May 16, 2015

Home Decorating Tips 5 Ways to Rejuvenate your Rental

At one stage or another in life, most of us live in rented accommodation. Renting can be great; you can move to a new area or flat as or when you want to or live in a location you would otherwise not be able to afford plus it is cheaper than owning a property and allows you to live the lifestyle that you want. Whether you are renting out of choice or it is your only option, there's no excuse for being lazy about making your surroundings your own. Planning on being in your rental mere months or years and years, it is important that you make it feel like home to you.

Many Wirral letting agents have most properties to let out in beautiful areas, be it close to a beach or a golf course or simply a picturesque village; these kind of tranquil sights make it a pleasing area to live in. Regardless of outdoor scenery though, it is nice to have an indoor sanctuary that you can decorate in a way that caters to your own tastes.

One problem, renters can find themselves up against is that they can't decorate how they want to because it is forbidden by their landlord. Understandably the landlord owns the property and your tastes may not be similar to theirs. It can be a lot of hassle if renters redecorate with or without the permission of the landlord and it then needs to be removed when they move out.

Fear not because there are non -permanent ways to put your stamp on any property, even if it is just one room that really feels like you.

Removable Wallpaper 

Yes, peel and stick wallpaper exists. It is easy to apply and remove and is even reusable if you move out. As letting agents we have viewed properties with a never ending selection of styles, patterns and colours only for it to be gone without a trace when the tenants move out.

Go one step further with a wall mural that can also peel off. This way you can transform your bedroom wall into a tropical beach scene, or coastal view if that is what takes your fancy.


Add a range of textures to your living space. Use fabric as a wall covering, on pillows or a throw.
Command Hooks

Hang stick on hooks on walls and doors. They are easy to put up and take down and can not only be handy for decorative purposes but also for basic storage.

Your rented property need not stay soulless. Enjoy decorating to your tastes, knowing you can pack it all up again when you move on to your next adventure.

Author Bio

Laura Morrissey writes on behalf of Propeller Letting Agents. She focuses to write about all things property related and home improvements. Advice for buy to let landlords is her speciality.