November 1, 2014

How to improve home value on a low budget

Just because it is time to remodel, especially if you want to sell your home and improving value is important it does not mean that you necessarily have to spend a lot of money on it. Remember that improving value does not mean investing a lot, but it means that your home should be well taken care of.
How to improve home value on a low budget

Moreover, most fixes in your home will require some handiwork and a creative mind, but it is possible to remodel in a way that it will not eat up your entire budget. And in most cases, most of the thing required to spice up your home; you can find lying around in your garage.

The kitchen

Some still believe that the kitchen is the heart of the house, and it will be one of the first rooms to be inspected. And if you want to just spruce up your kitchen, it is important to have an open mind and some tools handy.

In most cases, taps and cabinets are old and they will need replacing. The good news is that by using certain cleaning agents found at home you can revive old taps. Also, if you are handy with woodwork, you can create your very own custom-made cabinets.
Even kitchen appliances do not come as heavily priced as before, and having a few important ones around in the kitchen can mean the difference between a good one and a very spiffy looking one. Also, some appliances you can get very cheaply at garage sales and in very good condition too.

The bathroom

The bathroom is another room that is examined by everyone, whether they want to buy the house or not. Bathrooms are a personal note from the house owner, and unless maintained they will look disgusting and unappealing. Moreover, it is important to keep the tiles clean and intact because changing them is a real pain for you and for your wallet.

Simple investments like a new toilet seat or even a bathroom rug can be important and it can immediately make the room seem brighter and better looking. Re-applying grout is also a good idea, not only will it save you some money on future repairs, but it will also make sure that the flooring and walls underneath the tiles and the tub do not get damaged in any way.

The living room

Spicing up your living room is also essential to improving the overall value of your home. And in most cases just by adding a simple carpet you can really create a difference. Also, if you use a combination of carpets and rugs, you can create neat puzzles and interesting patterns for everyone in the family to enjoy. Also, repairing furniture can also add to the overall value of your home, and it costs less than to buy new furniture.

Add lighting

Fix lighting and even add new easy to install ones inside and outside your home. It will immediately boost the value of your home. It is important to stay up-to-date with modern lighting and to use energy saving light bulbs, as it will save you some money too. You can always find interesting chandeliers and light fixtures at garage sales, which are not expensive nor are they hard to install.
However, make sure that you follow the style of the rooms so that you do not mix too many light fixtures and that you do not create a faux pas.

Fix your doors

Repainting and tightening screws and knobs on your doors can cost almost nothing and all it will take is some elbow grease. However, the end results will make it so as if you bought new doors.
Curb appea Keeping your front and backyard is also important to raise home value. Adding a few plants and keeping the grass neatly cut does not cost much, but all it will take is a little bit of a green thumb and some hard work. Also keep the driveway and the walkway clean swept so that the entry to your home will look even more inviting and nicer. A clean and neatly kept frontyard drastically increases home value.