November 26, 2014

Townships in Ahmedabad

The emerging trend of townships in Ahmedabad

Townships are becoming a trend in Ahmedabad - and why not? Townships offer a safe and secure neighbourhood, a healthy environment, etc., away from the noise and dust of city life. Let us look at some of the townships in Ahmedabad.

Applewoods by the Sandesh Group is an integrated township at S.P. Ring Road, with 400 bungalows,  3500 apartment units of various sizes and configurations, and 1 million square feet of commercial space - all built over 128 acres. The project has facilities like tennis court, club house etc.

Townships in Ahmedabad

Godrej Garden City by Godrej Properties is off S.G. Highway and covers 250 acres with 2/3 BHK apartments and attractive amenities and facilities. Savvy Swaraaj by Savvy Infrastructure is a sports township off S.G. Highway, with 2/3 BHK residential apartments. Smile City by Ganesh Housing Group is a golf township at Godhavi, with villas, apartments, commercial space etc. built over 534 acres.

The leader of the township pack is Adani Realty’s Shantigram near S.G. Highway, which is also a Gujarat’s largest integrated township. The sheer size of the project is overwhelming – 600 acres! What is more impressive than the well-designed apartment buildings and opulent villas, is the effort that Adani Realty has put into making Shantigram an example of environment-friendly design – solar streetlights, rainwater harvesting, water recycling.

With 80% open area and 50,000 trees, Shantigram swells with green. With security around the clock, amenities and recreational facilities like an athletic field and golf course right at your doorstep, Shantigram is extremely sought after by many for a life that has modern comforts and conveniences in an environment of green bliss.

Townships do seem to be gathering increasing popularity day by day in Ahmedabad. People are seeing the benefits of living in a township where one can get the best of both worlds – luxury and peace.

November 24, 2014

Buy or sell your home at your ease now

Living in the ideal area of Edmonton and its surrounding is all that you want. But getting home there is not that easy, therefore, you have to take consultation of a real estate agent. It is important that the agent must be trustworthy and registered one, otherwise you can get into any trouble too.

If you are looking to purchase a home, then you should keep in mind that either your financial condition is appropriate and you are ready to move to the new area. These questions are needed to be answered rightly so that you could discuss everything in detail with your real estate agent.

Buy or sell your home at your ease now
Purchase as much as you can afford

Before purchasing any home in Edmonton, you have to check out your pocket first. You have to pay the mortgage and it must be reasonable that your budget should not get out of control. Plan your affordability range and then visit Edmontonrealestatehome

What should be the size of your house?

You should have this idea that how big you want your house to be. If it will be a big house, then do not forget that you have to pay for the garden, garbage, and other sections too. Then, you have to look into the neighbor as well. It is vital to understand that big homes need more focus and one must be ready for that.

Once you have make the decision then get the services of any reliable estate agent. Getting the services of professional and licensed real estate agent can solve many problems for you. Go for the real estate agent, who will make some efforts to find the ideal home for you. Keep in mind that it is not easy to get home in Edmonton so, you need to hire an agent, who will do regular check on homes for sale in Edmonton Alberta.

Calculate your mortgage

Before entering into the mortgage, it is required to calculate the amount with the help of mortgage calculator. You can calculate that how do you have to pay monthly and what will be the down payment.

However, if you are seller, then you also need to be with the right agent. The agent will design a whole plan for you by offering the following facilitation:

Posting your house ads on internet

The agent will put your house advertisement in homes for sale in Edmonton Alberta, from where your offer will easily be seen by the potential buyers. Keep in mind that more than 80% of buyers check the internet for the home buying before approaching the physical site.

Will get the right offer

Your real estate agent will make efforts to get the right price against your property sale. He will do the market analysis and will drive your property to the competitive sales value.

Will offer you the best deal

Last but not the least, the agent will charge and negotiate your house on very reasonable cost. He will list your property in homes for sale in Edmonton Alberta without charging you anything extra.

Developments in East Bangalore Beckoning Builders and End Users Alike

The ever-changing demographics of Bangalore have highly influenced the overall real estate market of Bangalore. The following post explores the real estate market of Bangalore with special reference to East Bangalore. 

Developments in East Bangalore
Bangalore’s property market has become extremely popular over the past few years. If a luxury apartment would come at a price of INR 1 crore three years back, today the price is almost double. So it goes without saying that Bangalore is a safe option for real estate investments. The city’s property market has recorded a huge appreciation in the true sense of the term. Clubbed with this, the government’s initiative to further boost the development of the city has attributed largely to the growth of the overall property market of Bangalore. 

East Bangalore—a region quite prominent in the map, however, appeared a little late in the real property market of Bangalore. Bangalore east is a comparatively developing zone, and comprises localities like Sarjapur Road, Whitefield, Ramamurthy, Horamavu, HSR Layout, KR Puram and CB Raman Nagar. These potential micro-markets have witnessed a lot of development in the recent past.

New Launches in East Bangalore

Several new residential launches are adorning the skyline of East Bangalore. Among them Trifecta Esplanade at Whitefield is definitely worth mentioning. Developed by Trifecta Projects, Trifecta Esplanade is a promising new residential project that is all set to redefine the skyline of east Bangalore. Offering 3BHK apartments, Trifecta Esplanade makes for grand lifestyle living. Amenities that one can find within Trifecta Esplanade include 
  1. Clubhouse with all facilities
  2. Fully-equipped Gymnasium
  3. Power Back up/Car Parking/ Lifts
  4. Swimming Pool
What Makes Bangalore East a Top Destination?

Direct positive impact of infrastructure on real estate has long been proven. The same is applicable for Bangalore East. Bangalore East has developed into a robust region boasting of a good mix of residential, commercial and retail real estate. 

Developments in East Bangalore
The real estate of the region is developing with a rapid pace and all the neighbourhoods of East Bangalore now stand pretty well-connected with the rest of the city. Outer Ring Road, Old Madras Road and the Namma Metro line developing has reshaped the real estate sector of East Bangalore to a great extent. 

