December 26, 2014

Four Tips for Boomerangers and the Parents Who Harbour Them

‘Boomerangers,’ ‘failed fledglings,’ ‘go-nowhere generation’— these are just three of many pejoratives hurled at the growing demographic of adults who graduate from college, only to return to the nest. But insolence does little to nip the trend, which is fast becoming the rule rather than the exception.

According to a 2012 Pew survey, 29 percent or three in ten American adults aged 25-34 reported moving back to their parent’s homes. Sixty-one percent  claimed to have friends or relatives who did the same. In the UK, the number of adults aged 20-34 living with their parents has ballooned to 3 million.

With stratospheric student loan debts, rental fees, and unemployment rates, no one is really surprised.
Are you one of these children? Or are you a parent of these ‘failed launches’? Some ways to cope:

1.    Children: Pay rent to your ‘rents.
Even during your time in the nest, you should be striving to have a place of your own. To do that, you need to prove to landlords and property managers that you deserve that mortgage or can afford to pay the rent.

So pay rent to your parents. This creates a lease history that, for instance, lenders can look at when discerning whether to approve your loan or not. For best results, you should pay in checks. In any case, rental receipts will go a long way toward those 100 points of identification landlords so often require.

Parents: Don’t feel guilty charging rent. 

Behave like a real landlord. Don’t think twice about collecting rent from your lovely dovey offspring on the appointed day every month. Do it even if it’s Christmas. If you’re guilt-tripping, arrange to invest the funds and gift it back to your child once he or she is prepared to move out.

2.    Children: Don’t let mom and pop infantilise you.
No matter what we do, we will never grow up in the eyes of our parents. Try to act like an adult and don’t you ever let mommy dearest do your laundry. Take on chores and responsibilities as any grown up would. Show off your PC repair skills. Prepare the dinner. These are the least you can do if your finances are in such disarray that paying rent, whether to your parent or a landlord, is out of the question. If you can, pick up the tab at the grocery or foot the utility bills.

Parents: They’re not babies anymore.

When faced with a boomeranger, parents tend to revert to brooding-hen mode. That’s cute—until your children get used to treat you like a Downton Abbey maid. Resist the urge to clean up after your children. The same goes with pecuniary matters; try not to throw the life raft at the smallest sign of agitation. Take this stance with communication too: Listen to your child as you would want him or her to listen to you. Nevertheless, this is your property, and you are the arbiter of everything under the roof. You at least deserve to be known of your boarder’s whereabouts after midnight.

3.    Children: Don’t overstay your welcome.
Needless to say, your stay in your parent’s home should only be temporary. Use this time to actively fulfil a goal toward independence be it finding a new job, starting a business, repaying debt, or saving for a house.

Parents: Set a deadline.

Even as a parent, you are not obliged to be stuck in this situation forever. Arrange for a feasible date when your children are due for packing.

4.    Children: Save up.
Just because you are not paying rent, or at least in the real sense, does not mean you have absolute discretion with your income. Accept that you are not financially free to splurge beyond your means at the moment. Open a current account, separate from a savings account, for your living costs.
Parents: Keep up on your retirement fund.

Your children have all the time in the world to learn their lessons about money matters; you don’t. Religiously save for your retirement egg. This is as much for you as your children since you would not want to depend on them for money when you are put to pasture. Encourage your hatchlings to do the same; have them contribute to a retirement plan
Unless you want to channel Big Edie and Little Edie, you should find amicable ways to part ways. Adult children should wean themselves off the household as soon as they can. Parents should feel comfortable sending their offspring into the wild, so to speak, to fend for themselves.
Meanwhile, enjoy this unparalleled opportunity to bond with each other. It may get insane at times, but you might miss it when it’s over.

How to Find the Best Property

In the current situation of high demand and low supply, most action is seen on the property market. There are more and more people are trying to find their dream home, which is turning to be a difficult task. Main reason being highly competitive buyers are now willing to invest a lot more of their money and time in an effort to get ahead in their search for new house.

In order to proceed with your man and van service you need to be persistent, acquire the service of the right agent for the job, and devote your attention to the task at hand. And while you can only hope to be introduced to a good property and that the competition of people looking for the same house is going to be less, there are things you can control to ensure a successful property hunt.

The first thing is to set your budget and priorities straight. You must be realistic here. The market is ready to squeeze dry your wallet, taking advantage of the current situation, so it is important to be ready and not allow this to happen. It is understandable if you want to move in as soon as possible because if you hesitate, someone else will surely take advantage, but that doesn’t mean you should play entirely by their rules. Moving house and buying a new one is not an emotional decision, it is business, and it should be treated as such. 

