July 20, 2015

3 Must-Have Smart Gadgets for Innovative Homes

Internet, smart phones and home automation technology have spawned a new breed of “smart home” devices. In the last few years, many innovative gadgets flooded the Indian consumer market. Devices connected through WiFi and smart phones are enabling users to secure their houses, manage household chores, and a host of other work inside the house.

With widespread consumer appeal and mass production of these devices, many of them are becoming more accessible to consumers buying luxury apartments in Bangalore and other leading cities.
While we are the cusp of change, it’s time we looked at the popular devices changing the way one manages life at home.

WiFi & Bluetooth smart door locks

With a smart lock connected to your smart phone, you don’t have to dig your hand into your purse or pocket to fish out the door keys. Or even better, imagine how much time you can save if you stopped hunting for misplaced keys.

This keyless innovation has many benefits. You can lock or unlock the door from any location. Besides, it takes picture of visitors at your door and sends them to your smart phone. All entry through the door is recorded and the entry log can be viewed in your smart phone.
Robotic vacuum cleaner

For people who dread the mundane task of running a vacuum cleaner or instructing the help, there’s an alternative. You can use a robotic vacuum cleaner, which can be connected to your WiFi. Even when you’re away at work, you can keep this robot activated to clean the house.

The utility of this device lies in its remote functionality. There are many options built in the gadget to do wet cleaning and vacuum options to pick dirt and dust from the floor.

The best part about the device is automatic charging. The robot finds its way to the charging unit and automatically docks itself to the power source to recharge. And then it’s ready again for more cleaning!

Remote camera for surveillance 

This home security device lets you monitor your house and sends automated notifications to your smart phone. These days, there are all-in-one gadgets which have a siren, camera, microphone, motion detector, all bundled into one device.

This top-notch security device works with WiFi. It uses small sensors, tracks everything from motion and sound, and helps to keep your family safe.
Innovations ahead...

Today’s technology-savvy home buyers are in the mode to experiment with new gadgets to make living as effortless as possible. From security systems to labour-saving devices, many gadgets are making their way into luxury flats for sale in India. It’s time you took a look at the latest crop of these smart-home gadgets and put them on your wish-list.
To smart living and smart homes!

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Seema Mohta has over 7 years of experience within Real Estate Industry. She has worked with Various Real estate companies and has Good knowledge about , like property trends,Investments,flats in bangalore for sale etc

July 18, 2015

How to Give Your Bedroom Classic Style

Your bedroom is your sanctuary from the modern world. It’s where you sleep and dress. It’s also where you find refuge from the hustle and bustle of the day. It’s the room in your home you spend the most time in, even if most of it is spent with your eyes closed. Just because your eyes are closed doesn’t mean you should ignore the styling and design of your bedroom. These decorating tips will help you give your bedroom a classic style.

A Place for Rest

The centerpiece of your bedroom is your bed. Your bed accounts for a good amount of your bedroom’s style as well. This is the piece that all other bedroom furniture and decor visually interact with. Make sure your bed is not only comfortable but matches your personal style and aesthetic. Choosing a bed with a frame and headboard allow you to build your bedroom around clean, contemporary lines.


Your bedroom is more than just a room with a bed. It’s where you start and end every day, so make it an uncluttered space that invites tranquility and peace. An ample credenza or dresser gives you a place to stash your odds and ends. Keeping jewelry, unmentionables, and other knick knacks out of sight helps you create a clean, classic feel in your bedroom.

Night stand tables with drawers are a great way to keep your books, magazines, phone plugs, and other bedside necessities hidden and tidy. This gives your bedroom a clean, inviting feel while still keeping all of the things you need at arms length. The Annex End Table from Urban Loft is a great example of a clean, classic night stand that helps keep your bedroom organized and stylish.


The right lighting and light fixtures are key to creating a classic bedroom style. You don’t want the lighting to be so dim that you can’t curl up in bed with a great book, but you also don’t want it so bright that it feels like you're in an office conference room.

Use table lamps for your nightstands, dressers, and credenzas. Pair complementary styles together to create a cohesive aesthetic. Hanging lamps with vintage-themed Marconi bulbs make a great nightstand lamp that can free up space on your bedside table.


Use contrasting colors to create accents for a fun take on a classic bedroom style. Consider bright throw pillows to contrast clean white sheets and blankets. A few bold paintings or pictures can add just the right amount of playfulness to create a vibrant, yet relaxing atmosphere for your bedroom. Don’t forget to keep a few green, living things in your bedroom. A few houseplants can add the perfect finishing touch to your bedroom. Plus house plants help keep the air fresh and clean.

