November 11, 2014

How to Furnish Your Own Home vs a Rental

Whether you want to furnish your own home or a rental, it is important to know what the boundaries are, especially when trying to decorate a rental home. There are many great ways to go about it; however, you will have to have permission from your landlord in order to furnish a rental home.
The goal in furnishing a home is to suit your lifestyle needs and to make the place more comfortable, but resist the urge to buy a lot of decorative items. After all you want a home that has a warm atmosphere and not to clutter up the rooms.

Furnish Your Own Home vs a Rental


Choosing the flooring or carpeting in your own home will mostly depend on what you enjoy more; you can opt for hardwood which has a nice rustic feel about it, and it will certainly make your home more warm and welcoming. On the other hand, if you opt for carpeting, be prepared to clean more, but it will make the floor warm and inviting.

In a rental it is important to have flooring which can endure heavy duty wear and tear, and it is advisable to upgrade flooring before renting the house out to someone. Moreover, if you want to upgrade flooring in a rental, it is important to come to an agreement with your landlord first and to make sure that the choice is right. Throwing in rugs and carpets will only add some color and charm to the room.


Undergoing window treatments means that you will want to have windows which will be around for a longer period of time, and you will of course want something of high quality and good durability. Moreover, curtains will be a personal choice which will reflect your lifestyle more and which will add charm and warmth to the rooms.

Own Home vs a Rental

On the other hand, window treatments are to be done by your landlord, and it should be done so that you as a renter do not have to deal with heat or cold problems. Curtains are once again a personal choice, but this time they should be meant for privacy and to add a little bit of color and expense to your rental home. Also, they should be easily packed if you need to move.


Upgrading furniture at home will mean that you will invest in quality and not just in quantity. Moreover, it is important to make the furniture comfortable and to make it match with the whole décor of the room. It will improve the overall atmosphere of your home, and it will bring some luxury into your home.

Rental furniture is usually made from recycled units and purchased in megastore units to save a little bit on money; which does not necessarily mean that it will be bad. However, you will need to invest a little into cushions, pillows and other similar items to make your rental home feel more welcoming.


Painting the walls in your own home will give you the opportunity to really refresh your home’s overall appeal before starting refurnish in general. Moreover, it will not cost you that much and you have the freedom to go with any color or pattern you see fit. Making the walls creative and unique will only add more warmth to your home.

Before repainting walls in a rental home, it is vital that you check with your landlord about any eventual restrictions, so that you do not do something you are not allowed to. Moreover, for rental homes it is better to hire painters as they will know exactly what to do, and so that you do not create a mess.

Home vs. rental

It is important to take into consideration what your landlord’s restrictions are before refurnishing a rental, moreover, it might be possible that the landlord will want you to put things and repaint walls back the way they were when you moved in; try to remember that when getting started with furnishing.

Furthermore, furnishing your own home is more of an investment then just redecorating and you will want that to last longer and to look nicer, so that you will have a warm and welcoming home.