, transfer or a market exchange in real estate. What you should know is that instant buyers have already researched the property value in terms of  price, condition and location, and they can't wait. You will recognize them by their proxy agents. Instant-buyers don't have the time to make real estate views and deals, that is why they tend to use the help of proxies. From all the above-listed types of buyer these are the most reliable in terms of real estate investments.

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Real Estate Financing Tips and Guidelines

Consider there are small improvements in the economy; some investors are considering the residential real estate market once again. The lowering of prices and fluctuations may be a good time to do so, but the choice has to be made carefully and with a solid plan if you want to succeed in your business efforts. The following tips will give you a few ideas you can make use of as your long term solutions:

Real Estate Financing Tips and Guidelines
• Have a good down payment

Mortgage insurance will likely not cover investment properties, so you will need to have at least 20% down payments to ensure financing for any of them. If you can get to 25%, then you will have the chance to qualify for an even better overall interest rate. If you don't have the down payment, then you will be able to go for obtaining another mortgage on the property, but that will be even more difficult and risky. This is a pretty rare occurrence however so don't count on it, as these are usually used for properties for financing more than $400,000 and up.

• Borrowing strong

Although there are many factors to deal with, such as the loan-to-value ratio of what you work with and the policies laid down by the lender, you can still influence how things turn out with investment properties. Above all you need to check your credit score before you start a deal, as it will have a serious impact on the terms of the loan ahead. If you have a score of below 740, then you will feel the sting of losing more money to the interest rate. Below that you will have to pay more to have your interest rate stay on the same level, so you will either face that or a higher interest rate. In situations like these any reserves in the bank for no less than six months may also become a part of your lending equation. If you have multiple properties, you will also likely have to have a separate reserve for each one of them.

• Keeping away from big banks

If you want to have a down payment that is not as big as it might be under extenuating circumstances, then you will have to consider going to a local bank for financing, rather than the large behemoths of financing out there. They will allow for more flexibility, plus you may have the local market on your side for local investing. Mortgage brokers will also be a decent option if you want to have a wider access to more than a few loan products. Do some much needed research before embarking on that task. You will need a veteran on the market if you want to get the best possible outcome from your work.

• Owner financing

Requesting owner financing often used to make sellers suspicious of their potential clients, but mostly because once almost anyone could get a bank loan. Nowadays they are more accepting to it all due to to credit crunch and greater number of sellers, but you should still have a good plan ahead of you. You have to be certain about the amount of money you want to deal with and you need to be able to sell your idea to the seller to have any success in the end.
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Buying a House: An Irreconcilable Difference?

My fiancé and I decided to get married after almost a year of being together. We were both adults at age 32, and in fact he proposed on my 32nd birthday, just a month after he celebrated his. We both have stable jobs: I’m an obstetrician and gynecologist specialist at one of Sydney’s leading hospitals having graduated from the ANU Medical School while he has a degree in computer engineering and is a computer and technology professional at one of the multinational companies based in the city. His parents like me while my parents dot on him. The most important reason for the decision to marry was because we were in love, only to realize that love was not enough to reconcile all the differences.
Buying a House: An Irreconcilable Difference?

The storm in the tea pot started brewing when we were deciding where to live after the wedding. I wanted to buy a house in the suburb while he insisted on buying an apartment in the city. You see, he was a dedicated apartment dweller for almost half of his life. Of course, he has moved up from a one-room studio apartment he shared with a friend immediately after leaving the university to an elegant 1-bedroom unit in one of the city’s new developments, but he is still renting. I, on the other hand, have always lived all my life in the beautiful 4-bedroom house of my parents at the historic town of Camden, except when I had to live on-campus while in the university, which I hated.

In the months that we were together, I have stayed in his apartment plenty of times, but apartment dwelling never appealed to me. I have always dreamt that when I have a family of my own, I too will have a lovely house with a beautiful garden for a front yard and a well-manicured lawn at the back just like my parent’s house. He tried convincing me to go with his idea by listing all the advantages of apartment living in the heart of the city such as the freedom from worry about repairs & maintenance,  since he said he is no use as a handyman inside the house; the convenience of being walking distance from all the restos, bars and art &entertainment centers that we both love; and the lack of the need for a commute. I stuck to my guns, and insisted that buying a house is a good investment that we can afford with all the amenities for a growing family. You see, we were in accord about having children, two at the most.

The raging battle was happening at the same time that we were planning the wedding – a beach wedding, the entourage, the guest list, and all the nitty-gritty details that go into planning a nuptial. Everything came to a head when he adamantly refused to accompany me to view some properties for sale listed by an agent friend. That was when I questioned my decision to marry this bull-headed guy who is so heartless to deprive me of my dream house.

Fast forward, four years after. I am now 6 months pregnant with my first baby, living in a beautiful house in Lane Cove which is an easy drive to the CBD, and with the same bull-headed guy. So, did he give in? Yes and no. Actually, after realizing that our love was big enough to surmount the differences, we decided on a compromise. After the wedding, we lived in his apartment while looking for a house that serves both our purposes. We bought this house two years ago and he loves it as much as I do. He even designed the landscaping, worked on the pathway leading to the pool from the lanai at the backyard himself, and is as crazy about gardening as I am.

October 1, 2014

New Delhi: The growing property market offers various investment options

Investing in properties in Delhi is a wise option as one can gain promising returns on their investment.  Being the capital of India, this city has maximum appreciation in property prices. Within a few years the price has appreciated drastically, up to 5 times from its existing rates.

Home buyers look at Delhi as their final property investment destination, as Delhi Development Authority (DDA) keeps on launching affordable properties in Delhi for sale in the city, which offers a good  accommodation for people who cannot afford pricey apartments.

property market offers

Reasons why one should look for properties in Delhi for sale:

•    The first thing is the connectivity, after the metro rail, commuting within the city has become so easy and comfortable
•    It has the best education institutions in India that too, they can be found in the residential area, which becomes easier for students to commute and even people like to find properties in Delhi for sale near such institutions. Even good health care institutions have cropped up in Delhi.
•    Today, Delhi is considered as a global market, as there is a tremendous growth in IT and ITES sector and job opportunities have made many people to migrate to this city and hence the demand for Delhi Property for sale.
•    There are people who look for a farmhouse in Delhi and want to invest in it. Owning a farmhouse in Delhi has become a status symbol and for many people it’s like a second investment, which again gives rise to the increased demand for properties for Delhi for sale.

Taking into account all these factors, it’s good to invest in Delhi property for sale. Home buying has become easy as numerous financial institutions are offering home loan. There are a lot of options available when it comes to investment in properties for Delhi in sale, such as, flats and apartments, plots, lands, individual houses; commercial spaces all are in demand.

In the end it can be said that the Delhi real estate market has come a long, due to government initiatives like infrastructure development, metro rail and most importantly relaxation in foreign direct investment policies.