November 21, 2014

Cleaning Tips before a Move

Moving out of an old home can be a difficulty in some cases, but if you live in a rental property or you happen to want to sell your old home, then you will need to make sure it happens to be in shining condition. One of the first things you’d want to do is to remove all nails you may have nailed into the walls for hanging decorations and other similar cases, as well as removing scuff marks and other imperfections that happened due to habitation. Kitchens will likely need more work than the rest of the rooms, so make sure you work on them with greater diligence. They will see a whole lot more biological waste than other areas, so you will need to make sure they are flawless. Begin your work with the following few tasks:

Cleaning Tips before a Move

Cleaning your kitchen sink is an important task, as it will allow you to remove any bacteria living in the food scraps for any future tenants. Work on cleaning these bits and sanitize it as best as possible to keep it perfect and good for the big day before moving out.

• Up next will be the refrigerator, so focus on removing the drawers and the shelves and wash them by hand with water and soap. Once you’re done with that you should work on sanitizing them as well. You can do so with a mix of water and bleach, wiping the whole fridge and freezer down once you’re done with the rest.

• The oven needs to be cleaned as well, as it will probably require the most care of all. You can use oven cleaner to deal with it, but remember to wear good gloves and goggles, as the chemicals within will be quite harsh.

• Cabinets will also need to be cleaned with multi-purpose cleaner, as they will have to be fresh and ready after the move. Sometimes the moisture of cooking may create perfect conditions for mold growth, so you will need to make sure you eliminate it before moving on with your life to your new home.

• Light fixtures will need to be cleaned as well, as they tend to have a lot of dust on them after years of habitation in the same place.

• The floors around the home will remain for last most likely, so remember to pull any remaining furniture and appliances out of the way to reach the harder locations. If you happen to be a cat owner, chances are it may have hoarded items under them without you ever finding out, so make sure you look everywhere, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning to perfection.

• The last place that needs extra attention is the bathroom, so make sure you use either vinegar or a specific cleaner to break down the caulk everywhere. This will make the place shine and look almost as new. Avoid using heavy chemicals for cleaning, as most bathrooms will be too enclosed and under no circumstances should you mix cleaners together to deal with hard spots, as this may be dangerous.