October 2, 2015

Why you should consider buying property in cardiff

Whether you’ve been looking at moving to Cardiff for a long time, or you’ve been at your current residence for a while and you fancy a chance of place, purchasing a property in Cardiff could be one of the best decisions you make in your lifetime. With a bustling city life and a fantastic history, Cardiff is one of the best cities to live in, in Europe, voted by residents of Cardiff themselves. Plus with the property market stabilising for the first time in years, looking at potential properties is starting to become a more worthwhile investment, whether you’re looking at purchasing a home to live in, or even trying out a new investment in a buy-to-let property. 

Cardiff is both a historic city and a city popular for student living, so with a widely diverse population there is bound to be something for everyone. From entertainment to classical sites of interest, take a look at what Cardiff has to offer if you are thinking of moving nearby. 

Voted ‘Best City to Live in’ By Residents

Out of six cities surveyed – others included London, Glasgow, Belfast, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Manchester, Cardiff came first with 92% of residents saying they likes living in the city. The residents also felt that the cultural attractions provided by Cardiff where of the highest quality, with 93% saying they felt they were better than attractions in Paris, Berlin and even Athens.

Bute Park and Cardiff Castle

With more green space per person than any other core UK city, the public parks in Cardiff are certainly something to behold and great to visit all year round. The most well-known of these is Bute Park & Arboretum, an extensive area of parkland that can be easily found from the city centre. It is one of the largest urban parks in Wales, covering urban woodland, sports pitches, horticultural features, a beautiful river corridor and historic landscape designs all in 56 hectares of beautiful parkland. 

Cardiff Castle is located at the heart of the city and with guided tours, audio guides, exhibition centres and views of the wartime shelters among a whole host of other things, you can really get stuck right into the centre of the history of Cardiff Castle. You can even book an evening at the Cardiff Castle for a traditional Welsh Banquet for family, friends or even corporate meetings. It’s great fun for everyone. 

Modern Entertainment

Of course, no capital city would be complete without modern day living and Cardiff has entertainment centres galore. From cinemas to markets and supermarkets, gaming arcades and the famous Cardiff Fashion Quarter, if you’re looking for it, Cardiff has it. More nerdy family members can embark on the Doctor Who Experience at the Gallifrey Museum, where you’ll journey to the heart of the TARDIS, coming up against a brand new monster that you will need to defeat, with The Doctor’s Help. This one-of-a-kind exhibition also hosts a number of props and exhibits from the show, so fans of the show are well welcome here. 

At the end of the day, Cardiff has so much to offer that whether you’re looking for a new place to raise the kids, a nice quiet retirement home or even a second property to invest in, it could prove to be a worthwhile investment for all of the above and more. Take the plunge, from large country manors to flats and bungalows perfect for those looking at a small property in a big city, and see what Cardiff can do for you today. 

Article provided by Barry Home Buyers; a family run business in Wales with over two decades successful experience in the property industry.

Buying a Commercial Property in Cornwall – 5 Helpful Tips

There are many different reasons someone would be looking to purchase a commercial property in Cornwall. It remains one of the UK’s leading tourist regions with stunning coastlines, nightlife and history to be enjoyed. 

Whether it’s an occupation, business investment or future development, it’s important that you know what you’re looking for from the start. Cornwall has plenty to offer in terms of commercial value, so here are some top tips for you to follow when looking to buy your industrial or commercial property in this part of the UK.

What Commercial Property Should You Buy?

It’s important that you can tell the difference between and separate what you want from a property and what you actually need. You should list your priorities for your Cornwall-based commercial property so that you can come to a compromise if needs be. While this sounds like very basic information, remember that the dream commercial property you’re looking for is unlikely to appear anytime soon. 

Your Chosen Vehicle

You now need to consider what vehicle you’d like to use, whether it’s limited company, SIPP, personal name and LLP. You should pursue help from professional and those who have been in a similar position before. Remember that any professionals should work to your specific interests and requirements.

Decide on a Budget

Cornwall doesn’t have the cheapest domestic market in the UK and the same can certainly be said for commercial properties due to the major influx of tourists every year. The vast majority will always go into a potential commercial property purchase with a budget, even if they say they don’t have one. There is usually a budget comfort zone though, so you should have an idea of how much you’d be willing to spend to satisfy the requirements you have drawn up. 

Time it Right

The purpose of the acquisition of your commercial or industrial property in Cornwall will determine the timing of your purchase. If you are looking to occupy your commercial property, consider when you plan on leaving your existing property and whether this is flexible. You need to make sure your business transition is as smooth as possible. 

Also, consider whether you can get an advantage on the market by committing to it unconditionally as opposed to subject or planning. It doesn’t matter what drives your purchase, the timing can have a major impact on making a profit or a loss. Acquisition agent are usually the best choice for advice as they know how to assess the market in Cornwall.

Keep Your Options Open

Cornwall has plenty to offer the commercial buyer, so it would be ill-advised to approach your commercial purchase without a degree of compromise. You should try and keep alternative properties in mind when pursuing you’re a new commercial business or investment. 

With open options you can optimise your negotiation powers and also have a readymade contingency plan in case something falls through at the last minute and deadlines need to be met. You also don’t want to put your business operations at risk as a result of a failed commercial purchase. 

Article provided by Hocking Associates; Chartered Surveyors based in Cornwall since 1982 with a portfolio of over 17,000 inspected properties. 

Selling Property? The Building and Pest Inspections Firms Provide Will Prove Helpful

Despite the optimistic attitude within the real estate industry throughout the country nowadays, selling a piece of property still remains to be quite challenging, especially if you wish to profit maximally from this decision. For individual home sellers, it’s often difficult to compete with newly developed residential provisions, which come with convenient payment programs.

If you are hoping to sell your home soon and you want to go about it competitively, some of the crucial things you need to include in this process are building and pest inspections. Brisbane firms that offer this service claim that thorough inspections will determine the honest value of your property, which then will present you the great opportunity to make necessary improvements that will have a direct impact on its market value.

A building inspection, Brisbane inspectors also add, will reveal the strong points of the structure. This will allow you to emphasise these when you’re pitching the provision to a potential buyer. Remember, buyers are always interested in the good things due to their fantasies of a new beginning; knowing the fine points of your property will help you strengthen your marketing tactic even without exaggerating anything.

Now, when it comes to pest inspection, as a seller, this will allow you to implement necessary treatments to be able to present a home that is completely safe. A termite inspection, Brisbane inspectors say, will prove really helpful in establishing if there are components within the property that are attracting these destructive wood eaters. If there are, you can treat wood and other elements with repelling agents and you can include that information in your marketing pitch. 

Also, you can present yourself as a knowledgeable and helpful seller if you are then able to provide information on how to address or prevent infestation (do research on available solutions—there are plenty online). This will be fully appreciated by buyers, because while they have fantasies of complete perfection for the property they’re considering purchasing, most of them still do not forget about the reality of maintenance responsibilities. With all the valuable information you provide, you get to empower and prepare them for their future life in the property.

Being able to show them the real deal as well as the ropes in effectively keeping the house in great shape and working order can help in convincing potential buyers that your property is indeed a worthy buy. After all, it has undergone a thorough inspection and has been established a truly good provision by industry experts.

About the Author: Oliver Finney is a real estate enthusiast and a writer. He frequently writes are articles about real estate which can help home owners, buyers and sellers to find the ideal home solution they need. He shares this resource http://building-and-pest-inspections-brisbane.com.au


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