Another trap that property buyers must not fall into is the hidden agenda that some of the locations have going on. Demand is increasing and homeowners are taking advantage of the situation by putting just about anything on the market these days, be it for letting or selling. Before you actually invest your money in a property and call the removal van, make sure you inspect the case thoroughly.

This includes searching for sloppy renovations, severe problems within the house including, but not limited to, plumbing, mold, pest problem, lousy neighborhood and so on. Do yourself a favor and ask your agent about why the previous owners want to put the house for sale, the number of offers made, what is the lowest price, etc. Take your investigation even further and talk to some neighbors. They tend to be very honest and can provide you with very useful clues about the location, benefits and drawbacks. And always visit the property more than once at different time of the day. You will want to see if the nearby put is quiet at day but really noisy later at night. And you will certainly want to consider this.

The quality of your new home will largely depend on your actions during the search process. If you play your cards right with the agents and be more intuitive about it, you will certainly achieve the goal of finding a good house.

Can National Home Buyers Help Homeowners Sell Their Property Fast?

Homeowners can face certain situations when they might need to sell their home fast, and in most cases where they go wrong is when they involve a real estate agent to sell their house. Involving a real estate agent always means inviting a long drawn out process. In such tricky situations, who can help? Landlords can turn to national home buyers for help.

Now, who are these national home buyers? They are companies like Local Property Buyers who deliver a quick, easy and efficient service across the whole of the UK. They call themselves national home buyers as they have years of experience in purchasing properties all over the nation. Wherever your house is located in the UK, it does not matter to companies like Local Property Buyers. If they feel that your property is worth the investment, then they will definitely make you an offer
 National home buyers like Local Property Buyers have a great deal of experience behind them when it comes to buying properties from homeowners who are in need to sell their house fast. They are well aware of how difficult and drawn-out process of selling your property can typically be. That is why companies like Local Property Buyers do not buy houses in the traditional sense. They believe in doing things differently, and fast. Realizing what difficult situations and reasons are possibly forcing the homeowner to sell their property fast, they are always ready to put the best interest of their clients first. Their primary goal is to cut all the unnecessary hassle that comes with the traditional way of selling a property.

Simply because national home buyers are involved in buying your property, you can afford to make a fresh start easily. They ensure that there will be no encroaching on your privacy, no hassle of repairs, no handling the frustration of exorbitant fees. National home buyers like Local Property Buyers realise that even if as a homeowner, you might still face the necessity to sell your property fast. National Home Buyers will find a solution tailored especially for you and promise to make the entire process of selling your house as much smooth as possible.
It is the unique approach of the national home buyers that is the best part of dealing with them. They offer extremely fair prices, so much so that they guarantee to beat most of the other buyers in the market as far as price is concerned. National home buyers also manage to complete most sales in just under a month in comparison to estate agents who can take up to a year to find a good buyer and close the deal. Plus, homeowners do not have to think of the complexities of paperwork, nor do they have to pay any kind of legal fees.
So, if you are one such homeowner with a reason to sell your house fast, then get in touch with national home buyers like Local Property Buyers. Get yourself a quote followed by a no-obligation offer later. If the price seems good, then you have no reason to turn them down. After all, golden opportunities might not knock on the door twice.

Luxury Homes for You: Why Bangalore?

Bangalore is a place to be; for both young and the aged. The main reasons behind the huge popularity of the Indian city are the high migration rate and mushrooming industrialization. Companies operating in the Information Technology sector or the aviation sector have stationed or are busy setting up their branches in here.

 This is not just improving the infrastructure but is also improving the employment market to a great extent. Apart from this, the Indian economy receives a good deal of revenue from the city. This altogether makes the purchasing power of people strong here and thus their ability to invest heavily in real estate market becomes quiet obvious.

Here are some of the top reasons that make Bangalore one of the perfect places to have your luxury homes:

1.      The Most Decently Priced Houses

The purchasing power of people residing here is quiet high as compared to people residing in other Indian cities. Some of the flourishing businesses are here and people earn a very good per capita income. This is the reason why people look out for luxury home setting and independent houses. The Villas and independent houses in Bangalore exude modern architectural designs, meticulous approach and are offered within an enviable price range. Bangalore ans earn appreciably and especially the people belonging to the high income group go for luxury life style and homes.