Your Own Style

Ultimately, your bedroom showcases your personal style and aesthetic. Create a bedroom that offers clean lines, open spaces, and lots of room for rest. Build the room around your bed, let in lots of light, and have fun with your decorating and designing. Make it the room you want to see at the beginning and end of each day, and get some good rest.

How to Decorate Your Modular Home with Modern Furniture

If you have chosen to purchase a modular home, chances are that you like the idea of designing your own perfect space. With a modular home, you have the ability to really customize your floor plan and create a structure that is as unique or abstract as you want. The good news is, you don’t have to stop the design process after your home is built. Bring your personal style into each room of your modular home and spruce things up with some modern furniture and decorations.

When you think of a pre-built home, you might envision a one stop shop; all buildings look the same and have no personality. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Buyers can pick and choose the size and shape of their modular home, with options spanning from small pods and quirky frameworks to luxury mansions and entire apartment buildings. Just as the outside of the home is a reflection of the owner, so is the inside.

One of the highlights of modular homes is the fact that they are considered “green,” or eco-friendly, because they use less water and energy, and reduce waste during the building process. Accentuate your environmentally-friendly home with furniture of the same nature—pun intended. Materials like wood, leather, and recessed metal can make for sleek pieces of furniture, like couches, tables, and chairs.

Add in pops of color and patterns to pull everything together with throw pillows, carpets, and curtains from retailers like Urban Loft. Or, make your furniture the focal point by choosing pieces that incorporate prints, textures, and colorful fabrics.

For smaller modular homes, pick your furniture with function in mind. Ottomans or coffee tables can also work as storage spaces, housing things you don’t need at the ready but want to keep nearby. You can incorporate mirrors to make the space look larger, or opt for a loft bed in children’s rooms.

If you have a lot of natural light you might not need added artificial lighting, however decorative chandeliers and lamps can be great accent pieces for a room and work to pull together a furniture set. Having a variety of lighting options at various heights and locations can brighten up a room that lacks natural light. Floor lamps paired with hanging lights and table lamps create levels of light, which brightens up dark corners and typically unlit areas.

Don’t forget about the bathroom! While it might not be a place you think about putting furniture, you can give it some love when you are decorating your home. Coordinate your towels, bathmats, and shower curtain by color or design. Everything doesn’t have to come from the same collection, but have a theme in mind and make an area you spend quite a bit of time in more appealing. You can also utilize some shelving and storage pieces to hold towels, toiletries, and more.

The most important thing to consider when decorating your modular home is choosing furniture that you like. You can decorate your home with modern furniture that reflects its outside style, or go in a completely different direction. Pick items that speak to you, show off your personality, and work with the design of your modular home. It’s all about creating a space that makes sense for you and makes you happy.

Author Bio: Carolyn Clarke is a freelance writer and blogger from Los Angeles, CA. She has written for a wealth of high-profile clients including Demand Media. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, interior design, and crocheting.

Solutions for those meddling pests

Most of us enjoy having our houses full, but if we exclude friends and family members, there are those visitors which we don’t really like to welcome inside – annoying pests. Various pests, from boring insects crawling and flying all around, to awful rodents which can gradually ruin every part of your property, can sometimes become a real army persistent just to destroy your day. Luckily, there are ways to exterminate those nasties:

Common rodents and fighting against them

If you have situation when your quite moments are disturbed with unusual sounds of something rumbling through your house, chances are great that you are hosting some of the destroyers from rodents’ family. This is who they are and how to defeat them:

Mice - The most common mice are house mice, which are attracted by food, water sources and inside warmth. Mice carry bacteria and viruses dangerous for human health which can be easily spread through food or water they’ve contaminated or their excreta present on the surfaces they’ve reached. It’s important to exclude any food and liquid source within the house and to block eventual holes and gaps on the walls, loft floor, basement, etc. Efficient ways to get rid of mice are also toxic traps set throughout the floors or baits containing powerful rodenticide.

Rats – Rats are slightly bigger than mice and able to approach to lofts, ceilings, pools, through floors and walls, etc. Like mice, they usually move and act during the night and they’re also spreaders of harmful diseases and parasites, including contaminated ticks and fleas. Fighting against rats can include the usage of cage traps, setting baits poisoned with rodenticide, snap traps, but you must also remove any trace of food, especially grains and clean out cluttered and moisturized spots.

