December 3, 2014

6 Value-Raising Home Renovation Tips

Selling your house can prove to be a real challenge. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to such a deal, because you will want to get the best price as soon as possible, and a potential customer will want the best quality, while paying a reasonable amount. Adding value to your home is the only foolproof way you can guarantee a good deal, and is perhaps one of the best things you can invest in and expect it to pay off nicely.

6 Value-Raising Home Renovation Tips
Here are 6 ideas for you to consider if you want to get maximum out of your home.

- Patio and garden – the first thing that your potential buyer will see is the outside area of your home, including the patio. You have probably heard that first impressions are very important, but in the case of a well-maintained landscape and patio, you are also looking at increased value. Consider getting a good jet washing cleaning agency to do some service and make the area astonishing. If you do your job inside as well, you are looking at some profit.

- Kitchen renovation – you don’t need a complete kitchen remodel, although if you decide to do one, it will most likely pay off. The kitchen is one of the rooms that are visited on a daily basis, so it is natural that many people want it to be in perfect condition. It is important to keep the design up to date, and assure that the room is well kept and presentable. An outdated kitchen can be a real turnoff for buyers.

- Bathroom renovation – a well designed bathroom is another very important thing to go for, when it comes to increasing value. Consider the size and composition of the room in order to determine if a bathtub or shower will fit best. Remember that what looks good for you may not be desirable for many others. Invest in a good vanity and new fixtures. Avoid doing a remodel of the plumbing, unless necessary. A new owner may have different ideas on how to design the bathroom.

- Increase square footage – although this can be very costly, it might be just the thing to tip the scales in your favor when it comes to selling. Turning a basement or attic to a room is no small project. But if you are tired of constantly hiring basement cleaners to deal with mold and other problems, perhaps it is good to consider a thorough renovation. Knocking out a non-structural wall can serve a similar purpose – it will widen a space and create a sense of flow.

- Mind the walls of your house – keep the tones neutral and light. You might have had a nice thing going with a bright color, but your potential buyer will not see it the same way. People have different tastes and plans for their homes, so ensuring the walls are in neutral color means that they will be free to see room for all those plans and it will be easier for them to implement them. Do not put wallpaper. With so many patterns to choose from, it is nearly impossible to please all potential buyers. You will be paying for this decision at the wallpaper store and again when you sell your home for less. Best thing to do is strip the wallpaper, if you have one and then renovate the walls with paint. Just consider dealing with the mess, perhaps with a professional cleaning service.

- Energy-efficiency – last but most certainly not least, consider the energy-efficiency of your home. With renewable energy on the rise, investing in solar panels can prove to be of huge benefit. There are number of tax credit incentives that will save you money on installation, while adding value to your home. Energy-efficiency is one of the first things to consider when you want a good payoff.
The more of the above projects you are able to do, the more value you will add to your home. A lot of them require solid investments, but you don’t have to do them all at once. Instead, you can regularly update your home, which will not only sell it for more when the time comes, but will also allow it to serve you better in the meantime.