February 10, 2015

Is Taking Up A Tiny Home The Right Choice For You?

The rise in popularity of tiny houses is creating a stir in the real estate market. But be forewarned; a tiny home is not everyones cup of tea since it involves all sorts of space related adjustments.  Read on to discover some information that might help you figure out if tiny house is the right choice for you.

A tiny home is one that is complete with bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and living area, all within a 90 square foot space. Another variant of this, is the home on wheels, also known as an RV. But tiny homes aren’t for everyone. Answer the following questions to know whether a tiny home is the right choice for you.

Is Reputation That Important?

Most people in the world like to showcase their success by building larger homes, buying fancy cars, or by just owning affluent possessions. There are other people who are content with just being who they are, successful or not, and living in compact spaces that is convenient and comfortable. If you identify yourself to be part of the latter, get that tiny home now!

Do You Need A Change?

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you need something new in your life? In such cases, tiny home comes to the rescue as it provides a decent escape from the routine life, while providing all the necessary comforts of a real home. Living in a tiny home can also be challenging, but can work wonders in getting you out of your funk.

Feeling Adventurous?

People who believe in jumping head-on into new things in life will really appreciate the concept of tiny homes. Living in a crammed space is clearly not for everyone, but for some people, especially youngsters having that adventurous streak, will make this challenge a lot more thrilling. If you are one of them, definitely go for it.

Too Much Stuff Cluttering Your Life?

Some people have a habit of scattering their possessions around the house. This can be a problem when all your belongings keeps piling on, and you don’t know what to do with them. A simple solution is shifting to a smaller house, which will not only limit your clutter, but probably teach you how to live a cleaner life.

Are You Concerned About The Environment?

While this a really pointless question as all of us should be concerned about the environment, most of us are not. If you are one of the smart few, then you will be happy to know that by moving into a tiny house, you are contributing to environmental protection. How so? Well, tiny homes obviously take up less space, which means lesser trees will have to be uprooted to make space for your accommodation.

Tiny homes are the new ‘in’ things, and have created a buzz in the real estate market. If you deem yourself fit to try this new way of life, go ahead, and experience the change!

Janvi Singhal is an article writer, currently working at Commonfloor.She writes on topics related to Real Estate,Properties in India,Home Decor,Home Loans and provide insights on the latest residential projects.