Moreover, as the economy expanded, Bangalore’s transformation was also extremely evident. In the recent past East Bangalore has witnessed the development of the following structures: 

  •   Bangalore Namma Metro Phase I
  •   The Madivala Electronics City Flyover
  •   Outer Ring Road (ORR) that connects Whitefield and Electronics City

Another major factor for the growth of the real property market is the IT/ITeS sector. The IT sector has been driving the overall property market of Bangalore to a great extent. Eastern Bangalore is no exception. Whitefield is a prominent IT hub of the city, again located in East Bangalore. Therefore, on a final note, it can be said that east Bangalore makes for an excellent destination for real estate investment.  

November 21, 2014

Lismore Property Experts Provide Some Facts About Home Loan

It is indeed a great idea for you to buy the home you have always wanted to live at. However, this is not an easy task. There are many considerations that you have to bear in your mind. First, of course, is your financial capability. You must determine if you have sufficient finances to pay the required down payment for the property that will suit your needs. Due to the many considerations associate with property investing, most individuals just choose to rent rather than to buy the property they want.
Provide Some Facts About Home Loan

It will certainly take guts for you to go through a major investment like purchasing a property. Be reminded that this is a very crucial milestone. And though there are risks involved, be reminded that these can be mitigated when you are well-informed about the entire process and guided through it. Indeed, property investing is very exciting; however, it can be very overwhelming as well. With that said, you have to be educated properly about the intricacies of a home loan. Lismore property investors can expect to deal with lots of paperwork, legal procedures, decision-making and money.

When you are ready to take out a loan, you must know that there are financial professionals who can help you out. They can explain to you the ins and outs of doing so. Also, these experts can readily match a buyer with a loan the will best suit his or her needs. Most importantly, they will help him or her with all the paperwork that is involved. They will educate you on first home owners, owners grant, offer you various ways on how they can help you through the acquisition process and promptly answer your inquiries.

Some FAQs Of First Time Homebuyers

o    How many years will the lender allow me to pay off my loan?
o    Am I eligible for the first home owners grant?
o    When the property I am interested in is worth this much, how much must be my income?
o    When this is my income, how much with the financial institution or perhaps bank let me borrow?
o    If I will put this much deposits, what will be my monthly repayments?
o    It is always a great idea to opt for banks that have the lowest interest rate?

Most property experts highly emphasized that if you have such questions, you have to consult a financial expert as soon as possible. In terms of home loan, you can spare yourself the need for you own research and just trust those with expert knowledge as well as reliable service of the right finance expert.

Cleaning Tips before a Move

Moving out of an old home can be a difficulty in some cases, but if you live in a rental property or you happen to want to sell your old home, then you will need to make sure it happens to be in shining condition. One of the first things you’d want to do is to remove all nails you may have nailed into the walls for hanging decorations and other similar cases, as well as removing scuff marks and other imperfections that happened due to habitation. Kitchens will likely need more work than the rest of the rooms, so make sure you work on them with greater diligence. They will see a whole lot more biological waste than other areas, so you will need to make sure they are flawless. Begin your work with the following few tasks:

Cleaning Tips before a Move

Cleaning your kitchen sink is an important task, as it will allow you to remove any bacteria living in the food scraps for any future tenants. Work on cleaning these bits and sanitize it as best as possible to keep it perfect and good for the big day before moving out.

• Up next will be the refrigerator, so focus on removing the drawers and the shelves and wash them by hand with water and soap. Once you’re done with that you should work on sanitizing them as well. You can do so with a mix of water and bleach, wiping the whole fridge and freezer down once you’re done with the rest.

• The oven needs to be cleaned as well, as it will probably require the most care of all. You can use oven cleaner to deal with it, but remember to wear good gloves and goggles, as the chemicals within will be quite harsh.

• Cabinets will also need to be cleaned with multi-purpose cleaner, as they will have to be fresh and ready after the move. Sometimes the moisture of cooking may create perfect conditions for mold growth, so you will need to make sure you eliminate it before moving on with your life to your new home.

• Light fixtures will need to be cleaned as well, as they tend to have a lot of dust on them after years of habitation in the same place.

• The floors around the home will remain for last most likely, so remember to pull any remaining furniture and appliances out of the way to reach the harder locations. If you happen to be a cat owner, chances are it may have hoarded items under them without you ever finding out, so make sure you look everywhere, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning to perfection.

• The last place that needs extra attention is the bathroom, so make sure you use either vinegar or a specific cleaner to break down the caulk everywhere. This will make the place shine and look almost as new. Avoid using heavy chemicals for cleaning, as most bathrooms will be too enclosed and under no circumstances should you mix cleaners together to deal with hard spots, as this may be dangerous.

November 17, 2014

How to fix a budget before renting a flat

budget before renting a flatWhen looking for a place to rent, planning your monthly budget can be very difficult. Striking a balance between monthly expenses and savings is a big task for some people. One must find a balance in saving and spending while renting a flat. Usually, renting a flat involves brokers, but there are helps people finding broker-free flats for rent in Bangalore.

Here are a few tips to balance the saving and spending quotient.

Make a list of must-haves

Make a priority list for all the things you need in your flat. In fact, pen down all the needs. Do you want a spacious flat or a cozy one? How much area do you need? What are your priorities?
Spacious living rooms can be aesthetically pleasing, but not always pocket-friendly. Apartment size is a major factor in deciding the price. Families need more space than bachelors. Even though a rental isn’t a permanent option for living, it should be spacious enough to accommodate your folks.

Consider the transit time

Location is an essential consideration when hunting for a flat to rent. Choosing a flat close to your workplace can save you a lot of bucks in travelling which you can ultimately use in renting a better place. The far you live, the more you have to pay for the travel expenses. If you can't afford to live near office, look for flat in a place that has direct connectivity to your workplace. Always choose a place that has direct connectivity to your workplace and other main areas.

