September 29, 2015

Modern Construction Techniques - Affordable Homes For All by 2022

The government has gotten its ‘Housing for All by 2022’ scheme approved, where the urban poor have been promised housing by the end of 2022. According to this programme, the government will need to build approximately 11 crore housing units in seven years with an investment of around 128 lakh crores!

This scheme will build up homes in the entire urban area of India including more than 4000 towns. The construction will be implemented in three phases - 100 cities covered in the first phase by March 2017, 200 cities covered in the second phase by March 2019, and the remaining cities covered in the third phase by March 2022.

This construction scheme will involve modern and innovative technologies and building materials to facilitate quicker and good quality homes, with plans and layouts suitable for different climatic zones. All this will require skilled masons, plumbers and electricians along with lower construction costs and better space utilization to be able to deliver affordable homes to the people.


When using traditional methods of construction, it is a big headache to check for the skills of the labours at every juncture - masons, plumbers, electricians and others. But, with modern technologies, the pre-fabricated materials used will be built at factories with pre-defined specifications and under strict supervision. Only then will it be shipped off and exported. Thus, the quality of materials will be thoroughly checked.

Lowered costs

Modern construction techniques include pre-fabricated construction material, which is costly. Then, how would this help in lower costs? This type of construction material will lower the labour, time and transportation costs. Using pre-fabricated material will reduce the wastage and misuse of individual materials like cement, mortar and bricks. Thus, on the whole, costs would be lowered.


There are so many labours seen in India but still, there is a lack of skilled labourmen. The country has always seen a problem of skilled manpower. Pre-fabricated materials will have already been constructed by skilled professionals and are already pre-equipped with electrical and plumbing work. These materials need to only be assembled at the site under construction. Thus, it ensures good quality of building materials and also requires less number of labours at the site. This reduces the labour cost by around 30%.

Time taken

The traditional methods of constructing buildings takes a long time for the completion of a project. But, the use of pre-fabricated materials is surely going to reduce the time taken. Using modern technologies, large structures can be build within a few months only. An analysis says that the time taken for construction will be reduced by around 15% on using modern construction materials and technologies. This will lead to affordable homes being built up in a time frame of around 18 to 24 months to the maximum.

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