October 24, 2014

The 4 Good Reasons To Hire Commercial Leasing Agents – Perth Properties

While your commercial property has been able to give you a decent income over the last several years, you’re thinking it may be time to move on. Move on to retirement or to a new life; wherever the next phase in your life is taking you, it is clear in your head that it no longer involves active participation in your commercial property.

But you don’t want to sell your commercial property, either. Whether it’s been with your family for decades or you feel it represents a kind of milestone in your life, you’ll still want ownership of the property. And this is where a commercial leasing agent comes in. Here are four good reasons to hire the best commercial leasing agents Perth has licensed.

1. You ensure qualified tenants to rent your property or spaces.

Unless your commercial property “sells itself,” by virtue of its prized location, then most of your work as the owner of the investment property may come from finding good tenants. Finding suitable tenants can be more challenging than you think; some form of marketing has to be involved to entice the right tenants and a thorough credit check is necessary to ensure financial capability.

Leasing agents have acquired the credentials and skills to find the best tenants to rent your commercial property. By hiring a commercial leasing agent, you save yourself the legwork and paperwork.

2. You get professional property management.

Leasing agents will also provide commercial property management. Perth commercial property owners, such as yourself, know that maintenance is a key aspect to keeping the value of any property.

Whether you own a shopping center or have an office building, you need to make sure that tenants’ issues regarding the upkeep of your place are addressed and resolved. And the right commercial leasing agent can offer up a full suite of services that focus on property management.

3. You don’t have to worry about payments not being collected.

A commercial leasing agent can also collect rent from your tenants. If rents have to be raised, the leasing agent will also handle enforcement as well as calculations.

 4. You will have more time for what you have always wanted to do.

From maintenance issues to late tenant payments, you could lose a lot of time when you’re managing your own commercial property. Leasing expertise from the right commercial real estate agents (Perth, particularly) can help you make time for more meaningful endeavors, like spending time away with your family or taking a month off in some remote island to recharge your mind and body.
About the author: Oliver Finney is an enthusiast of the real estate industry who loves to continuously learn and share knowledge as well about the vast and comprehensive world of the real estate business, off and online. He has first realized his passion for real estate at the age of 18 after attending an auction. He continues to share his knowledge through writing and considers this site as a helpful resource in doing so.