Access to lifestyle needs

Sometimes the flat is in very good condition and it is available at a reasonable price. Such flats usually create doubts in the mind of the renter. The doubts can be confirmed by checking a few things. Asking neighbours always help, they usually have a good idea of the neighbourhood. Sometimes the low cost is due to some major issues in the neighbourhood. Always look around the neighbourhood for access to lifestyle needs, it will give you an idea of the lifestyle of the neighbourhood. Gyms, clubs, markets, public transport, these are important things to check before renting a flat.

Amenities and other house related expenses

More often than not, people get carried away with the amenities provided by the house owner. One one hand, amenities add to the luxury of living. On the other hand, they also add a hefty amount on the total rent. If the owner is not providing enough amenities in your desired rent then you can always negotiate the rent. Amenities can be taken care of later when you are done with finalizing the flat. Always look for needful amenities before luxurious ones as needs are more important than luxury.

Allocate for investments in the neighbourhood

Most if not all the renters, eventually plan to buy the property. This is mostly in the cases families. Families do not like relocating in every few months, they look for places they can stay in for a long time. When looking for a flat to rent, always consider the buying factor. Ask yourself if, in the future, you see yourself buying this property. If the place is worth investing the money, then it surely a good place for renting as well.

Real Estate Scams

Ahmedabad – the former capital of the western Indian state of Gujarat and the ‘Manchester of India' is one amongst the many new-era cities. This city has the vibrancy of creating spirited life, redefining the city life. It has featured in Forbes Magazine's list of The World's Fastest-Growing Cities, which is destined to prosper and grow-up during the present era of urbanization. With the rising hub of education, IT, and scientific institutions and industries, Ahmadabad presides as the cultural and business heart of Gujarat.

The city has smart architectural expansion and delivers advanced quality of life, compared to other cities. People, particularly the foreign investors, contemplate Ahmedabad as a peaceful town and wish to make their presence, by investing in properties. Several nuclear and young builders are bringing artistic ideas for the extension of the realty sector in Ahmedabad, particularly the budgeted 2BHK housing class. The versatile FDI policies of the govt. conjointly contribute towards a rise in overall investment in this explicit sector. It is proved that, Real Estate in India is touching new heights every day.

Owing to this incredible growth potential, the real estate state affairs are extremely spectacular in Ahmadabad, particularly in case of budgeted properties like 2BHK flats. With the booming economy, leading consulting firms of Asian countries have started operating in this progressive town to fulfill the ever-changing desires of the monetary, legal, public and personal sectors. With their in-depth information, they supply effective steerage for investments in conjunction with additional services like correct marketing research, surveys and sales stats. After all, Ahmedabad city is the best platform for real estate/builders.  Alas, few greedy builders have corrupted this sector in Ahmedabad as evident from various reports appearing in newspapers regularly. Many cases are filed against them, because of such scams.

Recently, the owner of the Shukan Building Group was arrested in multi-core cheating case. They cheated investors in building schemes also took loans from bank for building flats and sold it to customers without paying off the bank loan debts. From the sources, it was clear that the builders took a vast amount of money from the market for various construction projects, but could not pay it back in time though the building group had received payments from the investors. 
Apart from this, still there are many prestigious real estate companies in India, who had maintained the repo of real estate industry. Yet, the conception in definite terms offers a comfort level to the investors, however at a similar time, the investor must be terribly careful whereas investing and may keep the subsequent cautions in mind:

Ensure the Facts Before Investing:

About the Builder:

1)    Builder ought to have a smart track record.
2)    The property offered must have all requisite sanctions, License and permissions from the competent authorities.
3)    The property must be free from all reasonable claims, mortgages and encumbrance.
4)    The building during which property is obtainable has all the specified completion & occupation certificates.
5)    If needed, accurate search report ought to be obtained from an expert.

About the Individual Seller:

Besides, afore mentioned points just in case of a personal seller the subsequent points should be considered:

1)    That property isn't beneath any family disputes.
2)    That there might not be any Third-Party claim.

3)    That there might not be any Silent Agreement.

4)    That the vendor/seller within the past has not accomplished any POA (Power of attorney).

5)    That’s just in case of POA dealings the first owner must be alive.

As stated above, please make sure that, the dealing must be performed through reliable/reputed brokers and with the consent of legal consultants.

How Can Mortgage Brokers Help You In Your Home Buying Journey?

 Your Home Buying Journey
Owning a home is one of the major goals that people across the globe aim for. Renting an apartment or a house may indeed be beneficial during a person's early adult years — after all, you may still be in the process of exploring different career opportunities, getting a taste of life in various locations, and experiencing all kinds of hobbies, fitness regimens, travel adventures, and relationships, so the flexibility of renting suits your lifestyle just fine. But as the years pass, your career goals become more focused and when you start building your own little family, the idea of having a property to call your own looks more and more appealing - until acquiring it becomes the only logical next step in your life.

But even if you've been religiously saving money ever since you started working, it’s unlikely that you would’ve be able to accumulate enough to buy  your dream property outright – especially given prices in some capitals like Sydney and Melbourne. Generally, you will need to take out a loan to be able to pay for the house that you've chosen as your permanent residence. And this is where mortgage brokers can use their expertise to assist you in meeting your home buying objectives.

What is a mortgage broker, exactly?

A mortgage broker is an intermediary - someone who acts as a middleman between borrowers and lenders while helping a home buyer get a home loan. A broker does not represent any single lending institution; instead, he works with a number of lenders as an independent agent. The broker will evaluate a home buyer's specific needs and financial or credit situation, and will match that with the lender that offers the best loan arrangement. 

Mortgage brokers are not to be confused with mortgage bankers or mortgage originators; the latter are direct lenders — the people who work for the banks, credit unions and direct financial institutions. More importantly, bankers can only sell and process the loans and mortgages originated by the institution that employs them – causing an obvious self-interest agenda.

What do mortgage brokers do?

There are a number of steps that mortgage brokers can take to help you secure the best loan for the property you set your heart on.

