January 27, 2015

The Single Woman's Guide to Buying a New House

There are many advantages to being single, advantages many people tend to overlook due to a number of factors. One of the most significant factors to that is the fact that you will have far less trouble dealing with the overall expenses you have daily. Combined households can be pretty expensive in the long run, especially when you have dependable and kids, they need to be educated, fed and more. If your husband doesn’t have a job you will likely need to support and back them up as well, which in turn limits your freedom. The following tips will give you more information on the subject you can work with:

The very first thing you need to consider is to be realistic about why you really want to buy your own home. Depending on your location around the world the price for a home may be pretty different. Home refurbishment, tiling, roofing, painting and decorating and any house extensions will all be a part of the things you need to keep your eyes open for. You may need to spend quite a bit of money to achieve the goal of finding the right property. You will need to consider the mortgage that will be a part of the deal, so you will need to make sure you keep that in mind as you prepare to find your perfect solution with such a life-changing decision. Make sure you plan your budget for your times ahead so you won’t suffer the consequences of poor planning and budgeting.


Your monthly budget is what will mostly dictate how far you can go in terms of spending when you want to afford a nice new place. As the concentration of people in urban areas rises, so do the prices in the most sought after locations, so you would do well to keep that in mind, especially with large metropolitan areas such as New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and the like. You will need to make sure you fine-tune your expenses so you will never experience difficulties in the long run, so contact a real estate agent and see whether you can work things out for possible options. They will have the information you need and the experience to back you up when it comes down to it. You will need to let them know how much you can work with, so they will find the right balance between quality and value for your needs. Real estate agents will have a far better understanding of the market than you do, so they will give you what you need with greater efficiency. Make sure you calculate the costs of transportation vs. mortgage to see which one works best for your needs.

Never forget that there are plenty of other costs you will need to cover than the mortgage you will need to pay. Utilities, homeowners insurance, maintenance, property taxes and more should all figure into your calculations. The great thing about this is that you will have a very clear understanding of what needs to be done to cover all of those expenses without anyone else messing them up with unexpected expenses.

Home Impression Tips That Would Not Break Your Lease

As a renter in the real estate industry many options seem to be limited when it comes to the process of renovating. And this could be frustrating for renters who are in the real estate industry or in long term rental properties, or have plans of staying in the same place for a longer period of time. As a result making some basic renovations and changes could be the high priority and why should it not be. After all it’s not just the property owners who would like to have beautiful interiors and a spruced up garden.

Know your boundaries: Of course a complete new kitchen or bathroom would be stretching your budget at a great ease, and having a large project would not be worth your time and investment. So here comes the questions as to where do we start.

Contacting your agent: A standard tendency agreement usually helps in preventing renovations, alterations, and additions to the premises without the landlord’s written consent. So start by contacting your agents and landlord in order to find out are the options available for you here. This would help you in managing all the expectations.

Considering one of the simple options:
Your landlord here would not be very keen on tackling a new coat of paint nor polishing up the floors, and this is a decision that you would actually have to respect. So don’t feel downhearted and instead try considering some of the temporary fixes.

1.    Hiding the cracks: Consider art work and plants. Self-adhesive and removable hooks are made available holding different weights. These are considered to be perfect solution for hanging artwork, or plants that could be a perfect distraction from ugly walls. And in case there are larger cracks on the wall when you have just moved in the apartment or flat, then you would have no choice apart from getting them fixed as you already accepted the house as it is. And this does not mean that you need to continue accepting things like these. Have a wall hanging placed against the cracked wall in order to cover it.

2.    Hate Your Floors: If you are among those individuals who is not a fan of the floor then do consider a large rug. And while it would not have the polished floors that you want then a natural neutral colour could evoke a similar look and get the feel of the floor boards you are actually dreaming off.

Is It Worth To Make an Investment?

