September 27, 2015

Clever bedroom options for your tiny home/apartment

Finding yourself living in a studio or tiny apartment and having no idea on how to maximize each and every corner in an open space abode can be a challenge -- living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom squeezed into one room. Let’s test your smart space living.

The major dilemma for people in this situation is the bed space -- how to impose privacy. Why is this important? What if your family or friends come over but you only feel like lying in bed all day? Or perhaps a house guest fell ill and needs to take a rest. You don’t want others to watch you sleep or your guest rest, do you?

To fix your dilemma and prevent interior chaos, here are creative ways you could live big in a tiny apartment/home: 

Use a divider. It could be bookshelves, a piece of plywood, cabinets or your TV stand -- whichever you prefer that goes along well with the layout and design of your space will work just fine. Using a divider separates your bed from the other aspects of your apartment. Plus, you don’t have to spend a dime for this, you could just rearrange your furniture the way it would constitute distinction from other areas of the house.

Use curtains. If you’re not into dividers and prefer something that would provide you more privacy, perhaps your best option are curtains. Mountain a curtain in a track as your divider, you could also DIY it with strings and hooks on the wall and in the ceiling if you want. Not only are curtains convenient for your privacy and disconnect the spaces but you could also slide it back and join the spaces together whenever you want to. 

Couch which doubles as a bed. If you live in a really small space that a bed would take up so much more, a couch which you can also transform as a bed is perfect for you and the practical-minded persons alike. If you can find a sofa bed or couch bed in home department stores, good for you. However if you don’t want to damage your wallet, you can just make one for yourself and see how to make one here.
A loft bed. Why don’t you think outside the box and stir some creativity in your imagination? Show some layering in your interior. A loft bed would solve your tiny room situation. Your couch under and your bed above it, put a ladder and you’re good to go. This fits for college students living in a dorm room and for young professionals. 

The living cube. If you want a solution that not only divides your space but is also multifunctional, check out this living cube. Everything you need can be stored and found here -- closet for clothes and shoes, TV cabinet and books. You might want to contact a professional if you want a customized living cube to optimize its efficiency and meet your home structure’s requirements and of course, your needs. Nonetheless, this is a great idea for those who can only squeeze a little space.

Build walls around your bed. If you’re renting and don’t want to tweak the structure of your rental, you could build a wall that will serve as a ‘nook’ for your bed. With this, you’ll feel as if you have your own bedroom and not just separated or divided from the other areas of your home. 

About Chie Suarez

Chie Suarez is a passionate writer/blogger for PAAL Kit Homes, a company that manufactures and supplies steel-framed kit homes that help Australian families build their dream home. Chie likes watching TV series and movies, is inclined to music and has a deep interest in home design and decoration.