July 18, 2015

How to Give Your Bedroom Classic Style

Your bedroom is your sanctuary from the modern world. It’s where you sleep and dress. It’s also where you find refuge from the hustle and bustle of the day. It’s the room in your home you spend the most time in, even if most of it is spent with your eyes closed. Just because your eyes are closed doesn’t mean you should ignore the styling and design of your bedroom. These decorating tips will help you give your bedroom a classic style.

A Place for Rest

The centerpiece of your bedroom is your bed. Your bed accounts for a good amount of your bedroom’s style as well. This is the piece that all other bedroom furniture and decor visually interact with. Make sure your bed is not only comfortable but matches your personal style and aesthetic. Choosing a bed with a frame and headboard allow you to build your bedroom around clean, contemporary lines.


Your bedroom is more than just a room with a bed. It’s where you start and end every day, so make it an uncluttered space that invites tranquility and peace. An ample credenza or dresser gives you a place to stash your odds and ends. Keeping jewelry, unmentionables, and other knick knacks out of sight helps you create a clean, classic feel in your bedroom.

Night stand tables with drawers are a great way to keep your books, magazines, phone plugs, and other bedside necessities hidden and tidy. This gives your bedroom a clean, inviting feel while still keeping all of the things you need at arms length. The Annex End Table from Urban Loft is a great example of a clean, classic night stand that helps keep your bedroom organized and stylish.


The right lighting and light fixtures are key to creating a classic bedroom style. You don’t want the lighting to be so dim that you can’t curl up in bed with a great book, but you also don’t want it so bright that it feels like you're in an office conference room.

Use table lamps for your nightstands, dressers, and credenzas. Pair complementary styles together to create a cohesive aesthetic. Hanging lamps with vintage-themed Marconi bulbs make a great nightstand lamp that can free up space on your bedside table.


Use contrasting colors to create accents for a fun take on a classic bedroom style. Consider bright throw pillows to contrast clean white sheets and blankets. A few bold paintings or pictures can add just the right amount of playfulness to create a vibrant, yet relaxing atmosphere for your bedroom. Don’t forget to keep a few green, living things in your bedroom. A few houseplants can add the perfect finishing touch to your bedroom. Plus house plants help keep the air fresh and clean.

Your Own Style

Ultimately, your bedroom showcases your personal style and aesthetic. Create a bedroom that offers clean lines, open spaces, and lots of room for rest. Build the room around your bed, let in lots of light, and have fun with your decorating and designing. Make it the room you want to see at the beginning and end of each day, and get some good rest.