Common insects and how to control them

Insects belong to the largest animal groups, but fortunately only few insect families are fond of our homes. Since they are very persistent, you may need to use various types of insecticides to completely exterminate them, but, do not worry, there are great pest control suppliers with a wide range of products, including those for domestic use. The most common household insects are:

Roaches – Apart from attacking the food, roaches can also bite paper, plastic and transmit some germs. The best way to expel them from the house is blocking any water source, keeping surfaces dry and cleaning floors and furniture so they don’t contain food leftovers, grease or spills. Cockroach baits which contain mixed food and poison, soapy water, Cyfluthrin based sprays or commercial roach traps are efficient solutions for killing both adult roaches and their large nests.

Ants – Those pests are usually attracted by food, especially sweet stuff. You can easily get rid of them by spraying your house with liquids which include ammonia, soap, alcohol, but if the situation is serious, baits based on boric acid or baking soda mixtures should instantly solve the problem.

Dust mites – These are almost invisible, tiny insects which don’t bite but populate furniture, carpets, pillows or beddings and cause allergies. Dust is their natural habitat so dust mites control must include regular wiping, vacuuming, bedclothes washing and removing unnecessary rugs, curtains and fluffy items. There are also various air filters which can remove dust mites from air.
Although pests are numerous, well planned control along with quality pesticides can exterminate even the most persistent of them.

Impact of Delayed Projects on Your Finances

The boom in the Indian realty sector has meant that many people have been able to own their dream houses. Amid the number of success stories, unnecessary delays in completion of various projects have also been on the rise.

A delay in completion of housing projects can be stressful as well as financially challenging. As a home buyer there is nothing much you can do when faced with a housing project delay. It is therefore essential to understand how possible delays can hurt your finances and choose builders with a reputation of offering completed projects before the stipulated deadline.
Here is a look at how delayed projects impact your finances.

Interest on Home Loan: Tax deduction for interest paid on home loans is one of the major financial supports received by home loan borrowers. As per the existing law, a home loan borrower can avail a tax deduction of up to Rs 2 Lakhs on interest paid towards the home loan for a self occupied property under section 24 of the income tax act. This deduction is available only in cases where the acquisition or construction of the property is finished within three years from the end of the fiscal in which the loan is taken.

Any delay in completion of the project can lead to a loss in interest deduction thereby hurting your pocket. For example if the possession of the house is given after more than three years from the end of the financial year in which the housing loan was taken, then an interest of Rs.30,000 will be allowed as tax deduction instead of Rs. 2 Lakhs.

Illustration: Let us assume you took a home loan of Rs. 40 Lakhs in October 2011 but got the possession of the house only in April 2015. In such a case, since the possession was not received within 3 years (calculated from March 2012) as the financial year in which loan was taken, the interest on loan allowed for deduction from FY 2015-16 would be only Rs. 30,000 and not Rs. 2 Lakhs.

Tax Impact:   If you are one of those selling an older property to invest in new home, you are entitled for a tax deduction of any long term capital gain from the proceeds of your old home sales. As per the current law, the new property should be bought or constructed within three years from the sale of the original property.

Any delays in the construction of the property can lead to cancellation of the claim for exemption for long term capital gains. So a delay of more than 3 years can mean you end up paying the money for the new home without getting any tax benefit on capital gains for sale proceeds of your older house.

Blocked Money:  The longer a property is delayed the higher would be its eventual cost. This is especially true if you have taken up a home loan. For any delays in construction, you are still required to pay regular EMIs for your home loan without getting possession.

Rent out Flow: If you are living in a rented accommodation, the financial stress is doubled as you pay the monthly EMI for the home loan as well as monthly rental for your existing home. While paying a monthly EMI without getting possession of the house may appear to be a tad unfair, there is nothing much you can do in such a situation apart from availing a legal course of action against the builder or cancel the booking altogether. In both cases you finances are affected as you end up paying your monthly rental as well as bank home loan EMIs.

Pravitha Rohit is working as a content strategist at commonfloor.com. She enjoys writing informative blogs, articles, and reviews. She likes to think of her writing as an online resource; helping end-users answer questions, while guiding others in the direction they seek.

July 10, 2015

Patio Privacy Screen: Make it Yourself

There are many reasons why you should think about adding a privacy screen to your patio. Maybe you want to make yourself more relaxing ambience or block the view from the street, and a privacy screen might just be the thing you were looking for. It shelters you from the light and the view from the street but still allows you to feel a cooling breeze and enjoy the fresh air. In addition, it is quite easy to make one of these, so you won’t need to spend money on hiring someone who is going to do it for you.

