February 9, 2015

Wall Painting Rules For On Sale Property

In a fast growing and competing market or real estate, there are some unwritten rules people go by if they want to increase the percentage of the sale. They say that it would be best if you painted the walls white it will increase the possibility of selling the house faster. However, this rule of thumb does not necessarily mean that if you have white walls the first potential buyer will take it – because people differ and some may like dark walls in other nuances. So we have come up with a list of tips you will find useful when painting before selling your property.

What’s a no-no?
While some think white is the perfect choice, this may come as a shock to them, because the majority of buyers have stated that, according to them, white is the colour to avoid, because it depersonalized the space and makes the property seem like it is without a soul. This is why it would be best if you painted each room in different colour.

Remove your ‘personal touches’

Especially radical touches, such as a screaming red or pink room of your teenager may be frowned upon by potential buyers, so it would be best if you painted them into some neutral shade, like beige or pale yellow in order to increase the  value of your (soon to be ex)home. However, this is not the time for you to express your creativity and be cheap because sometimes strong colours can go through the fresh paint and suddenly you have a stains on your freshly painted wall! To avoid this kind of situation, it would be better if you hired a painting professional to get the job done, because even though you may pay some extra bucks, the money invested will pay trice or even four times once you sell your real estate.

Repaint the bathrooms
Since bathrooms are usually small, you need to achieve the effect of visually enlarging the space, so the right choice would be a light colour, such as yellow or some colour matching the tiles.

Repaint the kitchen

Colours in the kitchen should be bright and connected with family spirit, like orange, yellow and red, which are said to be ‘food-related’. However, make sure you use pale nuances of these colours or some colours which will match the dining table for example.

Repaint the bedrooms and other areas

Since in the bedrooms people are supposed to have a rest, these rooms are those in which you should avoid bright colours. Instead, use neutral colours which may match the floor rugs or the bed. And as for the other rooms, remember that beige tone with a green tint will give off energy thus being the perfect choice for your living room. Extra tip: try colouring your front door into some wild colour, like red or yellow, because this way your house will be remembered by and this may increase the chance for it to sell faster.

Author bio:

 Jenny Hahn is a DIY home repair enthusiast who loves learning new tricks and sharing the ones she already knows. You can find her on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.