November 29, 2015

Choosing Commercial Flooring – What to Consider

Commercial flooring needs to do much more than provide your employees with a safe and reliable platform underfoot. It needs to be representative of your commercial background and can have a significant contribution to your business as a whole.

It’s certainly not the first thing that springs to mind when we think about marketing techniques, but this is one of many factors that should determine your choice of flooring. So what material would be the best choice for your new flooring installation? Here are the benefits of some of the leading candidates…


Carpets can be easily removed and cleaned when required, so they will look great 24/7. They can also be completely replaced if damaged very easily. Carpet is often self-adhesive or held down by their own weight, so they are generally easier to install or replace.

When it comes to designing your office space there are also plenty of options with carpet, with many different colours and patterns on offer.


Interlocking planks are used to fit laminate flooring and there is usually a dry glue included in the product, so they are very easy to install. The four-layer composition of laminate flooring is also an excellent choice as this enhances durability and reduces chances of long-term wear.

You can emulate the look of the more expensive yet stylish hardwood flooring with laminate, making it a cheaper and efficient choice. You also don’t have the issue of staining and it won’t lose its colour or appearance in direct sunlight.


Hardwood is a hugely popular choice of flooring these days as it is a prefect resemblance of a more rustic and traditional office space. It adds a touch of elegance to any commercial interior and is great for parts of your workspace where clients or visitors will be based.

When making an impact on guests, it doesn’t get much better than hardwood flooring. Hardwood also won’t store dust like carpet and is just as a reliable and sturdy as laminate, if not more.

Vinyl Tiles

The least expensive of the lot and the perfect choice for those looking to budget on their first office space, vinyl is easy to install ye can still emulate the various elegant designs of wood or stone flooring to create something that’s very high-end.

It is resistant to dirt and water thanks to a ‘wear’ layer, and it’s the perfect choice for any kitchen or bathroom space, so perhaps the office kitchen would be perfectly suited to this option. It is also as comfortable as carpet, with the soft texture making it easy to stand on for long periods.

Article provided by Resing Flooring Ltd, a family run flooring contractor providing specialist repair and refurbishment services for industrial flooring across London and beyond – for over 40 years.