Do not forget to consider the cost of renovations that you are planning to make. Is it worth the money and time that you are about to invest. So if the problem could be fixed with some new furniture, the side tables, or a new rug then don’t forget to consider splashing out and treating yourself. These are things that you could take with you when you are planning to make an investment therefore a better investment.

Do not underestimate the interior decorations: In case your living room or bedroom needs a bit of colour then do not underestimate the effect of some colourful bedding and new curtains. So don’t forget to consider the interior tips from the home stagers as these are tips not just for the ones who are in a plan of selling their property.

Remember it still belongs to your landlord:
Most individual check with the updates of the property that they have planned and would benefit the property overall. Landlords are generally careful enough in order to deck out their property with a simple, durable and fully functioning furnishings.
So if you are someone who is still knocking down the walls and installing a new deck, repainting the entire house and having a new wardrobe, then it would be worth enough to consider whether this would the right investment for you or not.

About The author:
Ava Jacob is a real estate developer in Bren Flats for sale in Sarjapur Road with more than 7 years of experience in large-scale real estate development involving construction of luxury apartments, raising capital, budgeting, financing, land entitlement and environmental compliance. 

Buying a Flat in Kolkata? How will you Choose the Right Builder?

Home – sweet home, a home of one’s own is the most cherished aspiration of every individual. Everyone of us looks for a home to live with our families and loved ones. Buying a property is a big deal for most of us where we invest a large sum of our hard earned money. Therefore, you should ensure in every possible way that your money is not wasted and it is spent wisely. So, what can you do about it? Choosing the right builder is the first step that you need to take towards this direction. So, when it comes to choosing a builder for our property, make sure that the builder is a genuine one.

You must have seen those flashy hoardings and commercials from the real estate developers, promising easy EMI’s and low interest rates at the prime positions. But does it mean that buying a property is a simple task? Definitely not; because not all developers are true to their promises or are keen to provide all the amenities stated in their brochures. Make sure that you are not a victim – and for this, the first step is checking the credibility of the builder.
A few tips will help you to be away from any hassles in future.
How about investing some time and patience in doing a background check of the real estate builders and developers? Is it sounding difficult? - Not at all – especially when internet is there for you. Make a quick online research to get an insight of the company. Make sure that the builder has got a good experience in the field. Gather all information regarding how many years they have been in the business and numbers of residential apartments they have built during this period. You can also check out some of the properties developed by the builders to be sure of their work; for example the apartments of Siddha.

 Do not forget to make sure that the builder has the licences, approvals and all the essential regulatory permissions. - You need to ensure that your flat is built as per the housing regulations in the locality and the builder will be able to secure all regulatory approvals on time.
Are you confused about whether to go for an experienced one or a newbie? - Well, an experienced builder is always a better choice as they are the ones who will follow the rules and regulations than those new players in the field and you are more likely to expect a professional approach from them when it comes to dealing with properties on sale. The leading builders of the apartments for sale in Kolkata are ISO certified and often members of industry associations like Real Estate Developers Association of India, council members of IGBC and members of CREDAI. Choose a builder who is a part of such associations so that you do not need to worry about the any mishaps or fraudulent acts because they are aware that their performances are being watched over by the regulatory bodies.

What about venturing into some other options? - The real estate section of your local newspaper is the place which will give you a fairly clear idea of the builders, active in your city. You will also get details of all their finished, ongoing and upcoming projects and their approximate prices over here.
Visiting home shows and exhibitions is also a good idea to know about the builder’s previous projects. - This will also make you well aware of their presence in the industry.

Good builders have excellent reputation in the market. - You can also check out with the real estate agents, your relatives, friends and former clients regarding the work of the builder.

The above checklist will help you to make the right choice and avoid heartaches.

About Author:
Jennifer Rogers is a market surveyor who has a thorough knowledge of the real estate market trend and the latest developments in this field. She has written several articles and blogs on the apartments for sale in Kolkata and various other issues of real estate market. In this article she is providing us some valuable information on the checklist to help you make the right choice while choosing a builder.

