January 27, 2015

Buying a Flat in Kolkata? How will you Choose the Right Builder?

Home – sweet home, a home of one’s own is the most cherished aspiration of every individual. Everyone of us looks for a home to live with our families and loved ones. Buying a property is a big deal for most of us where we invest a large sum of our hard earned money. Therefore, you should ensure in every possible way that your money is not wasted and it is spent wisely. So, what can you do about it? Choosing the right builder is the first step that you need to take towards this direction. So, when it comes to choosing a builder for our property, make sure that the builder is a genuine one.

You must have seen those flashy hoardings and commercials from the real estate developers, promising easy EMI’s and low interest rates at the prime positions. But does it mean that buying a property is a simple task? Definitely not; because not all developers are true to their promises or are keen to provide all the amenities stated in their brochures. Make sure that you are not a victim – and for this, the first step is checking the credibility of the builder.
A few tips will help you to be away from any hassles in future.
How about investing some time and patience in doing a background check of the real estate builders and developers? Is it sounding difficult? - Not at all – especially when internet is there for you. Make a quick online research to get an insight of the company. Make sure that the builder has got a good experience in the field. Gather all information regarding how many years they have been in the business and numbers of residential apartments they have built during this period. You can also check out some of the properties developed by the builders to be sure of their work; for example the apartments of Siddha.

 Do not forget to make sure that the builder has the licences, approvals and all the essential regulatory permissions. - You need to ensure that your flat is built as per the housing regulations in the locality and the builder will be able to secure all regulatory approvals on time.
Are you confused about whether to go for an experienced one or a newbie? - Well, an experienced builder is always a better choice as they are the ones who will follow the rules and regulations than those new players in the field and you are more likely to expect a professional approach from them when it comes to dealing with properties on sale. The leading builders of the apartments for sale in Kolkata are ISO certified and often members of industry associations like Real Estate Developers Association of India, council members of IGBC and members of CREDAI. Choose a builder who is a part of such associations so that you do not need to worry about the any mishaps or fraudulent acts because they are aware that their performances are being watched over by the regulatory bodies.

What about venturing into some other options? - The real estate section of your local newspaper is the place which will give you a fairly clear idea of the builders, active in your city. You will also get details of all their finished, ongoing and upcoming projects and their approximate prices over here.
Visiting home shows and exhibitions is also a good idea to know about the builder’s previous projects. - This will also make you well aware of their presence in the industry.

Good builders have excellent reputation in the market. - You can also check out with the real estate agents, your relatives, friends and former clients regarding the work of the builder.

The above checklist will help you to make the right choice and avoid heartaches.

About Author:
Jennifer Rogers is a market surveyor who has a thorough knowledge of the real estate market trend and the latest developments in this field. She has written several articles and blogs on the apartments for sale in Kolkata and various other issues of real estate market. In this article she is providing us some valuable information on the checklist to help you make the right choice while choosing a builder.