November 5, 2014

Ideal Exotica: Experience the best of modern living

With the changing times and the rise of the rupee, the outlook to life has also changed significantly. It can be seen in the electronics we possess, the cars we drive, but most importantly the home we live in.
In today’s world when it’s all about status and making an impression, it’s very important to have home décor that not only boasts of the latest trends but also suits the personality of home owners. People are becoming very aware of their homes being a reflection of themselves. Kolkata too, has caught the trend; so when searching for apartments for sale in Kolkata, people are well aware of their own tastes.This awareness has led to people looking for the best of homes. That is why many tend to choose upscale apartments like Ideal Exotica.

Experience the best of modern living

Modern furnishing is getting a new look. From the traditional, the popularity has bent towards a very stark, minimalized look with a dash of colour to break the monotony of polished starkness.
As far as colour and materials are concerned the trend has shifted from the differently patterned textures to neutral colours like creams and beiges, sans any texture. This gives the home a cleaner, more spacious look, making it more inviting for guests.

Though people are going for a sleeker, more minimalistic look overall, it helps to remember that just like our personalities, a room needs a touch of drama. A dash of contrast, not only adds colour to the room, it actually makes the sleeker décor look even more chic. So pairing up a cream colour couch with a bright pink pillow or a black throw rug helps to liven up the place, making it a central talking point.

Light too plays a vital role in setting the mood of a room. Though natural light is still the biggest preference, recessed light is gaining popularity as well. Differently shaped chrome and metal lamp stands are finding their way into more and more homes. It makes an interesting talking point.
With growing décor trends, the awareness towards global warming and the need to save the environment too, is growing. Coupled with that the need to turn to some relaxation in our busy lifestyle, has prompted people to try their hand at many hobbies. Some have turned to gardening in search of their green thumbs. With apartments like Ideal Exotica offering you your very own terrace garden, people are turning to such places because these are in tune to their smallest needs. Whether it’s creating your own garden, stretching out on yoga decks, de-stressing over a sport, swimming or working out, places like Ideal Exotica are catering to the growing lifestyle changes.

Finally, no modern home is complete without some modern installations or art. They help to put the final touches on homes, accessorising the place. But accessorising homes might possibly be the most difficult job- too much will overpower the room and too less will make it look empty. How you accessorise your home tells a lot about your own taste and at the end of the day, that is what we want our homes to reflect, don’t we?