July 18, 2015

Solutions for those meddling pests

Most of us enjoy having our houses full, but if we exclude friends and family members, there are those visitors which we don’t really like to welcome inside – annoying pests. Various pests, from boring insects crawling and flying all around, to awful rodents which can gradually ruin every part of your property, can sometimes become a real army persistent just to destroy your day. Luckily, there are ways to exterminate those nasties:

Common rodents and fighting against them

If you have situation when your quite moments are disturbed with unusual sounds of something rumbling through your house, chances are great that you are hosting some of the destroyers from rodents’ family. This is who they are and how to defeat them:

Mice - The most common mice are house mice, which are attracted by food, water sources and inside warmth. Mice carry bacteria and viruses dangerous for human health which can be easily spread through food or water they’ve contaminated or their excreta present on the surfaces they’ve reached. It’s important to exclude any food and liquid source within the house and to block eventual holes and gaps on the walls, loft floor, basement, etc. Efficient ways to get rid of mice are also toxic traps set throughout the floors or baits containing powerful rodenticide.

Rats – Rats are slightly bigger than mice and able to approach to lofts, ceilings, pools, through floors and walls, etc. Like mice, they usually move and act during the night and they’re also spreaders of harmful diseases and parasites, including contaminated ticks and fleas. Fighting against rats can include the usage of cage traps, setting baits poisoned with rodenticide, snap traps, but you must also remove any trace of food, especially grains and clean out cluttered and moisturized spots.

Common insects and how to control them

Insects belong to the largest animal groups, but fortunately only few insect families are fond of our homes. Since they are very persistent, you may need to use various types of insecticides to completely exterminate them, but, do not worry, there are great pest control suppliers with a wide range of products, including those for domestic use. The most common household insects are:

Roaches – Apart from attacking the food, roaches can also bite paper, plastic and transmit some germs. The best way to expel them from the house is blocking any water source, keeping surfaces dry and cleaning floors and furniture so they don’t contain food leftovers, grease or spills. Cockroach baits which contain mixed food and poison, soapy water, Cyfluthrin based sprays or commercial roach traps are efficient solutions for killing both adult roaches and their large nests.

Ants – Those pests are usually attracted by food, especially sweet stuff. You can easily get rid of them by spraying your house with liquids which include ammonia, soap, alcohol, but if the situation is serious, baits based on boric acid or baking soda mixtures should instantly solve the problem.

Dust mites – These are almost invisible, tiny insects which don’t bite but populate furniture, carpets, pillows or beddings and cause allergies. Dust is their natural habitat so dust mites control must include regular wiping, vacuuming, bedclothes washing and removing unnecessary rugs, curtains and fluffy items. There are also various air filters which can remove dust mites from air.
Although pests are numerous, well planned control along with quality pesticides can exterminate even the most persistent of them.