January 23, 2015

Simple Ideas to Decorate Bedrooms

A fabulous home treats a bedroom with equal importance just like the living and dining rooms when it comes to interior décor. Prioritize decorating this vital part of your home as this is ‘your’ personal space that gets a massive chunk of your time, i.e. one-third of your life! Disregard the low traffic and entertaining abilities of this humble space; pamper your senses with these simple and handy tips to beautify your personal retreat.

1.    Set Up A Glamorous Headboard

A tufted headboard gives your bed a befitting royal look. Add easy glamour with an addition of headboard made of a startling material; finished with velvet, satin or patterned upholstery. A wooden or bamboo headboard that gels with the room décor also would be a pleasant addition to draw attention in your room.

2.    Sheer Window Scarves & Drapes

The next best thing to a fabulous night’s sleep is to wake up to soft sunlight-drenched window sills! Keeping your window accessories sheer gives your bedroom plenty of natural light and atmosphere making it look spacious & airy. Thick drapes could be used as a back-up to create a sense of seclusion when you want to sleep into the day!

3.    Decorate With Decals
Wall decals pin one’s attention on them. They can adorn your otherwise plain walls and grace your walls with some style. Large polkas, nature-inspired trees, chandeliers, animals, funny pictures; there is a high-style artwork for the wall to suit every taste and interior décor.


4.    Append A Bed Canopy

Who isn’t mesmerized with stage shows from the yesteryear? To add a hint of theatrical work & tantalize the whole scene of your bedroom, add an elaborate netted canopy to your bed to transform your bedroom into a classic room from the Victorian era! This is not just a visual advantage; you can sleep at ease with your windows open and no insect will dare to disturb a majestic sleep!

5.    Multiple Small Frames
Framing pictures is one best way to bring out stacked up memories. Favourite pictures can go into pretty frames and up on your bedroom wall. Use frames of different small sizes that can be arranged in various clustered patterns of your choice. These picture patterns can conveniently replace luxurious wall arts adding personal touch to your walls.

 6.    Pair Up Colour Schemes With Patterns

Pair up popular colour combinations with similar colored patterns when decorating your bedroom to make it look colorful and composed at the same time. Colours paired with similar paired patterns enhance the looks of a plain bedroom. Don’t hesitate to pair your favourite colours with patterns; the outlook of your room has to please you after all.

 7.    Mix Up Modern & Rustic
Break the rules of decorating the traditional way and avoid excessive matching. Mountain cabin-inspired furniture paired with a beautiful hand-woven rug best complements a rustic look; add modern accessories and other trinkets to flaunt an extraordinary modern bedroom with a rustic hint making it an ideal bedroom for all ages.

 8.    Summon Nature With Green

Green could be the colour for you if you are looking forward to add white or sheer wood furniture. Deep green with white is a popular combination that can give your room cottage looks; different shades of green make crisp white bedding and accessories look more prominent.

9.    Choose a Theme

Following a theme to decorate your bedroom could be fun and take you back to your childhood days; your first bedroom that sported Pirates of the Caribbean or Cinderella themed charm. Even as adults, you can choose appropriate themes like the ocean, garden-inspired interior, plantation style, cottage approach, log cabin or country style; to add a distinct personality to your bedroom.

10.    Look Up For a Reason

The room ceiling, which said to be your fifth wall is often ignore while considering interior décor of your bedroom. Wooden beams in the ceiling make a handsome master bedroom. A hurricane lamp or an elegant meandering chandelier hung in the ceiling; balanced off with an excellent handmade rug for the flooring, makes a bedroom all the more gratifying.