January 27, 2015

Home Impression Tips That Would Not Break Your Lease

As a renter in the real estate industry many options seem to be limited when it comes to the process of renovating. And this could be frustrating for renters who are in the real estate industry or in long term rental properties, or have plans of staying in the same place for a longer period of time. As a result making some basic renovations and changes could be the high priority and why should it not be. After all it’s not just the property owners who would like to have beautiful interiors and a spruced up garden.

Know your boundaries: Of course a complete new kitchen or bathroom would be stretching your budget at a great ease, and having a large project would not be worth your time and investment. So here comes the questions as to where do we start.

Contacting your agent: A standard tendency agreement usually helps in preventing renovations, alterations, and additions to the premises without the landlord’s written consent. So start by contacting your agents and landlord in order to find out are the options available for you here. This would help you in managing all the expectations.

Considering one of the simple options:
Your landlord here would not be very keen on tackling a new coat of paint nor polishing up the floors, and this is a decision that you would actually have to respect. So don’t feel downhearted and instead try considering some of the temporary fixes.

1.    Hiding the cracks: Consider art work and plants. Self-adhesive and removable hooks are made available holding different weights. These are considered to be perfect solution for hanging artwork, or plants that could be a perfect distraction from ugly walls. And in case there are larger cracks on the wall when you have just moved in the apartment or flat, then you would have no choice apart from getting them fixed as you already accepted the house as it is. And this does not mean that you need to continue accepting things like these. Have a wall hanging placed against the cracked wall in order to cover it.

2.    Hate Your Floors: If you are among those individuals who is not a fan of the floor then do consider a large rug. And while it would not have the polished floors that you want then a natural neutral colour could evoke a similar look and get the feel of the floor boards you are actually dreaming off.

Is It Worth To Make an Investment?

Do not forget to consider the cost of renovations that you are planning to make. Is it worth the money and time that you are about to invest. So if the problem could be fixed with some new furniture, the side tables, or a new rug then don’t forget to consider splashing out and treating yourself. These are things that you could take with you when you are planning to make an investment therefore a better investment.

Do not underestimate the interior decorations: In case your living room or bedroom needs a bit of colour then do not underestimate the effect of some colourful bedding and new curtains. So don’t forget to consider the interior tips from the home stagers as these are tips not just for the ones who are in a plan of selling their property.

Remember it still belongs to your landlord:
Most individual check with the updates of the property that they have planned and would benefit the property overall. Landlords are generally careful enough in order to deck out their property with a simple, durable and fully functioning furnishings.
So if you are someone who is still knocking down the walls and installing a new deck, repainting the entire house and having a new wardrobe, then it would be worth enough to consider whether this would the right investment for you or not.

About The author:
Ava Jacob is a real estate developer in Bren Flats for sale in Sarjapur Road with more than 7 years of experience in large-scale real estate development involving construction of luxury apartments, raising capital, budgeting, financing, land entitlement and environmental compliance.