October 2, 2015


How long will it take for you, to rent a house? Are you looking for a house for rent in RT Nagar? Are you worried about time taken for completing the whole process? Yes, it would take a lot of time for dealing with documentation, rental agreement, checking worthiness of the property etc. The house owner would also take time in learning about the tenant in detail and getting security deposit. Is there a way to rent a house instantly? Yes, you can do it even through your mobile. How is it possible? Keep reading.

What NestAway can do?

This is an online resource of rental properties which is available in top cities like Bangalore and Gurgaon. The management handpicks rental properties which have a minimum standard and regulation, which are maintained by the site. You can find hundreds of houses at varying budgets and amenities. Most of the properties which are posted in this site are fully furnished. Thus, if you are new to the city, you need not worry about finding places to buy equipment's or reliable source for apartment hunting.

Hassle free renting

Think about a normal scenario where you search for houses for rent. You might not be able to find a reliable renter. Even if you find one, he may not be ready to accommodate only men in his house. Thus, you may need to spend weeks or even months searching and relocating to a house in a new area. What can Nestaway do for you?

You can search the rental places by locality. Say, you need a house for rent in Richmond Town. You can search all available rental properties in the area alone. If you like an offer, you can look at pictures of the house posted by the renter and amenities inside the house in each room. There is also information about social amenities like gym, swimming pool and others inside the apartment (if any). There would also be information about basic rules of owner, rent payment date, advance required and other details. This will help you to shortlist a house without spending a lot of time. Choose a date and schedule a visit by providing your name and phone number. If you are satisfied with all information provided, you can visit to see the house and close the deal. So, you would find the dream house within one or two visits. 

Are you looking for a house for rent in RT Nagar, Bangalore? Do you know that there are several hundred rental properties and many fraudulent agents in the city? You may have to spend considerable time analyzing reliability of the property, owner, agreement etc. Instead, you can leave the whole process to NestAway. It will take care of all the processes and all you need to do is choose a house and rent it. Thus, renting a house is made simple and easier. With the mobile app, you can even rent a house while travelling without spending a lot of time and money in the process.