October 8, 2014

Types of Real Estate Buyers

In terms of investment characteristics and investment behavior we have differentiated four types of real estate buyers. Also we have made a brief feature review in order to recognize them easily. Here is our list of different property buyers:

Types of Real Estate Buyers


This type of property buyer is not a real professional really. Commoner are not in the best buying condition. The lower level of their buying capability is given by different factors such as: bad credit history, commoner buyers may not have enough funds to invest in real estate, ownership of other property that they don't want to say goodbye to, etc. The common looker may often tend to view different real estate but their buying power is not that trustworthy. Sometime they might review the same property over and over again in order to receive a better offer or to mislead the owners that they have serious interest in the real estate. The easiest way to recognize the common looker type of buyer is their “observing and looking” attitude which shows exactly how much you can rely on them.


That type of real estate buyer tend to be more investment-reliable than the common-looker. What you should bear in mind is that deal-seeker are hunting down fine bargains. Their interest in property is serious and they are absolutely capable of making investments but they are only willing to do that if they reach a sweet deal. The best way to spot a deal-seeker is to analyze their investment behavior. Seekers are always looking for a way to avoid the real estate agencies so they can dodge the extra commission. They will try to contact you directly with a possible offer of their own. The favourite pray of every deal-seeker is a lender in need who offers property in act of desperation. Although seekers tend to be more trustworthy than commoners, you should reach them carefully since you can never be sure if they are really going to invest.


Most steady-buyers have serious investment intentions. They are on the real estate market to buy property but they are not going to make risky moves. Usually steady-buyers have already planned an investment and they want to see a number of properties in order to choose what is best for them. To recognize that kind of buyer you should look for two significant features. The steady investor takes his time before making the final buying decision. Another thing that makes them easy to define is their agent. Steady-buyers tend to use the assistance of professionals for safety reasons and for competent advices and services. There is a high chance to meet such buyers if you also use the help of real estate agencies.


This is the kind of buyer you want to deal with. Instant buyers are capable and ready to make property investments. They could be either private family investors or a large scale companies with real estate interest. The thing that matters most is that don't have the time to wait and they need properties. This type of buyer could need new home or office due to a job loss, transfer or a market exchange in real estate. What you should know is that instant buyers have already researched the property value in terms of  price, condition and location, and they can't wait. You will recognize them by their proxy agents. Instant-buyers don't have the time to make real estate views and deals, that is why they tend to use the help of proxies. From all the above-listed types of buyer these are the most reliable in terms of real estate investments.

The article is a guest post by Deluxe Moving Out Cleaners