September 19, 2015

Living In Granny Flats – Australia Interior Decorators Share Tips for Furnishing Small Homes

Smaller homes like granny flats can present some interior decorating challenges. Many claim that it’s difficult to make all necessary pieces of furniture fit in quite a small space and at times, even if they are able to fit everything in, comfortable movement inside the home gets compromised. 

When it comes to living in small granny flats, Australia interior decorators say, the right integrations can ensure comfort and function, so they have shared some furnishing tips below that can yield such a result.

1. Always go for sliding doors, be they for actual home entryways or cabinets and closets — Sliding doors do not take up space and they cause less accidents than swinging doors. Likewise, they are able to maintain the same amount of space whether they are open or closed.

2. Use walls to their fullest extent – Attach shelves even to the space just right below the ceiling; freeing your floors of standing elements will provide you more walking space. For example, you have a big collection of plates; instead of placing the dinnerware in cabinets, display them on shelves in various areas of the house. Not only do you get free wall décor, but the storage issue is solved, too.

3. Invest in multipurpose furniture – These pieces are abundant nowadays so you won’t have any trouble finding what you need. If storage is one of your concerns, there are couches, benches and beds that double as trunks where everything from clothes, tools, and extra mattresses can be kept inside. If you like to have extra beds for when you have guests for the night, there are couches that can be turned into comfy single beds just by shifting the pillows.

4. Look into origami furniture – These are well-designed home items that can fold out of sight and create more space, or can be adjusted to take on new functions. Some origami furniture pieces are relatively cheap and they are some of the most useful for small homes such as ironing boards, coffee tables, study tables, chairs, and lighting.

5. Use stackable pieces – People like to call these Lego furniture because all you really have to do is pile them on top of each other to alter their appearance and function. But, overall, however you manipulate these pieces, you can maximise space. There are stackable washing machines and driers, stools and tables that when stacked create a modular shelving unit, beds, living room set, etc.

About the Author: 

Oliver Finney is a real estate enthusiast and a writer. He frequently writes are articles about real estate which can help home owners, buyers and sellers to find the ideal home solution they need. He shares this resource for granny flats in Australia.