February 24, 2015

How to Furnish your Home with Modern Furniture

If you take pride in your home and you enjoy furnishing it with modern décor, then you might want to invest in some designer bean-filled bags. They give your home a unique edge and appearance, and they can be used both outside and inside. The great thing about using bags like this is that they not only have a fun and contemporary feel to them, but they are also really comfortable and everyone from the pet dog to your kids will love sitting on them.

Here are some ideas about how you can use these bags to furnish a modern home:


Decorating the interior of a property can be lots of fun but it will require you to have an eye for detail. By using a bean bag in a room, you will add a contemporary look to it and they come in a wide range of designs including:

  • Flat and circular, if you want to sit straight rather than lounge
  • Featuring a back rest and arms, to create a comfortable chair
  • With a foot stall to help you to relax

An entire living room space can be created by using a variety of bean bags and they can be used as an alternative to lounge chairs in a conservatory or in place of a sofa or armchairs in a living room.

You can choose between different styles as well as a range of colours, and this will help you to create a seating area with a design and look that works well with the rest of your home. They can be used as an accessory or as your primary furniture and while they work particularly well in bedrooms, they also look great in a front room or conservatory.


Don’t forget to add a touch of modernity to the exterior of your home as well as the interior. Keeping the outside looking fresh and innovative is important, as the outside space will complement the inside of your home.

Here are some common types of bags that can be used outside:
  • Sun lounger style
  • Armchair style
  • Ottoman style
  • Lounger style
  • Daybed style

They can work well in a garden area or around a swimming pool and if you are lucky enough to have a space to barbecue, these bags can be a great way to sit back and relax while waiting for your burgers to cook.

As well as using them in place of regular furniture, they can also be used for other purposes such as:
  • For a garden party 
  • In a specific lounge area (either inside or out) 
  • By children 
  • By your pets

Pets love to sleep on something comfortable, just as us humans do, and you can buy bags that have been specifically made to withstand the pressure of dog and cat claws, which make for the perfect modern alternative to a regular pet bed. Think outside of the box and you will find it easy to decorate a modern home with the odd bean bag or two.