February 16, 2015

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Holding A Home Open

For some reasons, time has come for you to sell your home. Should you consider opening your house to interested buyers as part of your selling strategy? Know the following advantages and disadvantages of holding a home open before deciding to push through with your plan



Your property is exposed to a wider audience giving you bigger chance of finding a good buyer. You are not only attracting buyers but also agents or brokers who can give you advice on how to sell your house fast at the right price.

Prospective buyers will be able to see it firsthand. While you can take photographs and advertise your house in different offline and online media, client will be more pleased to see what they will be investing at real time. All their enquiries will be answered at once.

You will be getting feedback from visitors. Feedbacks are important as they will help you make necessary changes to increase the saleability and value of your house.


Security of your home is the top risk here. Because it is open to all, it is most likely that things get damaged and lost. It would be difficult to monitor all the strange visitors roaming around your house. You would be sorry if you forgot to keep your valuables to safety.

Expect more curious lookers than serious buyers. There are those who made it a habit to just go casual shopping but without the intention to really buy.

Home open is stressful. Your house for sale should be maintained clean and in good condition. With visitors coming in and out, you have to keep cleaning too.

 Real estate agents are also divided when it comes to answering if open house is effective. A better approach perhaps is to assess interested buyers, set appointment and schedule private viewings.

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