May 16, 2015

8 Tips for Choosing Carpet for Homeowners

Carpets can really add a finishing touch to a room based on its texture, shape and color. They easily create an atmosphere that is comfortable and cozy when placed in any room. Carpets are durable, easy to maintain, and low cost. With that, it’s probably one of the most popular floor coverings.

As a homeowner, you will have to consider which carpets to choose that will be complimentary to your room. Here are some few tips to help you out in choosing the right carpet that will suit your home.

1. Color & Pattern

First thing you should take note of is the color palette of the room you will be designing.  The color and pattern are the most probable basis for homeowners when choosing how to decorate a room, like how different shades of blue emit a cool appearance or how light pastel colors add a cozy atmosphere, and that rustic brown colors can give the room a homier feel to it; while patterns and prints represent a modern and corporate-style finish.

2. Type

When it comes to choosing the type of carpeting, you should explore on materials that would be best suitable for specific rooms. In the family/living room, the best carpet would be the stain-resistant carpeting. To areas that are prone to moisture, polyester carpet may be more appropriate.

3. Maintenance

If you have a pet at home, it would be advisable that you avoid high-end carpets that require you to do extensive maintenance, and if not, the perfect choice to go for is the type where you can clean it easily. One example would be the carpet cleaning services offered in Adelaide.

4. Texture & Size

Finding a suitable texture for the interior is necessary for you to choose the perfect carpet to go with your room. This aspect is usually overlooked when it shouldn’t be. You need to know the size you’re planning on since it will cover an area or a large space of the room. Texture and size gives the room contrast. For example, a room full of rectangular/square objects should be balanced with round/oval carpets and vice-versa while a sleek design should be paired with a cottony textured carpet.

5. Cost

You would want to buy a carpet that is most suited for your budget and lifestyle. Why spend more on style than quality? Do not be fooled by those comfy carpets but the fibers easily loosen and try to avoid those stylish carpets that can cost a whole lot of your money but are made from low-quality fibers.

6. Durability

Carpet durability is one of the factors to take note of when choosing what material to buy.  Its durability will tell you how it will look and how it will retain its texture for years to come. For specific rooms, you will have to decide which is important: a long-term quality or a soft carpet.

7. Functionality

Functionality is based on the room space and the room’s purpose. If you’re planning on adding carpet to a multi-purpose room, let’s say the living room – where you receive all your guests when you have gatherings at home. It would be best to choose a carpet that has more strands per square yard because it will be more durable. As for bedrooms, you’ll only need lightweight carpets.

8. Carpet Padding

Carpets need paddings for additional support for long time use and aside from that it also provides insulation to aid with controlling the room temperature. Again, choosing carpet paddings depends on the room usage. If the room receives a lot of activity or movement, the carpet padding should be dense and firm.

For most homeowners, buying the right carpet for a room can be intimidating because choosing the perfect carpet for any room can take a lot of consideration due to the variety available. Knowing the basics can help homeowners what to consider in choosing the perfect carpet for their homes. And with these 8 tips, it will aid them in designing and making their dream home.

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