Patio Privacy Screen: Make it Yourself
The things you’ll need

If you have ever built any wooden structure, you won’t have any troubles making a privacy screen, since these are quite DIY friendly. You’ll need the wooden posts for it, as well as the frame and the panel. It is up to you to find the measures for the screen that will fit in your patio. Add a lot of screws and 2 bags of concrete and that is all the material you’ll need for this procedure. Considering the tools, you’ll need a post-hole digger and measuring tapes. The power tools that you will use will also play a big role in this process. You cannot make a privacy screen without a cordless drill and a circular saw.

Setting up the privacy screen
Patio Privacy Screen: Make it Yourself

The first thing you’ll want to do is to find the place for your privacy screen. Dig the postholes and lay the posts down next to the holes in a way your screen is going to stand and leave them that way until lattice panels are ready to be attached to them. Panels should first be put in the frame and only then attached to the posts.

Be sure to measure everything and cut the panels if necessary in order to fit the frame. Nail the panel to the frame in many places in order for it to stand still. After that, you can nail the frames with panels to the posts. Once you have done all this it is time to make the screen stand. Put the posts in the holes and fill them up with concrete. That way you’ll make your screen stable and strong enough to hook something on it.

Adding the decorations

Patio Privacy Screen: Make it YourselfSome people chose to leave the privacy screen the way they made them, but it can also be a good idea to hang some flowers are other decorations on it. You can screw the plastic pots to the screen and fill them with your favorite flowers which will give your screen more lively look. You can also put them around the posts in order to cover the concrete that is holding them. There are many types of tropical flowers that will look great on your patio. It is up to you to decide if you’ll paint the screen or keep it in its original wood color. You can also choose to paint the frames and leave the panel the way it is.

This is everything you’ll need to do in order to make a beautiful privacy screen for your patio. It is quite easy and you’ll be able to do it all by yourself.

Author: Thomas is an electrical engineer, entrepreneur and occasional writer from Sydney, Australia. He is also an owner of a small business, dealing with electrical installations. He is always willing to share a good life experience and advice. Reach Thomas on Twitter or Facebook.

Impenetrable Fortress - Home Security Checklist

Insisting on home security is now probably more relevant then ever – with so many thefts
and burglaries going on every single day, you can never feel too safe and protected.
Therefore, everyone should perform a couple of DIY tricks that will undoubtedly raise the
level of home security. Here are a couple of hacks that are easy and cheap, but still present
an efficient and helpful step towards transforming your home into an impenetrable fortress.
Home Security Checklist

Do not Inform People about Your Plans 

Of course, you cannot be at home all the time and protect it from within – it is only natural
to go to work every day, visit your friends, have a social life outside the home and,
ultimately, go to vacations, holidays and trips. In short: you simply have to be out of the
house from time to time, thus leaving it vulnerable and unprotected. What is essential,
however, is not to let people know when you are absent for a longer period of time. Do not
advertize it over Facebook and Twitter because it is in the public domain and visible to
everyone’s eyes. About 80% of burglars use social media to monitor and choose their
victims, so try to stay away from that.

Trick the Thieves
Home Security Checklist

There are a couple of hacks you can use to trick the thieves and make them think you have a surveillance system even though that is not the case. Stickers advertizing the presence of one or even dummy cameras that only look real but are not most often do the trick and scare wrongdoers away. Another good idea is to use webcams that work just fine, but are

much cheaper.

Protect Each Other

It is not uncommon for professional burglars to target houses in the same neighborhood
because they are usually of the same type and protected in the same way. When an entire
community is under threat, the residents have to take matter in their own hands and set up
a neighborhood watch – patrolling the streets in the evening and night in order to prevent
crimes and watch over each other’s properties. This trend has been popular for the past half
a century and studies show amazing results, with a drop in crime varying from 16% to 26%
in different parts of the USA.

Monitor Your Own

A more individual tactics is protecting your own home by installing a surveillance system
that will track all the movement around your property and be a reliable proof should a need
to take the burglars to court arise. If you install a security camera in front of your house,
burglars are most likely to skip it because they do not want to take chances, but another
good idea is to install one monitoring the back yard or any backdoor entrances that are also
quite popular choices for entering the house.

Pick Your Mail and Destroy the Evidences

If your mail or newspapers are piling up in your pathway, it is obvious you are not at home.
Ask your neighbors to collect them and thus preventing burglars from knowing the house is
unvacated. Furthermore, do not let them aware of what possessions you have, so destroy
electronic boxes and dump them. If burglars do not know about your brand new big screen
TV and sound system, your house will be less appealing.

Further Tactics

Anything you can do to prevent burglary is more than welcomed, from setting up light
timers and securing doors/windows, to getting a guard dog. You should definitely not rely
on your default protection system because, in most cases, it is not enough to keep you safe,
so try to improve it as much as possible with these tricks.