July 20, 2015

3 Must-Have Smart Gadgets for Innovative Homes

Internet, smart phones and home automation technology have spawned a new breed of “smart home” devices. In the last few years, many innovative gadgets flooded the Indian consumer market. Devices connected through WiFi and smart phones are enabling users to secure their houses, manage household chores, and a host of other work inside the house.

With widespread consumer appeal and mass production of these devices, many of them are becoming more accessible to consumers buying luxury apartments in Bangalore and other leading cities.
While we are the cusp of change, it’s time we looked at the popular devices changing the way one manages life at home.

WiFi & Bluetooth smart door locks

With a smart lock connected to your smart phone, you don’t have to dig your hand into your purse or pocket to fish out the door keys. Or even better, imagine how much time you can save if you stopped hunting for misplaced keys.

This keyless innovation has many benefits. You can lock or unlock the door from any location. Besides, it takes picture of visitors at your door and sends them to your smart phone. All entry through the door is recorded and the entry log can be viewed in your smart phone.
Robotic vacuum cleaner

For people who dread the mundane task of running a vacuum cleaner or instructing the help, there’s an alternative. You can use a robotic vacuum cleaner, which can be connected to your WiFi. Even when you’re away at work, you can keep this robot activated to clean the house.

The utility of this device lies in its remote functionality. There are many options built in the gadget to do wet cleaning and vacuum options to pick dirt and dust from the floor.

The best part about the device is automatic charging. The robot finds its way to the charging unit and automatically docks itself to the power source to recharge. And then it’s ready again for more cleaning!

Remote camera for surveillance 

This home security device lets you monitor your house and sends automated notifications to your smart phone. These days, there are all-in-one gadgets which have a siren, camera, microphone, motion detector, all bundled into one device.

This top-notch security device works with WiFi. It uses small sensors, tracks everything from motion and sound, and helps to keep your family safe.
Innovations ahead...

Today’s technology-savvy home buyers are in the mode to experiment with new gadgets to make living as effortless as possible. From security systems to labour-saving devices, many gadgets are making their way into luxury flats for sale in India. It’s time you took a look at the latest crop of these smart-home gadgets and put them on your wish-list.
To smart living and smart homes!

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