The first step is to assess and evaluate your home loan needs — naturally, each client will have unique specifications and purposes, so the broker will need to get a clear picture of what your particular circumstances are.

From here, the next step is to calculate how much you are eligible to borrow. Knowing this figure will help you determine the price range that you can safely aim for.

The third step is where a broker's work with several lenders comes into play; he will make comparisons between these lenders to narrow down the list of home loan products that can help you meet your goal. The broker provides advice on the best options you can choose from in terms of the repayment frequency, credit card facilities, account fees and finally, interest rates.

Once you, the borrower, decide on your preferred loan, the broker will take care of all the paperwork and processes necessary to secure the home loan from the selected lender. This includes getting a pre-approval up to making sure that all the accounts are set up correctly after settlement of the property.

Keep in mind that the services of a mortgage broker need not be paid by the home buyer, since brokers are paid by the lenders. What you get, then, is expert industry advice and assistance from brokers who are well-versed in property loans and who are in the best position to help you get that much-coveted loan — so you can take a step closer to your dream of home ownership.

Great Tips for Before You Move Into Your New Home

Moving into a new home is always stressful, and if you do not prepare in advance, it can even be a catastrophic experience. However, if you make a few preparations then you will be able to move without any issues. Moreover, it is better to plan things out ahead so that you do not have to worry about forgetting something.

Remember that are moving into a new house and that everything will be different and that you cannot hope to put everything back as it was in your old home; on one hand this means that you will have to get adapted, but on the other hand this means that you will have a chance to try out new and exciting things.
 Great Tips for Before You Move Into Your New Home

Changing the locks

Before you move into your new home it is important that you immediately call a locksmith and have the locks changed, as you do not want the previous owners to come back and to have a look when you are not home. Moreover, if you have a landlord, it is important that you give the owner of the house a set of keys too; but only if they agreed to changing the locks.

Change the billing address

As silly as it may sounds, you will have to change your address with the post office too, so that you will get your mail and bills at your new address. This means that you will have to transfer utilities to your new address and name. Furthermore, it will be important that you renew the contracts with your Internet service provider so that you will have Internet in your new home.

Prepare boxes
 Move Into Your New Home

You will probably have a lot of things to move, and it will be important that you first sift through what you will need and what you could leave behind, but once you have that sorted out; it is time to start packing into the boxes you prepared. Remember to label everything, so that you will know what goes into which room exactly.
If you are able, you can pack boxes on your own, but if you need help, perhaps it is time to call a reputable moving service that will gladly help you move your stuff over to your new home.


If it is possible, try to arrange that you have some time before moving in everything so that you will be able to paint the walls and breathing some life into your new home. Remember that some things are better to be done without anyone annoying you and without any furniture in the way.


While you are repainting your new home, it is important that you clean out everything too. This way you can also inspect if anything needs repairs and that you will not have any issues in the near future. If you get really busy, and if you have some old furniture that you need to get rid of, or if there is a lot of garbage and debris, it is perhaps better to call a junk removal service that will be able to take all the debris away.

If there are any rugs or carpets, this is also a good time to have them thoroughly cleaned and prepared for your new home. Deep cleaning hardwood and other types of floors is also essential as you will want a fresh new house to move into.

Before moving into your new home:

It is essential that you make a list so that you can follow what needs to be done and not to get lost in the chaos and boxes that need to be unpacked. Furthermore, you will need to be thorough not just when packing up, but also with cleaning and when packing out; after all you do not want a mess and clutter in your new home. Make sure that you label all the boxes so that you will know what goes where and that you avoid creating chaos.

Remember to check up on moving services before you hire them so that you do not get your stuff moved to a completely different location and left without furniture and other items you will need for your home.

November 12, 2014

Delhi – Invest in property and get good returns

Delhi, the capital city of India is the second largest city of India and is considered as the eighth largest metropolis in the world based on the population section. The population growth of this city is attributed to the migration of people from across India for job opportunities and hence this city has always been on demand for property in Delhi for sale. Owning to the migration from different cities, this city has become the cultural, political and commercial hub of India.

Invest in property and get good returns

Finding a flat or an apartment in Delhi is like searching for a pearl in the sea. Though you can easy find a house in Delhi-NCR and in outskirts, but it is very difficult to search for a new property in Proper Delhi. Most of the people who look for property are those who are wanting to make an investment, it may be a 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK, or even a resale property, it can be either for a long term investment or a short term investment, whatever it is, the investment will definitely reap results.

People who are not able to get a Delhi flat for sale, they generally shift their focus to NCR cities. Here, they tend to get several options to invest and good deals from the developers.
In the last few years, Delhi has witnessed drastic changes; the development of metro has given boost o infrastructure development and has made travelling from one place to another an easy task. This whole transformation has led to high demand for residential properties.

Today, the developers and builders are looking at this demand as a challenge and are designing projects that are unique and innovate. All the projects that are constructed are mostly 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK as demand for them is more. Most of these apartments offer amenities like gym, theaters, swimming pools, fitness centre, community hall, and kids play area to boast about.  Some of the areas that are famous among investors and home buyers are Rohini, South extension, Greater Kailash, and Karol Bagh.

One has a wide range of choice with apartment, flats; you can also choose villas, penthouses, duplex apartments. Row houses, and if you are a bachelor or a couple you can even opt for studio apartment.

Some of the projects in Delhi are:

•    Uppal Metro Park at Dwarka
•    Umang Water Hills in Dwarka Mor
•    Regalia in Dwarka
•    Parsvnath La Tropicana Villa in Civil Lines
•    Opus Danat A Pearl in Hapur Highway

Price trends:

The property rates in Delhi vary based on the location. In places like commonwealth Games village the rate is sky rocketing, it’s around Rs. 21,000 per square feet. In Dwarka Sector, the prices are somewhere between Rs. 8000 to Rs. 10,000. Uttam Nagar is the cheapest, as the price per square feet is Rs. 4,800.