It’s the era of home-clubbing

Everyone loves the good life. Being treated like royalty and relaxing in bliss after a long day, are luxuries coveted by everyone, though only a few are privileged enough to experience these comforts. Only some have a ticket to the good life, a ticket to exclusivity…a membership of a club.
Life at a club, is sought after by everyone. Be it to engage in recreational sports or unwind at the end of the day, the club is the best place for a gentleman or a lady of taste. No wonder, even a few years ago, one had to be nominated by a club member to become one.

The good news is, at present many residential complexes are offering exclusive memberships to their very own clubs.

Clubs like Club (P)lush at Ideal Greens, Club Royale at Ideal Grand, Club Elixir at Ideal Exotica, Club H20 at Ideal Aquaview and Club Altitude at Ideal Heights are offering exclusive memberships to the residents of their 3 BHK flats in Kolkata and 2 BHK flats in Kolkata. 

Members of a residents’ club can work out in state-of-the-art gyms, play pool or table-tennis and swim in indoor swimming pools. They can also step out to play golf, badminton, tennis, basketball, cricket or football.

All these facilities are available, just a step away from home.
Kids, too, find enough entertainment in the club. From kiddie pools to well-stocked libraries, these residents’ clubs are fully equipped to keep children engaged and satisfied. No wonder, these exclusive and modern clubs are attracting a whole new generation of home-dwellers, who look forward to the experience of an exclusive club, without having to wait endlessly or pay through their noses for a membership.

A residents’ club offers the option of treating guests in its exclusive banquet hall or restaurant. The clubs are equipped to cater to quiet lunches as well as dinner parties. Kids can invite their friends over for a pool party as well!

Residents’ clubs are slowly but surely gaining popularity with the upcoming generation. In a few years, many modern men and women will boast of an exclusive club, with every imaginable facility, at their very own home.

And that’s what the good life is all about.

January 23, 2015

Simple Ideas to Decorate Bedrooms

A fabulous home treats a bedroom with equal importance just like the living and dining rooms when it comes to interior décor. Prioritize decorating this vital part of your home as this is ‘your’ personal space that gets a massive chunk of your time, i.e. one-third of your life! Disregard the low traffic and entertaining abilities of this humble space; pamper your senses with these simple and handy tips to beautify your personal retreat.

1.    Set Up A Glamorous Headboard

A tufted headboard gives your bed a befitting royal look. Add easy glamour with an addition of headboard made of a startling material; finished with velvet, satin or patterned upholstery. A wooden or bamboo headboard that gels with the room décor also would be a pleasant addition to draw attention in your room.

2.    Sheer Window Scarves & Drapes

The next best thing to a fabulous night’s sleep is to wake up to soft sunlight-drenched window sills! Keeping your window accessories sheer gives your bedroom plenty of natural light and atmosphere making it look spacious & airy. Thick drapes could be used as a back-up to create a sense of seclusion when you want to sleep into the day!

3.    Decorate With Decals
Wall decals pin one’s attention on them. They can adorn your otherwise plain walls and grace your walls with some style. Large polkas, nature-inspired trees, chandeliers, animals, funny pictures; there is a high-style artwork for the wall to suit every taste and interior décor.


4.    Append A Bed Canopy

Who isn’t mesmerized with stage shows from the yesteryear? To add a hint of theatrical work & tantalize the whole scene of your bedroom, add an elaborate netted canopy to your bed to transform your bedroom into a classic room from the Victorian era! This is not just a visual advantage; you can sleep at ease with your windows open and no insect will dare to disturb a majestic sleep!

5.    Multiple Small Frames
Framing pictures is one best way to bring out stacked up memories. Favourite pictures can go into pretty frames and up on your bedroom wall. Use frames of different small sizes that can be arranged in various clustered patterns of your choice. These picture patterns can conveniently replace luxurious wall arts adding personal touch to your walls.

