November 22, 2015

Cheap and functional - Frugal DIY ideas for your home

We all know the saying that everything can be bought for a price. If you are one of those who think that its bittersweet meaning is that everything is possible, but only if you have deep enough pocket we are here to break some good news to you. There are numerous things you can afford with almost nothing but your bare hands and wit. Keeping that in mind, let us see how you can use your DIY skills to refresh your home this autumn, and spend almost nothing.

Use Small Disposable Items to Organize Your Home

One of the most common problems of any home is the bad organization which in turn leads to huge piles of clutter. Put an end to this issue using nothing but the clutter itself. For example you can use your broken CDs/DVDs to separate the hanging areas in your locker, and use beer pull-tabs to hang several hangers onto each other and get the most out of your locker’s vertical space. Cereal boxes can become great drawer dividers, and your old cloths can be repurposed into the vertical hangers with the most basic sewing skill. If you have a lot of boxes around, use old newspapers and magazines to overlay them and create very stylish storage units.

Create a Beautiful Picture Wall

If you have one of those walls which are not the prettiest thing to look at, why would you not cover it with pictures of your family? Making wooden frames does not stray too far from the elementary school carpentry skill level, so the items you will need for this project are very easy to obtain. The rest is up to your imagination, and this is the area where you can really let it shine through. You can, for example try to show the passage of time, and make gradual transition from your old family photos to the newer ones across the wall.

Turn Everyday Stuff into Furniture

Although it requires slightly higher skill level than the wooden frames, DIY furniture is also very easy to tackle, especially considering the fact that you can use pretty much anything for the material. Have you ever considered hanging ladders vertically onto the wall to create a very practical book shelf, or to screw few castors on painted wooden palette and put a wooden plate on top to create coffee table? No matter how strange it may sound, plastic crates can be turned into colorful storage departments, and cinder blocks can be repurposed into very beautiful planters or even a basis for a desk.

Bring the Autumn In

There is something inherently rustic about the autumn that goes really well with the vintage style. If you want to reinforce this look in your house, you should not be afraid to fill it with the autumn’s fruits. Huge wreaths, jars filled with twigs and leaves, pale pumpkins, and other appropriate things will paint your room with warm autumn colors and fill it with the sense of calm and nostalgia. In a meantime, you can chill out at your patio enjoying your new outdoor furniture while watching the leaves fall.

As we can see changing the look of your house is more a matter of will than it is a matter of money. Whether you are simply going to put an end to the clutter and make it shine again, or you are going to work out your DIY muscles and breathe a new life into it, your house can be completely overhauled even with the meager resources.