2.      Excellent Infrastructure

 The realtors who focus on various regions of Bangalore realize the fact that the city has some of most iconic infrastructure. Be it out and out commercial zone or the social infrastructure, Bangalore mimics the likes of America and developed European countries in terms of face value and modernization. These factors have managed to pull in a lot of people for work, business and even for settling down. People today want to live amidst modern surroundings and thus choosing Bangalore is a natural option.

3.      Prospering Regions

 Affordable housing is a big hit in Bangalore and other metropolitan cities; however, the builders are busy targeting the other side of housing, which is luxury living option. These realtors are foreseeing a high profitability rate in the upscale housing segment. There are regions like Hebbal, Whitefield and Bannerghatta Road, to name a few that are eyed upon by the realtors for stationing luxury houses and villas.

 4.      Connectivity to Other Localities

 Bangalore reaches out to one and all and the roads are built in such a way that the connectivity is excellent here. Businessmen and working professionals who are required to travel places will reap maximum benefits from this aspect. The transactions become much easier and thus the buyers will never regret investing into an asset here in the city. Moreover, the locations where the projects have been set up are strategic and have a close proximity to the essential infrastructures and commercial zones.

The Verdict

The money has to be rotated in a way that it should give a buyer a feeling satiating assets’ portfolio. The tips will definitely lighten up your vision to choose Bangalore as a top destination for buying luxury homes and that too at luring locations.

Author Bio

Vineeta Tiwari is a keen writer on Global Economy and Realty market. She has written articles on Global realty market and ongoing trends and tips for investors. An ardent reader, she is happy to pen down research based write-ups for global audience. Currently, she is professionally associated with popular realty portal,

Harlur Lake, Sarjapur Road: Walk your way to Better Living

A home is not just a 2BHK or 3BHK flat, it is an experience; it is about having a happy place for self. And we know how significant an amenity like the right ambience for walking is. It makes people’s life simple and easy, and of course, happy. 

Increasingly, Bangaloreans are opting to give their cars some rest! A pedestrian-friendly home or flat is among the top requirements in any homeowner’s checklist. Home builders have started to realize the need to incorporate walkability among their priorities as people don’t want to drive any more. But in the increasing hustle and bustle of city life, walking becomes a luxury very few can afford. Only few places in Bangalore provide this much-sought amenity to the people.

What makes Sarjapur Road the perfect place for walking the walk?

Sarjapur is one of the focal points of the advancing and expanding IT corridors of the Silicon Valley of India (Bangalore). It makes Sarjapur Road rather close to the IT companies brimming with opportunities.

Even though a zone explored by the IT industries, Sarjapur Road’s vast inner-stretch holds promising nature quotient.  Renowned for lake view flats, the spot offers the best to nature lovers. Lake points like Harlur lake provide the scenic ambience perfect for a refreshing walk. What makes it more tempting is that Harlur lake runs alongside the interconnecting Hosa Road, which directly links to Sarjapur Road. 

Sarjapur Road is a space with a perfect blend of residential areas, IT industries, commercial spaces, educational institutions and healthcare services that are just a few footsteps away from each other. One can simply walk and effortlessly reach all the services. Many homeseekers are vying for 2BHK and 3BHK flats for sale in Sarjapur Road to grab the perk of walkability.

Why are people looking for homes that facilitate walking?

When people talk about “walking”, there are many connections that they draw out of it, like bettering health and economics, living in calm and composed environment, bringing together work-life balance, being part of a community and more. 

Feasibility is a big deal for most homeowners. Studies have showcased that people who have the choice of walking to their amenities are rated more as happy homeowners. 

The new generation, belonging to the18-35 age group, have produced smart investors. They understand the importance of investing in home and real estate and their economic support to buy property is mainly from bank loans. The high-interest rates applied by banks, the saving mentality of Indian consumers, health-consciousness and energy conservation are some of the factors that make these young homeowners opt for walking amenities than depend on transport. So, walkability and proximity become top priorities for their homes.
The real-estate landscape has seen that as people age, they prefer a home that comforts. A place where they don’t have to drive to reach the amenities and can age securely becomes the prime need for this segment.

There is another set of homeowners who are tired of the endless traffic and busy lives that they decide to settle in a serene environment with walkable proximity to the workplace. 

Homeowners who have children go for homes that ease kids’ lives. Their priority is to find a space closer to schools and children’s activity centres. Ideally, they prefer community living, which provides opportunity for children to grow up in an active environment. 

The attitude towards ideal living is changing. People believe in spending longer time at home than in offices or on roads. This is the right time for builders to acknowledge the need to introduce walk-friendly homes and flats for the sake of providing a better home and a better lifestyle.