 6.    Pair Up Colour Schemes With Patterns

Pair up popular colour combinations with similar colored patterns when decorating your bedroom to make it look colorful and composed at the same time. Colours paired with similar paired patterns enhance the looks of a plain bedroom. Don’t hesitate to pair your favourite colours with patterns; the outlook of your room has to please you after all.

 7.    Mix Up Modern & Rustic
Break the rules of decorating the traditional way and avoid excessive matching. Mountain cabin-inspired furniture paired with a beautiful hand-woven rug best complements a rustic look; add modern accessories and other trinkets to flaunt an extraordinary modern bedroom with a rustic hint making it an ideal bedroom for all ages.

 8.    Summon Nature With Green

Green could be the colour for you if you are looking forward to add white or sheer wood furniture. Deep green with white is a popular combination that can give your room cottage looks; different shades of green make crisp white bedding and accessories look more prominent.

9.    Choose a Theme

Following a theme to decorate your bedroom could be fun and take you back to your childhood days; your first bedroom that sported Pirates of the Caribbean or Cinderella themed charm. Even as adults, you can choose appropriate themes like the ocean, garden-inspired interior, plantation style, cottage approach, log cabin or country style; to add a distinct personality to your bedroom.

10.    Look Up For a Reason

The room ceiling, which said to be your fifth wall is often ignore while considering interior décor of your bedroom. Wooden beams in the ceiling make a handsome master bedroom. A hurricane lamp or an elegant meandering chandelier hung in the ceiling; balanced off with an excellent handmade rug for the flooring, makes a bedroom all the more gratifying.


Emerging Real Estate in Bangalore

The Bangalore real estate is on high with booming real estate price since last decade.  Bangalore is known as “Silicon Valley of India”, as it has now become the home and source for many people around the country in IT field. Many IT based companies have set up their business offices in Bangalore, the reason behind this is due to a huge change in the development not only in IT sector but also in various divisions since few years.

There has been an enormous growth in apartments/flats for sale in Bangalore both in commercial and residential basis. Commercial real estate involves IT hubs, IT parks which are now becoming popular very rapidly and they are now constructed with very innovative and sophisticated way by most reputed builders.  The reason behind the commercial growth is that the most national and multinational IT companies have set their offices here. Many people from all the corners of the country are moving towards Bangalore as there are many IT hubs developed and being developed. Thus growing IT sector is the main reason for most of the people for getting attracted towards the city and a very good source to earn and live.

Residential real estate comes on the other hand. Due to the developed and developing IT sectors people are showing interest in moving towards Bangalore. Due to the increase in IT population in Bangalore the demand in residential real estate has also increased. Some opt for affordable homes because of the rising budget and accommodation needs, whereas some opt for luxurious home due to the increase in income and also because of the influence of international lifestyles. There are many IT professionals, i.e, about 30% of IT professionals around our country are present in Bangalore. What more can be the reason to say that Bangalore now is booming in real estate market?

The other reasons why we can invest in this city are:

  • The climatic conditions in Bangalore. Cool pleasant climate all year around.
  • Increasing foreign property investments.
  • Increasing job opportunities.
  • World’s biggest outsourcing hub.
  • The city includes many industrial hubs.
  • The city also incorporates many schools, colleges; it includes institutions like IISC, Bangalore University, IIMB, IITB.
  • Day by increasing population in the city.
  • Safe place to earn and live.
  • The elevated Mumbai-Bangalore express way.
  • Metro rail phase 1 & phase 2.
The up-coming Metro rail and Mumbai-Bangalore express way will result in large integrated projects around these new developments. Improved connectivity and reduced travel time may encourage people to move to sub-urban. As a result the schools and colleges will be developed around once the residential real estate growth starts in areas around the Metro rail and express way. The areas around these projects will experience a significant growth over next 4-6 years.

