December 9, 2014

Khata- an important document for every property at Bangalore

Background check and legality check is very important and initial step to be taken care of while investing on flats in Bangalore for sale. If you have special plans of investing at Bangalore real estate, you must know the terminology such as Khata and its impact over any property dealing.

It is significant to know about the Khata status behind every Bangalore property for sale and the registering process of the same. This article will enable you to know Khata to the fullest. The following are a few key points:

Khata- Introduction

Khata refers to the account of a person who owns a property in the city. On the whole, the assessment of the property owners within BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) can be termed as Khata. To make it more simple, Khata is a certificate that has details such as name of the property owner, size & location of the property, built-up area and information of the owner holding an account with city municipality who is liable to pay the property tax.

Types of Khata

As far as Bangalore real estate is concerned, there are two types of Khata: A-Khata and B-Khata. Those resale property, new property and projects that are listed under A-Khata fall under the BBMP jurisdiction. On the other hand, the properties listed under B-Khata come under the local jurisdiction. When you spot flats in Bangalore for sale, check if it an A-Khata property or B-Khata property. It is important to know that- some of the nationalized, public sector banks and non-nationalized banks don’t provide loan for B-Khata properties. But, some private finance companies may provide loan against the property holding B-Khata. It is always better to check the credibility of the company before freezing the loan because the rules and regulation of the loan for A-Khata property tend to differ from B-Khata loan.

Recently, BBMP decided to upgrade apartments and properties with B-Khata to A-Khata status by paying ‘betterment fees’. The Palike will collect the respective fee of Rs.200 per square meter for the 100 old wards whereas in the remaining 98 wards of New Bangalore, Rs. 250 per square meter.

Process to obtain Khata

·         The initial step with the process is to submit the requisition letter along with the latest tax receipts to the assistant revenue officer of the concerned area.
·         While applying for the Khata, attach all the necessary documents along with the letter and fill up the application form.

·         Submit the filled application form at the BBMP office and get a sealed acknowledgment. The acknowledgment is a mandatory for the application process.

·         Usually, it takes almost 15 days to process the application.

All the resale flats and new property (2BHK, 3BHK &4BHK units) must undergo this process to get Khata.

Importance of Khata status

Khata is a must if you require water and electricity connections for your home. It is also required for trade purpose, for applying bank loan and building licenses.


Do not confuse between title deed and Khata with Bangalore property for sale. They are two different documents. The title deed refers to the ownership of the respective property which entitles the owner to use the property. While selling new projects or resale property, it is a written agreement between the buyer and seller while transferring the property. Whereas, Khata is an assessment of a property in order to pay taxes and also to maintain records of the property.