September 3, 2015

13 Quick Tips for Picking a Good Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are essential in helping you find and pick the right property to ensure you find what you need and in the right area of preference. In this, it I best that you work with the best as you look to find what property best suits you. The real estate market is large and it is best that you receive a professional’s opinion and expertise to ensure you are not scammed off your property or off your money. A real estate agent will offer professional assistance and guidance. The following are 13 quick tips for picking a good real estate agent.

What to Avoid  

1. An agent who will list the highest price for your property
These agents are looking to benefit themselves and not the client in question. No one who has no interest that is related to you should serve your objectives.Pricing a property too high will take you a longer time to sell as individual know the current market values.
2. A part time real estate agent
Part time agents are not dedicated to understanding the market fully as they are occupied by other things thus their attention is diverted.
3. Relatives in the field
Relatives are great in every way but it is not advisable to work with them as agents. Family and business does not mix unless your relative is a full time agent who has built a reputation in the real estate field.
4. An agent who relies on referrals from others
An agent who does not understand the serenity of the surrounding area of your property will always be referring to others for help and will not offer professional expertise to aid your concern.
5. Questionable commissions
Questionable commissions are either too high or too low. On the average, commissions are between 5 and 7 per cent. When they surpass these commissions, someone is pulling a first one on you.
How to Identify a Good Real Estate Agent
6. Carry out research
Research is very important in providing the necessary information about an agent. This way, you will not be relying on other people’s opinion to make the right judgment
7. Ask questions
The questions you ask are valid as they help you to identify the knowledge of your real estate agent. In this, you will be able to ensure that you are working with the best in the market and they are knowledgeable.
8. Seek for clientele reviews and ratings
Client reviews and ratings provide information on the expertise and experience of real estate agents. In this, you will be able to find out their previous works and how they were delivered.
9. Look through several offers in the market
Shop around and identify the worth of the different agents in your area are willing to offer you. While you should consider the commissions or pricing, it is best that you do not compromise of quality of delivery.
10. Look to see if your preferred agent addresses your needs or his
When approaching an agent, it is best that you identify if he is working for you or making your needs second to him meeting his personal objectives. Only work with one who desires to meet your objective.
11. Is he knowledgeable in the specific area of question?
Some agents are great but only within their jurisdiction. In this, they are good with what they know and are not as great with areas that are not known to them.
12. Their ability to deliver as desired and on time
This is a good deed as they will be able to meet your needs. To identify this, work with referrals they have worked with to see their work.
13. Professionalism
This is easy to identify if they are certified by the state to carry out their objectives as real estate agents. Do not work with cheap but unprofessional personnel.

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