Author Bio:

Rajitha is writer who writes articles on real estate market. She has been writing articles on real estate tips and trends going on these days. Currently she is writing articles for an emerging real estate portal in India, PropLadder.com

Low Interest Rates Contribute to Keeping Real Estate a Sellers’ Market

The Sellers' Market in Real Estate

A seller's market in real estate is one where the number of buyers -- those seeking to purchase homes -- exceeds the total quantity of homes for sale.  When demand for homes is greater than the available supply, homes will be priced higher, increasing their value to the sellers in the market.

Current conditions -- a slowly improving economy, lower housing inventory and low interest rates -- have added significantly to buyer demand in most markets.  Home prices have risen in proportion to diminished supply, created a sellers' market in the U.S. 


The Impact of Low Interest Rates on Home Prices

Low interest rates on mortgages attract first-time home-buyers.  A locked-down low-rate mortgage between 3.5%-4% is attractive to new home-buyers, because they generate low interest payments on the mortgage principle well into the future.  So long as the economy does not undergo substantial changes, expectations are that these rates should remain consistent through 2014.  Buying a home under these conditions is a good investment. 

However, at the same time and perhaps more to the point, these circumstances also favor sellers -- home-owners, builders and banks -- who can get more for their home products.  Low interest rates allow them to increase home prices, without bringing the total cost beyond most buyers' financial resources.  Rising prices for buyers as inventory has dwindled have also contributed to the sellers' market.

At the same time, buyers should be aware of rising costs attached to securing mortgage loans, in the form of increased federal mortgage insurance premiums, to as high as 2.5% annually.  Under these circumstances, a $200,000.00 home purchase would experience an increase of $133.00-per-month on mortgage loan payments, somewhat decreasing the positive effect of lower interest rates. 

Yet, as recently as August 22, interest on mortgage loans had decreased to all-year (2014) lows.  In addition to low 30-year fixed-rate interest (3.5%), 15-year fixed-rate loans were offered for 2.75%, sustaining their impact of the current sellers' market on home prices.  These conditions have also defied forecasts that mortgage loan rates would increase to over 5% before the end of this year.

Nevertheless, at the present time, low interest rates makes home loans cheaper for buyers.  The sellers' market also encourages bankers to make mortgages easier for buyers to acquire.
Less Affordable Homes
At present, lower interest rates combine with low housing inventory and modestly rising home-prices to create a sellers' market.  Higher home prices means they are less affordable to the typical buyer.  In addition, private income has remained flat in real-terms -- what your money can buy -- for years.  These conditions
  • largely offset the savings buyers could expect from lower interest on their mortgage loans,
  • a situation that might become more expensive for buyers should interest rates rise,
  • because even fewer potential home-purchasers will be in a financial position to afford the increases in both home-cost and higher loan interest.   

The combination of low wage-growth and low overall housing inventory have slowed home sales in the present sellers' market.  Even recent increases in available homes for sale has done little to improve actual sale-conditions, despite low interest on mortgage loans.

These conditions persist despite continued very favorable interest rates on mortgage loans, when viewed from a historical perspective.  But while it is largely a sellers' market, people selling their houses should not make the mistake of over-pricing them.  Buyers will look elsewhere, causing the seller to.
  • wait for a prolonged period (even years) to make the sale,
  • often at a lower price,
  • more attendant to the residence's actual market value.  

Thus, the current market represents a mixed blessing for sellers.  They can get more for their homes when sold, but with fewer homes currently being purchased, the wait-to-sell can be much longer than anticipated.  Sale-prices are generally increasing but fewer homes are actually being sold, as indicated by a 10% decline from May 2013 through May of this year (2014).  In the same vein, price-per-square-foot has increased 8% during that time span, but the number of houses sold above-suggested-list-price has declined by 7%.    These figures suggest that conditions in the present sellers' market have caused home sales to decline.

