February 10, 2015

Sausalito –dream destination for real estate investment

Sausalito, a waterfront city has been an inspirational resort to artists, several poets as well as writers while also being a favorite destination for tourists. However, what drew tourists to this city also drew dwellers and hence many a real estate opportunities. Its magnificent views and a wonderful climate make it a desired city to live in. In addition, the city is full of interesting things to do and there is something of interest for everyone. According to the best realtors Sausalito, the city’s diverse and interesting attributes are what draws more people to buy or rent homes here.

Floating homes of Sausalito

Sausalito has quite a few tailor made homes that have been designed by some renowned architects but the city is mainly known for the floating homes built on several marinas owned privately. These pieces of real estate vary between comfy cottages to sophisticated floating mansions. They first served as holiday retreats but may have evolved as homes for several artists who moved to this beachfront city for inspiration.

Traditional homes of Sausalito

Those who may not be fond of the floating homes, California best realtor Sausalito may be able to offer you some great options on traditional homes. This real estate may range from tasteful condominiums to custom homes resting on top of the hillside. In fact, those of you who are interested in buying a house that overlooks some nature, Sausalito realtors may be able to offer to show you homes on the Wolfback Ridge area that have expansive views of the surrounding natural beauty. Buying a home in this city, could be expensive especially if you want one with a view. However, buyers find it worth to spend as much money owing to the close proximity to San Francisco and the great architecture, not to mention the great climate.

Sausalito is an unusual combination of culture as well as physicality located just a small drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. Residents of the city have built homes on the 1.9 square miles of land and have contributed to the varied as well as intense culture of the city. Michael Larrings, a real estate agent Sausalito says that he has helped a lot of people find their dream homes in the city. “I am not surprised people want to come here and never leave. Mostly people in their 30s come here for work and then finally settle down. Since people want to settle here, it may not always be very easy for Sausalito realtors to find a suitable home for everyone who wants to buy or rent since there may be a little lack in availability. A single family home may cost you no less than a million dollars while the houseboats may run you on an average of $600, 000 and additional dock fees.

On an average, you may find around 60 to 70 homes ready for a price of approximately one million dollars on a home listing website with any Sausalito best realtor. There are also other expensive properties like duplexes as well as triplexes both for rent as well as sale.