November 11, 2014

Residential Real Estate in Ahmedabad

Trends in the residential real estate sector of Ahmedabad

In this age of real estate prosperity, let us look at the residential real estate sector of Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad is transforming by leaps and bounds with new projects, malls, flyovers etc. changing the face of the city. Private players like Adani Realty are those who are dominating the market, which is also fuelled by an enthusiastic investor base.

Shortage of land in central Ahmedabad has doubled property prices in this locality over the years, with the most sought after properties being the ones on C.G. Road. C.G. Road is a preferred residential destination as it is the heart of the city, with a good proportion of commercial and retail zones. Shahibaug in the eastern side is the preferred residential locality of upper and upper middle class groups.

Residential Real Estate in Ahmedabad

Developments along the Sabarmati and many new residential projects have contributed to boost property values in residential areas of North Ahmedabad like Sabarmati and New Wadaj. Gandhinagar’s developing IT and commercial sectors have led to boosted property values in areas of North Ahmedabad like Chandkheda and Motera. Shortage of land coupled with proximity to the Ahmedabad-Vadodara Highway has led to increased property values in South Ahmedabad. S.G. Highway is witnessing a boom with many new residential and commercial projects.

A trend that seems to be catching on is the popularity of townships. Many large townships have come up in Ahmedabad, like Godrej Garden City by Godrej Properties, Applewoods by the Sandesh Group etc. Especially notable among these is Shantigram by Adani Realty. Spread over 600 acres, Shantigram is Gujarat’s largest integrated township, which not only comes with the assurance of quality of a reputed name in real estate development like Adani Realty, but is also setting new standards in environmental friendly design, social responsibility etc.

Ahmedabad’s residential real estate sector is in a state of steady growth – with the partnership of the government with responsible and quality developers, things will only get much better.

How Property Clearance Services Can Benefit Landlords

When thinking about preparing a flat or home for new renters, then a landlord will have a great many considerations. Of all of the things which need to be thought about, even with the current tenants in the property, then clearance can be one of the best services out there. Regardless of all of the other considerations, having the right property clearance services means that you really can depend on the right company to deliver the very best and most often overlooked benefit for landlords.

Property Clearance Services Can Benefit Landlords
If you are the owner of a property, then it often falls on you to make sure that all of the appliances and similar items are in the best working condition. For those times when a new item is delivered as a replacement, then getting rid of the older items can be tough. Due to the heaviness and the awkward shape, getting rid of certain items can be very difficult for the enthusiastic amateur. If you are a landlord in this situation, then it can be hugely helpful to simply hire a house clearance company to make sure that this is handled in the best possible fashion. Doing this will mean that you will not need to worry about having yourself or the occupants do this and can make sure that it is carried out with aplomb.

When you are looking to make big changes to a property, making sure that you are getting the right home clearance services can often mean that you and the occupant need not worry about how to handle all of the materials which are left over. With so many things in the way after a bit of building work, then it can be tough to get everything back to normal. That’s where the experts come in, as they can make sure that everything is handled in the simplest and easiest manner. Rather than leaving building materials and such lying around the home, hiring the help of professional clearers can mean that everyone involved gets the home back to its very best in no time at all and with minimal worry.

When a tenant leaves a property, it can often be that there is a great deal of things which have been left behind. When you want to make sure that the home is ready for the next person, then all you need is to give the house clearance professionals a call and you can get anything you need removed, removed. It can be hard to predict how the home will be left, so making sure that you always know who to call when you need something cleared means that you can get the property ready for the new people in no time at all. It doesn’t matter what is left behind, having the right house clearance company on hand means that you are always able to get a property ready and clear, no matter what might have been left behind.

3 Ways Re-Roofing Your Home Can Actually Save You Money

Many homeowners are terrified of one word: re-roofing. Why? This process is typically associated with noise, inconvenience, and money out of your pocket. While it's true that re-roofing your home is no small expense, it doesn't have to be something you dread. Not only does a brand new roof protect your home from the elements - but it can actually save you money over time. Believe it or not, plenty of good can come from a new roof installation. These are 3 ways the re-roofing process can actually save you money.
Your Home Can Actually Save You Money

1) Re-Roofing Increases The Re-Sale Value Of Your Home

Have you been thinking about putting your home on the market? Then a new roof is certain to save you money over time. How does this happen? Having a newer rooftop on your home makes it more attractive to buyers. It also adds to the overall appearance of your space. This in turn increases the value...which means you can sell your house at a much higher price. That offsets the initial cost of the re-roofing process. Don't believe it? Consider the fact that one of the main factors homebuyers consider before buying is the condition of the roof. This makes it especially important to focus on replacement before you sell. While it may be frustrating to pour money into a home you plan to sell in the next couple of years, that money will come back to you and then some!

2) Re-Roofing Prevents Costly Repair Issues

Even if you don't have plans to sell your home any time soon, a re-roofing can still help you save money. Just think about all of the roofing repairs you have had to shell out for in the last couple of years. As your roof gets older and needs to replaced, smaller issues tend to crop up far more frequently. That means a couple hundred of dollars here, a thousand dollars there.... all for a roofing system that is already on the way out. After a certain point, roofing repairs become nothing more than a band-aid for the problem. Instead of investing money into your old roof, re-roofing is a solution that can keep your home safe and prevent those annoying repair costs.

3) Re-Roofing Uses New Materials That Can Last For Decades

Sometimes newer is better. This is certainly true when it comes to your roofing materials. Over the years, there have been major advances in the type of roofing materials and accessories on the market. From better durability to UV protection - a re-roofing project can better protect your home from the elements. That means fewer roofing calls and a roofing system that stands the test of time. Be sure to choose quality roofing shingles for your re-roofing project and choose a warranty with a long guarantee. Remember, your roof is as big of an investment as the rest of your home. By choosing materials that prevent water damage, leaks, and repair costs, you will be in the green!