A Seller's Market for Home Owners as Well

For people who already own homes, low interest rates on home mortgages represent a dis-incentive to sell.  Rates locked-down at 3.5%-4% for 30 years are as attractive to current homeowners as they are to new buyers, and for similar reasons - they offer home owners low payments on their mortgage principle, making homes a good investment.  Under such conditions:

•    it usually takes an offer well above the home's listed market value to convince owners to sell,   
•    establishing and maintaining a seller's market for home owners. 

And, if interest rates rise, they're more likely to stay put as well, because any new home they buy will have those higher rates attached to their mortgages.  Thus, it makes sense for current home owners to wait for an exceptional price for their property before they consider selling.  These conditions may only prolong the sellers' market, even if housing prices come down somewhat to reflect marketplace realities.

Buyers' Expectations

Despite higher-price-per-home, low interest rates favor buyers.  Mortgage loans remain low-cost and easy to obtain.  Home price-growth is currently decreasing as inventory slowly rises.  It may be that low rates will encourage renewed growth in home-buying, lowering prices as competition for sales increases, bringing the sellers' market to an end. 

Jonathan Ensey is a Senior Partner at GoThink!, a retail marketing and business consulting company, and the Managing Director of ARedStore.com,  a website dedicated to providing real estate marketing collateral and services to Keller Williams real estate agents.

January 8, 2015

Vacation Homes - A Great Affordable Way to Enjoy Your Holiday

The thought of vacation always provides us that adrenalin rush with the chilling run down the spine with excitement. Everybody loves that time to unwind and savor the exhilaration like letting the vintage wine pouring down the throat after filling the taste buds…and yeah…that’s one awesome feeling you always crave for… Though sometimes, planning a vacation becomes more of a luxury when the expenses shoot up, but what about opting for a vacation homes, which gives you an edge as well as a scope for celebrating weekends, holidays and leisure with near and dear ones

As the name suggests, vacation homes are the second house and when you are opting for vacation homes, definitely it would be outside your home town. If you are staying at Mumbai, and have a taste for architecture and fort and history fascinates, then you may opt looking for new projects in Jaipur, as this city exhibits a strong connection towards fort and architectural structures and carries legacy from past. Moreover the Pink City of India has a unique culture in itself which justifies the decision for second home in Jaipur too. Though you have the option to pick up your vacation homes at your preferred location

There are quite a number of advantages of possessing a vacation homes
Always having a back-up weekend plan
When others struggle to find an accommodation for vacationing and sometimes, non – availability of staying option may sometimes cost the vacation itself, you have the edge to visit and enjoy the holidays with your near and dear ones
You have the secret key to surprise your friends
You become an expert in throwing surprise parties or celebrate every moment in special. Anytime you have the option to kill your boredom and get ready for party anytime
Accumulation of Asset
Investing in second house, in a way benefits you as it accumulates your asset or property, which will pay you back in the near future with interest. Be it you sell the property after reaping the financial benefits or prefer to stay there, you will have the possession of another house in your name
Rental Income
When you are not in town, you can put the vacation house on rent and definitely can add on to your income
Retirement solutions
Everyone craves for a pampered and relaxed retirement life and if you already have a second home on any exotic locations then what else can be better than this. A retirement resort and party place for lifetime
A vacation home not only ensures a rocking holidaying options but also has other implications in the life. You can opt for vacation homes anywhere across the globe. There are numerous options of new residential projects coming up everywhere across the globe or country to cater to the need and requirement of the mass. If you intend to opt for one, you may check out the Housing.com portal, which features all the upcoming projects in Ahmedabad and different cities, with the option of virtual tour, ratings and map based navigation as well as home loans, thus ensuring your easy access to the property, if you are planning one…

Add some green to your home

The Green Age has already begun. People are not only conscious of the effects of global warming, but they also want to lend a helping hand to reduce the effects and keep our planet healthier. Therefore, trend of parks and open green spaces are cropping up in and around various residencies.

