July 10, 2015

Impenetrable Fortress - Home Security Checklist

Insisting on home security is now probably more relevant then ever – with so many thefts
and burglaries going on every single day, you can never feel too safe and protected.
Therefore, everyone should perform a couple of DIY tricks that will undoubtedly raise the
level of home security. Here are a couple of hacks that are easy and cheap, but still present
an efficient and helpful step towards transforming your home into an impenetrable fortress.
Home Security Checklist

Do not Inform People about Your Plans 

Of course, you cannot be at home all the time and protect it from within – it is only natural
to go to work every day, visit your friends, have a social life outside the home and,
ultimately, go to vacations, holidays and trips. In short: you simply have to be out of the
house from time to time, thus leaving it vulnerable and unprotected. What is essential,
however, is not to let people know when you are absent for a longer period of time. Do not
advertize it over Facebook and Twitter because it is in the public domain and visible to
everyone’s eyes. About 80% of burglars use social media to monitor and choose their
victims, so try to stay away from that.

Trick the Thieves
Home Security Checklist

There are a couple of hacks you can use to trick the thieves and make them think you have a surveillance system even though that is not the case. Stickers advertizing the presence of one or even dummy cameras that only look real but are not most often do the trick and scare wrongdoers away. Another good idea is to use webcams that work just fine, but are

much cheaper.

Protect Each Other

It is not uncommon for professional burglars to target houses in the same neighborhood
because they are usually of the same type and protected in the same way. When an entire
community is under threat, the residents have to take matter in their own hands and set up
a neighborhood watch – patrolling the streets in the evening and night in order to prevent
crimes and watch over each other’s properties. This trend has been popular for the past half
a century and studies show amazing results, with a drop in crime varying from 16% to 26%
in different parts of the USA.

Monitor Your Own

A more individual tactics is protecting your own home by installing a surveillance system
that will track all the movement around your property and be a reliable proof should a need
to take the burglars to court arise. If you install a security camera in front of your house,
burglars are most likely to skip it because they do not want to take chances, but another
good idea is to install one monitoring the back yard or any backdoor entrances that are also
quite popular choices for entering the house.

Pick Your Mail and Destroy the Evidences

If your mail or newspapers are piling up in your pathway, it is obvious you are not at home.
Ask your neighbors to collect them and thus preventing burglars from knowing the house is
unvacated. Furthermore, do not let them aware of what possessions you have, so destroy
electronic boxes and dump them. If burglars do not know about your brand new big screen
TV and sound system, your house will be less appealing.

Further Tactics

Anything you can do to prevent burglary is more than welcomed, from setting up light
timers and securing doors/windows, to getting a guard dog. You should definitely not rely
on your default protection system because, in most cases, it is not enough to keep you safe,
so try to improve it as much as possible with these tricks.