October 15, 2014

Expat Guide: Thinking of Bangalore? Here’s What Facts Say

Now why Bangalore? The question might be playing with your mind and thoughts; well, the answer lies. An Expat Explorer survey done by HSBC in the last quarter of 2013 revealed that amongst Indian cities, Bangalore and Kolkata are the most preferred cities of India.

As an expat, you must be puzzled about choosing a city for work and stay. There are a good number of cities in India that are developed and claim to be expat-friendly. However, there are few who actually qualify upon all the criteria and Bangalore is one of them. In addition to the worthy fact, there has been quite a lot buzz about the city in the town as well. Let’s make you acquainted with facts that will push Bangalore at the top rank in your wish list.

  1. Surveys’ Support
There are a number of surveys that proves the fact that Bangalore is one of the decently ranked cities for work and planning a settled life. Here are few findings

  •  2014 Cost of Living Survey by Mercer says that Bangalore is one of the affordable cities in India alongwith Kolkata. The affordability accounts to a diverse population here that yields approachable housing options and a manageable cost of living here.
  • One more nationally acclaimed survey, Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems (ASICS), which is conducted by the Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, says that Bangalore has an average yet appreciable score here. This makes it one of the choicest cities for work and life in an expat’s wish list.
     2.   Business Hubs

If you are a business man or someone who is planning to make an entrepreneurial entry here in Bangalore, you are definitely at the right place. A comprehensive report by World Bank Group says that, Bangalore or Bengaluru is at the rank 2nd in the list of cities where doing business or starting a business is easier and effective. Moreover, the report indicates that all the legal formalities takes about just 40 days and number of procedures involved are merely 13, which is lowest recorded .

      3.  Career Opportunities
Almost all the known IT companies have either branches or headquarters here in Bangalore. If you are planning to have a great tech-career then Bangalore can be the deal to nail down right now. Multi-national firms and some of biggest financial institutions have branches here and owing to foreign interests there are number of opportunities and professional projects here. So, if you are looking out for jobs in one of the most economically booming city, then go Bangalore!

      4. Accommodation Options For All
A news report says that people residing in Bangalore are choosing 1 BHK apartments over bigger ones. Moreover, the high migration rate and people dropping in for business visits here in good number has also given rise to the likes for serviced apartments. The rates are not much higher here as the populace is mixed here that has a varied budget accompanying them. The builders have stationed residential apartments, builder floors and villas that aptly cover a diverse accommodation need. So, if you are new and seeking to have a house on rent in Bangalore, then your worry ends as the city has it all.

    5.   Living Conditions
Bangalore is a happening place and the most highlighted aspect of the city is the youth here. The populace here is mixed and owing to a good number of professionals here, the youth here is ambitious as well as fun-loving. Another beautiful thing about the city is its weather; moderate and pleasant. After all, climate regulates one’s mood in many ways.

The Verdict
Bangalore is a place to be at the moment and whatever is your budget and living needs, the city has it all to satiate that. Moreover, a decently balanced cost of living here elevates and supports the decision of moving to this dynamic city.