Now the newest trend everyone is turning to, is growing a garden in their very own homes! 3 BHK flats in Kolkata give ample space for growing your own garden on the terrace or balcony. 2 BHK flats in Kolkata can accommodate the growing trends of ‘garden kitchens’ which predominately revolves around growing herbs, fruits and vegetables that can be used fresh, in cooking.

Anyone can grow a garden. The achievement you feel having grown the fruits and vegetables you eat, or smelling the fresh flowers you have grown, is unmatched. All you need is a bit of space, a green thumb and lots of patience and care.

When you start a garden, start small. Make a budget of the things you need and the plants you want to grow.  You’ll need pots, soil, and a low-level organic fertilizer along with the seedlings, to begin with. A bag of compost and access to water is an important consideration before you begin to garden. Make sure you have a way to water your plants, as plants will require a diligent watering schedule depending on the type of pot you use and the seeds you plant.

Most plants need room to stretch their roots. So try to plant the seeds in a pot that’s a bit bigger than the plant will eventually need. It is better to leave some room than to have plant roots pushed up against the container walls. If you allow for some growth, you increase the odds of your plant growing to full maturity.

Let’s start with pots. Plastic pots are the least expensive option, making them perfect for anyone’s budget. They might be the least attractive option, but they hold moisture longer than clay or ceramic pots making it better for the plants. Additionally they are lighter and easier to move around as well.

Clay pots have their own benefits. Being porous, they let air move easily through their walls allowing roots to breathe better. But its adverse effect is that the soil tends to dry out too quickly. In summersclosely monitoring the moisture in your clay pots is necessary. If you choose to go with clay pots, buy a saucer or plate to sit under the pot. This keeps the moisture off the surface of your deck and also holds in moisture for the plant.

Next is the soil. The use of potting soil in your containers is essential. This is because these soil mixes are formulated tocontain the perfect level of lightness so that plants can breathe, drain well, while still holding in the needed moisture. Choose a soil which doesn’t contain fertilizer or nutrients. It is better to add those on your own as needed, because different plants will have different nutrient and fertilizer requirements.

If you are adding new plants to containers that have been used previously, do not simply dig a small hole in the soil and put a plant in. Most old soils often contain dead roots from previous plants whose roots impede the new plant’s roots. This constricts airflow, stunting the growth of the new plant. For this reason, it’s best to loosen upthe soil with your hands or a fork, before planting. This removes the root hairs. Add a spoonful of a low-level organic fertilizer and compost to the soil before adding a new plant.

The next step is deciding on what to grow. If you stay in a small apartment you will not have the independence of growing a lavish garden, but you can grow many things in smaller amounts in spaces available in your flat. Vegetables like brinjals, tomatoes, spring onions, radish and capsicums; salad greens like cucumber and lettuce leaf and essential herbs like coriander, mint, curry leaf, ginger, garlic, green chilly are perfect. Daily vegetables like onions and potatoes, however would be difficult to grow, as they require much more space.

A kitchen garden doesn’t mean planting it right outside the kitchen or inside it either. It can be placed a bit far too, but placing it near the kitchen is still the best option. If you are planning for a miniature garden, your balcony or terrace area are also suitable. Another idea is placing these plants on a window sill, with ample direct sunlight.

 Finally you need to understand that different plants take different time to grow. While some grow faster than others, it is important to have patience with the plants either way. Watering it daily, loosening the soil every now and then, will help it grow better and healthier.

 Have patience with your plants, treat it with love and care and soon you too will have a garden to be proud of. Upcoming residences like at Ideal Greens, Ideal Exotica, Ideal Grand, Ideal Niketan, are making space for you to grow your own gardens. Just imagine planning a feast for your friends made with the freshest ingredients, all grown at your very own home! It’s not a difficult feat. Plants grown by yourself, will always, have a magical touch of love, which makes food taste even more special.