Saving money is possible - even when it comes to re-roofing your home. A new roof may seem like the least likely way to save, but the re-sale value of your home, fewer repair costs, and better quality materials all lead to the same path: saving money. Stop putting off a new roofing system. Instead, start thinking about the ways you can save.

Joe Davis understands how re-roofing can save you money. He has experience bringing both residential and commercial roofing products to customers all over the country. In the last few years, he has been working successfully with IKO Shingles.

How to Furnish Your Own Home vs a Rental

Whether you want to furnish your own home or a rental, it is important to know what the boundaries are, especially when trying to decorate a rental home. There are many great ways to go about it; however, you will have to have permission from your landlord in order to furnish a rental home.
The goal in furnishing a home is to suit your lifestyle needs and to make the place more comfortable, but resist the urge to buy a lot of decorative items. After all you want a home that has a warm atmosphere and not to clutter up the rooms.

Furnish Your Own Home vs a Rental


Choosing the flooring or carpeting in your own home will mostly depend on what you enjoy more; you can opt for hardwood which has a nice rustic feel about it, and it will certainly make your home more warm and welcoming. On the other hand, if you opt for carpeting, be prepared to clean more, but it will make the floor warm and inviting.

In a rental it is important to have flooring which can endure heavy duty wear and tear, and it is advisable to upgrade flooring before renting the house out to someone. Moreover, if you want to upgrade flooring in a rental, it is important to come to an agreement with your landlord first and to make sure that the choice is right. Throwing in rugs and carpets will only add some color and charm to the room.


Undergoing window treatments means that you will want to have windows which will be around for a longer period of time, and you will of course want something of high quality and good durability. Moreover, curtains will be a personal choice which will reflect your lifestyle more and which will add charm and warmth to the rooms.

Own Home vs a Rental

On the other hand, window treatments are to be done by your landlord, and it should be done so that you as a renter do not have to deal with heat or cold problems. Curtains are once again a personal choice, but this time they should be meant for privacy and to add a little bit of color and expense to your rental home. Also, they should be easily packed if you need to move.


Upgrading furniture at home will mean that you will invest in quality and not just in quantity. Moreover, it is important to make the furniture comfortable and to make it match with the whole décor of the room. It will improve the overall atmosphere of your home, and it will bring some luxury into your home.

Rental furniture is usually made from recycled units and purchased in megastore units to save a little bit on money; which does not necessarily mean that it will be bad. However, you will need to invest a little into cushions, pillows and other similar items to make your rental home feel more welcoming.


Painting the walls in your own home will give you the opportunity to really refresh your home’s overall appeal before starting refurnish in general. Moreover, it will not cost you that much and you have the freedom to go with any color or pattern you see fit. Making the walls creative and unique will only add more warmth to your home.

Before repainting walls in a rental home, it is vital that you check with your landlord about any eventual restrictions, so that you do not do something you are not allowed to. Moreover, for rental homes it is better to hire painters as they will know exactly what to do, and so that you do not create a mess.

Home vs. rental

It is important to take into consideration what your landlord’s restrictions are before refurnishing a rental, moreover, it might be possible that the landlord will want you to put things and repaint walls back the way they were when you moved in; try to remember that when getting started with furnishing.

Furthermore, furnishing your own home is more of an investment then just redecorating and you will want that to last longer and to look nicer, so that you will have a warm and welcoming home.

November 6, 2014

Skyrocketing Property Value – Auckland Landscape Shifting As Housing Market Surges

Property value, Auckland property experts say, continues to rise because people are prepared to pay the price. This is considered a frightening scenario, and there have been efforts from the Reserve Bank to curb the rapid rise in value. Such a hike in value has not been observed since the 1970s, but it can all be put down to a general readjustment of prices — something that everybody will just have to get used to. The growth is actually expected to slow down in three years, but in the interim, many Aucklanders are choosing to flee to more affordable communities, making their home there while still commuting to the city for work.

Skyrocketing Property Value

Buying property in these volatile days is something that should be proceeded upon with caution. If you are inclined to purchase property in the city at this time, consult the Auckland Apartment Buyers Guide in order for you to learn as much as possible about the real estate market and the factors that influence it.

It is certainly helpful to be guided by professionals in terms of navigating the different options you have. Real estate agents, specifically apartment specialists, have insight on everything from the supply of new apartments and general rental appetite to properties tagged as requiring remedial maintenance. Through their input, you can find out what you can about the following matters:

•    Related developments – What are the different projects in the area and how will they impact the apartment complex in question?

•    Lease – What kind of leasehold land does an apartment come with (terminating, freehold, etc.?)

•    Culture – What kind of occupancy does a building have? Is it all studios or a mix of suite sizes? This can affect your investment result at the end of the day.

•    Association – With an apartment in Auckland, body corporate is an important consideration, so you need to find out about the rules, the annual fees, etc.

•    Furnishing – Which apartments are offered white ware and which ones come fully furnished?

•    Outgoing parameters – What is the cost of all outgoings, annual and periodic, and which elements (ground rent, body corporate fees, sinking fund, repairs, etc.) affect the value of an apartment?

The property market may be exhibiting a worrying scenario, but with the advice of a professional, you can still make a sound investment at this time. The important thing is to always keep your eye on the market movement so that you have full awareness of the odds at stake.

About the author: Oliver Finney is an enthusiast of the real estate industry who loves to continuously learn and share knowledge as well about the vast and comprehensive world of the real estate business, off and online. He visits sites like apartmentspecialist and reads related books to broaden her knowledge about the industry.

November 5, 2014

An Overview of Real Estate Companies in Mumbai

An Overview of Real Estate Companies in MumbaiLooking into the major players in Mumbai's real estate sector today?

Mumbai is not only India's financial capital, but also a world city. Therefore, there is a certain image that it must present to the world. The two sharers of a city are the government and real estate developers. While the government does the job of facilitating and providing basic infrastructure like roads, public transportation, electricity, water etc., it is real estate developers who are in charge of sculpting the "Face" of the city.

