March 12, 2015

Ways to cool down your home this summer (without turning on AC)

 During a long and cold winter almost everyone dreams of warm summer days, however, when summer finally arrives the situation changes drastically. Whether you believe in a global warming or not, one thing is sure, our summers are definitely becoming hotter and longer with each passing year. While tuning up the heating system and adding more clothing layers are efficient methods of keeping yourself warm, the question of how to cool down during long summer heaths still remains.

Turning on your air conditioner might seem like the best idea, but when you consider its effect on your electricity bills as well as the devastating results that its emission of Freon has on the environment, it might not be such great solution after all. However, there is no reason for you to despair. There are many alternative ways for one to stay cool during summer, each one more brilliant than the previous one.

Fans, fans everywhere

When it comes to the alternative ways to cool your home during the summer, there is no solution that is as simple and efficient as the use of fans. Fans are great way to lower the temperature in your home and at the same time spend less money on your electric bills than you would with the use of the air conditioners. You can try turning your fan into this crazy AC, or use as much fans as possible and try to strategically position them in order to unlock their full cooling potential.

When it comes to choosing and positioning fan, in order to reach is maximum efficiency, ceiling fans are second to none. A good ceiling fan can lower the temperature in your room down by 7 degrees, even during the hottest days of the year. Apart from this, you can also choose the ceiling fan that is energy efficient and suits the style of your room the most and thus give it an aesthetical function in your home, apart from its usual practical one.

The natural shade

For dozens of millennia before first permanent housing solutions were to come into existence, primitive human ancestors looked everywhere for natural shade in order to avoid the direct heath of the Sun. This practice had as much sense then as it has today.

By introducing some shades, blinds on your windows, you are bound to keep your room substantially cooler in the simplest and the most natural way there is. Probably, most efficient option are wooden jalousies. That way the Sun does not directly heat the glass and it is not additionally warming the room. You can also pick the drapes that would agree with your furniture, fit your room perfectly, and thus improve both living atmosphere in your room as well as the aesthetical impression that your room creates.

There is also one more, completely natural solution to this question, brilliant in its simplicity. It is known that plants tend to lower the room temperature, and create more pleasant living atmosphere. With the cunning use of various houseplants you may not just enrich you living space but also make the room temperature more to your liking.

Reduce the internal heath

There is one more way for you to optimize your room temperature and that is to reduce your home’s internal heating. Use your home appliances, like oven and similar electronic devices, only when necessary and even try to turn your lights off whenever you don’t need it. This way you will not only lower your home’s temperature but also nourish a habit that can turn out to be very friendly for your budget.

When it comes to keeping your home cool during the summer options are many, but the only real question is- how far are you willing to go to do it the right way? The use of the air conditioner is always the easiest alternative but it is also more expensive and environment threatening. Therefore, it is always wise to use an alternative if possible.