March 12, 2015

Struggling with small space? Take these tips and end the drama!

Small homes have that incredibly charm within, they give away the feeling of closeness and togetherness. Yet, we’ve got to be realistic – unless you are flying solo, they aren’t particularly comfortable.  The family needs comfort to function. But, if there is currently no way for you to change the space you are living in, you can at least decorate it in a way that will visually widen the space.

We are giving you an idea what to do and how to do it to turn your small space into a functional gorgeous place to be.

Clear out the Clutter

The curse of every small space is that there is not enough space to put things. On top of that, most of us tend to hoard things unconsciously which makes an even bigger mess and leaves so much free space. On top of that, a cluttered space is bad for the mind. Experts in behavioral psychology agree that a cluttered space has a negative impact on the mind which is why it’s suggested you always keep your space clean and uncluttered. Plus, a clutter-free space will give you the idea how much space you actually have at your disposal.

Work out a way to organize all the stuff that you have. Invest in storage cabinets and don’t be too sentimental when it comes to getting rid of things you don’t use any more. Further, consider installing shelves, table skirts and organizers for the closet.

Have a clear plan

Once you’ve de-cluttered your space you can finally see how much space you’ve got at your disposal. Make a plan about the reconstruction and re-decoration you are going to implement.

Also, it would be good to set a budget and a time span you should stick to. If your budget allows it, consulting an expert about re-doing your space – they know all the little tricks how to manage even the most difficult of spaces.

Choose soft, light hues

Experts claim that dark, heavy colors aren’t good for small spaces. They do give a space that intimate, cozy feel but they visually narrow it down. This is why it’s best to opt for light, preferably muted cool colors to make a space feel open and airy. Soft tones of blues and greens, as well as beige and eggshell will turn your space around.

The same advice goes for choosing furniture. Lighter colors will brighten up the space. If your budget doesn’t allow buying new pieces, you can go creative on the space – buy some interesting covers to give your home a fresh vibe.

Coordinating walls and furniture colors is the way to go.

Let in the light

Any space looks bigger and wider when there is a lot of light in it. If you don’t have many windows in your home artificial lightning may just as well do the trick. Forget about the heavy draperies and shutters.

Place lamps in corners of your space to lighten up the room. Dimmers are a good solution too as well as ceiling lamps.

Furniture pieces

Even though furniture isn’t cheap to buy, you may consider investing in it if once and for all you want to get rid of a bunch of stuff. If you spend money on quality pieces that not only look good but can be used as storage spaces too, you’ve hit jackpot! Storage cabinets and shelves are the best thing you can do for your small space. Nowadays, there are coffee tables to buy that are actually a storage box. The same thing goes for sofas, decorative cabinets and other elements. If, however, you cant afford buying new pieces of furniture – make them yourself.


For a space to look finished, you need to choose just the right rug. With small spaces, it’s advisable to opt for runner rugs or wall to wall arrangements instead of choosing middle sized one. While the first two options widen the space, the latter option visually shrinks down the space, and that’s not what you want. 

To achieve anything with a small space, some compromises are needed. But, once you make them you’ll be happy you did because your new space will look absolutely amazing and will be a fantastic and comfortable place to live in!