Shapoorji Pallonji Group is a name that Mumbai is very acquainted with. With a portfolio consisting of landmarks like the Bombay Stock Exchange building, Mumbai Central Station, Brabourne Stadium, Standard Chartered Bank and Reserve Bank of India Building, etc., this US $2.5 billion group is part of Mumbai's very heritage. Today the crowning jewel of their long list of historical achievements is the Imperial Towers - India's tallest structures.

Lodha Group is a company that has attracted great attention due to their project under construction, World One, in Upper Worli. This 117 storey super-tall structure will cost  20 billion to make, and will be the world's tallest residential tower when complete, which would be a great achievement for India. Besides World One, the group has more than 30 projects in and around Mumbai, and working on more than 35 million square feet of real estate.

Godrej Properties is a major player, working on 89.7 million square feet of real estate, across 12 cities of India. One of their major projects is Planet Godrej - a 51 storey residential tower, and one of the tallest structures in India. Oberoi Realty is another big player, having completed 32 projects over 4.979 million square feet of saleable area. The 85 storey Oasis Tower, which will be India's second tallest structure when complete, is a joint venture between Sahana and Oberoi Realty. Hiranandani Developers are famous for changing the face of Powai with Hiranandani Gardens, along with numerous other huge projects in and around Mumbai.

Another player of high repute is Adani Realty. Their featured real estate project in Mumbai is Western Heights - a 29 storey residential tower with luxury apartments, in Andheri (W) right next to Azad Nagar Metro Station. Adani Realty's operations extend beyond Mumbai, with Shantigram in Ahmedabad - Gujarat's largest integrated township. With such impressive projects in its portfolio, Adani Realty is slated to leave a solid imprint on Mumbai's real estate sector.

Working on 45 million square feet of real estate is Tata Housing Development Company. With 25 projects in and around Mumbai, is DB Realty. Bombay Realty is currently developing 700 acres in Mumbai owned by the Wadia Group. Other major real estate developers of Mumbai include K Raheja Constructions, Wadhwa Group, Runwal Group, Piramal Realty, Orbit Corporation, HDIL etc.

It is heartening to see developers committed to quality and excellence, being in charge of changing the skyline of Mumbai. With their vision and global standards, they are working hard to ensure that Mumbai's appearance lives up to its tag of "world city". And at the speed at which they are working, that goal will be reached very soon.

Ideal Exotica: Experience the best of modern living

With the changing times and the rise of the rupee, the outlook to life has also changed significantly. It can be seen in the electronics we possess, the cars we drive, but most importantly the home we live in.
In today’s world when it’s all about status and making an impression, it’s very important to have home décor that not only boasts of the latest trends but also suits the personality of home owners. People are becoming very aware of their homes being a reflection of themselves. Kolkata too, has caught the trend; so when searching for apartments for sale in Kolkata, people are well aware of their own tastes.This awareness has led to people looking for the best of homes. That is why many tend to choose upscale apartments like Ideal Exotica.

Experience the best of modern living

Modern furnishing is getting a new look. From the traditional, the popularity has bent towards a very stark, minimalized look with a dash of colour to break the monotony of polished starkness.
As far as colour and materials are concerned the trend has shifted from the differently patterned textures to neutral colours like creams and beiges, sans any texture. This gives the home a cleaner, more spacious look, making it more inviting for guests.

Though people are going for a sleeker, more minimalistic look overall, it helps to remember that just like our personalities, a room needs a touch of drama. A dash of contrast, not only adds colour to the room, it actually makes the sleeker décor look even more chic. So pairing up a cream colour couch with a bright pink pillow or a black throw rug helps to liven up the place, making it a central talking point.

Light too plays a vital role in setting the mood of a room. Though natural light is still the biggest preference, recessed light is gaining popularity as well. Differently shaped chrome and metal lamp stands are finding their way into more and more homes. It makes an interesting talking point.
With growing décor trends, the awareness towards global warming and the need to save the environment too, is growing. Coupled with that the need to turn to some relaxation in our busy lifestyle, has prompted people to try their hand at many hobbies. Some have turned to gardening in search of their green thumbs. With apartments like Ideal Exotica offering you your very own terrace garden, people are turning to such places because these are in tune to their smallest needs. Whether it’s creating your own garden, stretching out on yoga decks, de-stressing over a sport, swimming or working out, places like Ideal Exotica are catering to the growing lifestyle changes.

Finally, no modern home is complete without some modern installations or art. They help to put the final touches on homes, accessorising the place. But accessorising homes might possibly be the most difficult job- too much will overpower the room and too less will make it look empty. How you accessorise your home tells a lot about your own taste and at the end of the day, that is what we want our homes to reflect, don’t we?

Renting Your Real Estate To Students – The Pros And Cons

So you've decided to rent your property to students! Some people may think you're mad and others may think that you'll make a great return on your investment. Its true that renting to students can be risky but there are also reasons why renting to students is a great idea. Working out what kind of tenants you would like is always a big decision, so we've examined the pros and cons of renting to students to help you out!

Renting Your Real Estate To Students – The Pros And Cons

• There is great rental potential in filling your property with students. You can rent by the room and thus get more for your property than you would renting by the house. This will increase your bottom line considerably.

• You will be guaranteed tenants – there are often more students than there are rental properties, especially in university towns or near schools, so your property will never be empty for long.

• You don't need to finish your property to a high standard – doing so will add nothing to the return on your investment, and as long as everything is clean and fully functioning, your tenants will be happy with what they have. Putney tenancy cleaning company can help you with that.

• Parents will often be happy to co-sign a lease, which means the default rate on your property will be very low.

• You will also only need to deal with leases every 12 months or so because of the cycle of the school term. Students will be less likely to drop out before the 12 month period is over, so you'll experience less hassle in that department.


• You may only need to get the lease re-signed every year, but you will also often be getting this lease re-signed by a new bunch of students every year. This can mean you have to go through a lot of applications and screening at the beginning of every new school year.

