May 16, 2015

8 Tips for Choosing Carpet for Homeowners

Carpets can really add a finishing touch to a room based on its texture, shape and color. They easily create an atmosphere that is comfortable and cozy when placed in any room. Carpets are durable, easy to maintain, and low cost. With that, it’s probably one of the most popular floor coverings.

As a homeowner, you will have to consider which carpets to choose that will be complimentary to your room. Here are some few tips to help you out in choosing the right carpet that will suit your home.

1. Color & Pattern

First thing you should take note of is the color palette of the room you will be designing.  The color and pattern are the most probable basis for homeowners when choosing how to decorate a room, like how different shades of blue emit a cool appearance or how light pastel colors add a cozy atmosphere, and that rustic brown colors can give the room a homier feel to it; while patterns and prints represent a modern and corporate-style finish.

2. Type

When it comes to choosing the type of carpeting, you should explore on materials that would be best suitable for specific rooms. In the family/living room, the best carpet would be the stain-resistant carpeting. To areas that are prone to moisture, polyester carpet may be more appropriate.

3. Maintenance

If you have a pet at home, it would be advisable that you avoid high-end carpets that require you to do extensive maintenance, and if not, the perfect choice to go for is the type where you can clean it easily. One example would be the carpet cleaning services offered in Adelaide.

4. Texture & Size

Finding a suitable texture for the interior is necessary for you to choose the perfect carpet to go with your room. This aspect is usually overlooked when it shouldn’t be. You need to know the size you’re planning on since it will cover an area or a large space of the room. Texture and size gives the room contrast. For example, a room full of rectangular/square objects should be balanced with round/oval carpets and vice-versa while a sleek design should be paired with a cottony textured carpet.

5. Cost

You would want to buy a carpet that is most suited for your budget and lifestyle. Why spend more on style than quality? Do not be fooled by those comfy carpets but the fibers easily loosen and try to avoid those stylish carpets that can cost a whole lot of your money but are made from low-quality fibers.

6. Durability

Carpet durability is one of the factors to take note of when choosing what material to buy.  Its durability will tell you how it will look and how it will retain its texture for years to come. For specific rooms, you will have to decide which is important: a long-term quality or a soft carpet.

7. Functionality

Functionality is based on the room space and the room’s purpose. If you’re planning on adding carpet to a multi-purpose room, let’s say the living room – where you receive all your guests when you have gatherings at home. It would be best to choose a carpet that has more strands per square yard because it will be more durable. As for bedrooms, you’ll only need lightweight carpets.

8. Carpet Padding

Carpets need paddings for additional support for long time use and aside from that it also provides insulation to aid with controlling the room temperature. Again, choosing carpet paddings depends on the room usage. If the room receives a lot of activity or movement, the carpet padding should be dense and firm.

For most homeowners, buying the right carpet for a room can be intimidating because choosing the perfect carpet for any room can take a lot of consideration due to the variety available. Knowing the basics can help homeowners what to consider in choosing the perfect carpet for their homes. And with these 8 tips, it will aid them in designing and making their dream home.

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Home Decorating Tips 5 Ways to Rejuvenate your Rental

At one stage or another in life, most of us live in rented accommodation. Renting can be great; you can move to a new area or flat as or when you want to or live in a location you would otherwise not be able to afford plus it is cheaper than owning a property and allows you to live the lifestyle that you want. Whether you are renting out of choice or it is your only option, there's no excuse for being lazy about making your surroundings your own. Planning on being in your rental mere months or years and years, it is important that you make it feel like home to you.

Many Wirral letting agents have most properties to let out in beautiful areas, be it close to a beach or a golf course or simply a picturesque village; these kind of tranquil sights make it a pleasing area to live in. Regardless of outdoor scenery though, it is nice to have an indoor sanctuary that you can decorate in a way that caters to your own tastes.

One problem, renters can find themselves up against is that they can't decorate how they want to because it is forbidden by their landlord. Understandably the landlord owns the property and your tastes may not be similar to theirs. It can be a lot of hassle if renters redecorate with or without the permission of the landlord and it then needs to be removed when they move out.

Fear not because there are non -permanent ways to put your stamp on any property, even if it is just one room that really feels like you.

Removable Wallpaper 

Yes, peel and stick wallpaper exists. It is easy to apply and remove and is even reusable if you move out. As letting agents we have viewed properties with a never ending selection of styles, patterns and colours only for it to be gone without a trace when the tenants move out.

Go one step further with a wall mural that can also peel off. This way you can transform your bedroom wall into a tropical beach scene, or coastal view if that is what takes your fancy.


Add a range of textures to your living space. Use fabric as a wall covering, on pillows or a throw.
Command Hooks

Hang stick on hooks on walls and doors. They are easy to put up and take down and can not only be handy for decorative purposes but also for basic storage.