• If a student drops out during the 12 month period, it can often be difficult to find another student to rent the room because the majority of them will be settled in their own places.

• Students aren't always the most careful of tenants – whilst this does depend on the students, it can't be denied that most of the time students are less responsible tenants than other tenants would be.

• As a result of the high turnover and the neglect caused by the students, your property will require more maintenance.

• Students have often never lived in a property without parents before, so will require more attention. You may get called out for the simplest of tasks, such as changing a lightbulb or fixing tripped breakers, so you need to make sure you can spare the time to spend on these things, or that you know someone who can help out when you can't.

Basically, if you're willing to get really involved with your tenants and your property, student rentals can be a great way of earning money. You can get more money renting per room than you can for the full house and you will have a bigger pool of tenants to choose from. This can be perfect as long as you have the time to sort out small problems and are willing to continue to maintain the property.

Real-Estate Developments in Indore

With the real estate developments being made in Indore, the property rates in the city are comparatively low. Therefore, for those willing to invest in a residential or in a commercial space in Indore, it’s indeed the most favorable time to capitalize and get high returns in future.
Indore, the heart of Madhya Pradesh is presently witnessing the escalating real estate scenario with more number of residential and commercial projects being introduced in the city. It is also the quickest developing tier-II cities of India.

Real-Estate Developments in Indore

Emerging quickly in terms of property trade, the city has become the most popular destination for quite a lot of property investors and developers due to the improvement of Information Technology industries.

Acknowledged for its heritage structures, Indore is also vastly popular among travelers. Rajwada, Lal Bagh Palace, Chattri Bagh are some of the most visited places in the city that attracts large number of tourists from in and across the country to visit the city.

Eying the continual increase in tourist gathering, Indore has good number of hotels and villas build through picturesque views, and feature advanced infrastructure, impeccable services and elegant rooms.   Each hotel is made in a manner that it looks apt for both the business and family travelers.
In addition to the current spaces, Real estate developers have drawn up vast number of projects for Indore and plan to invest about Rs. 7000 crore over the next five years in Madhya Pradesh on real estate and infrastructure projects.

Also, there are several leading IT corporations coming up with numerous new residential projects within the town.

Special measures are being taken to construct the commercial and residential projects in Indore. Some of the luxury villas in Indore are constructed with the blend of traditional and contemporary sophistication which discriminates it from other villas and hotels in the city.

LCD Television, Bathtub & Rain Shower, Tea & Coffee Facilities, Mini Refrigerator, Air-Conditioning, Pool Deck, Kitchen, Living & dining area, are some of the basic amenities provided in the villa.

Catering to the needs of each visitor, the upcoming commercial projects in Indore will certainly add to the growth of real estate sector in the city. Also, the property rates which are stable today are much likely to upsurge once the projects are completed and available for sale.

If you are among those planning to invest in any of the residential or commercial space in Indore, there are quite a lot of real estate companies coming up with new projects that include villas, township, hotels etc.

Lower cost of land, high returns, easy availability of labor, very suitable business environment are some of the element have made Indore one among the most preferred investment choices of India.

November 1, 2014

How to improve home value on a low budget

Just because it is time to remodel, especially if you want to sell your home and improving value is important it does not mean that you necessarily have to spend a lot of money on it. Remember that improving value does not mean investing a lot, but it means that your home should be well taken care of.
How to improve home value on a low budget

Moreover, most fixes in your home will require some handiwork and a creative mind, but it is possible to remodel in a way that it will not eat up your entire budget. And in most cases, most of the thing required to spice up your home; you can find lying around in your garage.

The kitchen

Some still believe that the kitchen is the heart of the house, and it will be one of the first rooms to be inspected. And if you want to just spruce up your kitchen, it is important to have an open mind and some tools handy.

In most cases, taps and cabinets are old and they will need replacing. The good news is that by using certain cleaning agents found at home you can revive old taps. Also, if you are handy with woodwork, you can create your very own custom-made cabinets.
Even kitchen appliances do not come as heavily priced as before, and having a few important ones around in the kitchen can mean the difference between a good one and a very spiffy looking one. Also, some appliances you can get very cheaply at garage sales and in very good condition too.

The bathroom

The bathroom is another room that is examined by everyone, whether they want to buy the house or not. Bathrooms are a personal note from the house owner, and unless maintained they will look disgusting and unappealing. Moreover, it is important to keep the tiles clean and intact because changing them is a real pain for you and for your wallet.

Simple investments like a new toilet seat or even a bathroom rug can be important and it can immediately make the room seem brighter and better looking. Re-applying grout is also a good idea, not only will it save you some money on future repairs, but it will also make sure that the flooring and walls underneath the tiles and the tub do not get damaged in any way.

The living room

Spicing up your living room is also essential to improving the overall value of your home. And in most cases just by adding a simple carpet you can really create a difference. Also, if you use a combination of carpets and rugs, you can create neat puzzles and interesting patterns for everyone in the family to enjoy. Also, repairing furniture can also add to the overall value of your home, and it costs less than to buy new furniture.

Add lighting

Fix lighting and even add new easy to install ones inside and outside your home. It will immediately boost the value of your home. It is important to stay up-to-date with modern lighting and to use energy saving light bulbs, as it will save you some money too. You can always find interesting chandeliers and light fixtures at garage sales, which are not expensive nor are they hard to install.
However, make sure that you follow the style of the rooms so that you do not mix too many light fixtures and that you do not create a faux pas.

Fix your doors

Repainting and tightening screws and knobs on your doors can cost almost nothing and all it will take is some elbow grease. However, the end results will make it so as if you bought new doors.
Curb appea Keeping your front and backyard is also important to raise home value. Adding a few plants and keeping the grass neatly cut does not cost much, but all it will take is a little bit of a green thumb and some hard work. Also keep the driveway and the walkway clean swept so that the entry to your home will look even more inviting and nicer. A clean and neatly kept frontyard drastically increases home value.