Your rented property need not stay soulless. Enjoy decorating to your tastes, knowing you can pack it all up again when you move on to your next adventure.

Author Bio

Laura Morrissey writes on behalf of Propeller Letting Agents. She focuses to write about all things property related and home improvements. Advice for buy to let landlords is her speciality.

Ideal Group – Transforming the future of residential projects in Kolkata

In the last few years, the skyline of the ‘City of Joy’ has seen a process of rapid transformation, with ongoing residential projects, countless new luxury apartments and modern bungalows.

Ideal Group has played a supreme role in changing the cityscape. Steadfast on the objective of offering customers their dream home, the Group has been ticking all the right boxes consistently. Almost all the projects of the Group boast of conveniences like prime location, open space and ventilation, premium amenities, and proximity to schools, markets and hospitals.

The latest addition in the ongoing residential projects in Kolkata is ‘Ideal Greens’. Located in Tollygunge, it is Kolkata's largest residential complex, offering 852 flats planned across 10 towers with G+14 and G+18 floors. Designed by the celebrated architect Hafeez Contractor, this premium property is the perfect destination for customers seeking luxurious living. The complex has over 80% open space, with beautifully landscaped lush green gardens and a natural waterbody. These and many more features offer the customers an eco-friendly living experience in the bustling city.

Ideal Greens is rated as one of the finest luxury apartments in Kolkata and boasts of top-class amenities. The complex is also one of the first in the city to provide fully air-conditioned flats. CCTVs have also been installed to ensure the security of the residents. The complex also features a world-class Club which offers a swimming pool, badminton court, squash court, table tennis boards, an indoor games room, a gym and a library to its residents. It also has a spacious banquet hall with an attached garden, which is perfect for hosting parties and get-togethers.

In addition to Ideal Greens, the other ongoing residential projects in Kolkata are Ideal Grand, Ideal Unique Centre, Ideal Exotica, Ideal Regency, Ideal Abasan, Ideal Enclave, Ideal Heights, Ideal Unique Residency, Ideal Aqua View, Ideal Legacy and Ideal Niketan. Also, once completed, Ideal Aurum in Sonarpur, offering every possible modern amenity, will be one of the benchmark projects in the real estate industry.

Having built an impressive real estate portfolio over the years, with an array of ambitious projects in the pipeline, the Ideal Group is moving steadily on the path of progress. The Group has earned the trust of the customers by offering them comfort and a taste of the good life. A team of competent individuals who are well-versed with the needs of every modern homeowner have helped the Group to revolutionise the real estate landscape of Eastern India.

It is the combination of the finest architects, engineers, consultants, solicitors, environment specialists and marketing agencies that make the projects of the Group the best to invest in.

Short Description: Take a tour of some premium ongoing and upcoming residential projects in Kolkata. Make your dream home a reality with luxury apartments that offer the best amenities and give you a taste of the good life.

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One of the leading players in the real estate market, Ideal Group takes pride in its rich portfolio of world-class ongoing and upcoming residential projects in Kolkata. The Group has truly embodied their tagline "Pillars of Trust" and won the trust of countless customers.

Why You Need Agents In Home Ownership

Buying a new home? Understanding clearly the role of agents when buying your property can aid in the smooth purchasing process.

The age of classified ads and home opens in property selling or buying is behind. With property listings posted on the Internet, you have varied choices when you are looking for a new home. The task can be overwhelming and time-consuming though considering the volume of property information available.  You may spend hours browsing your options and yet you are left undecided on which house to buy.

Dealing with registered and reliable agents has benefits. Because they are trained to look after your interests, you are ensured that your property purchase will give you a peace of mind which usually you are unable to get from a private sale.

Agent’s Role

Do research. Before choosing any property to buy for you, a good agent will undertake substantial research from assessment to affordability. Because they act on your behalf, they negotiate with sellers or listing agents for the lowest possible price. In cases when there is buying competition, here are some effective measures to help you deal with it.
Before submitting your offer, ask if there are other offers made.
Remove some of the conditions you have included in your offer such as inspection report.
Try to make your offer fit with their preferred settlement period.
Check if the best offer is really at your limit.

Benefits you get 

1. Compulsory disclosure. Agents are aware and legally obliged to inform you of any good or bad information about a property being sold.
2. Verification of documents. Agents inspect and make sure that the seller is the owner as indicated in the certificate of ownership.
3. Make inquiries. They make investigations about the things that are important to you. you would know relevant matters concerning the property like roof insulation, sewerage, building insurance and other special features.
4. Comfort. They are accountable for all the information they tell you.

About the Author: Oliver Finney is a real estate enthusiast and a writer. He frequently writes articles about real estate which can help home owners, buyers and sellers to find the ideal home solution they need. He shares this site for more information about the role of agents in home ownership.