November 22, 2015

Front Entry Tips for Every Home

Front entry is often the most important part of every home; it leaves a significant aesthetic impact on visitors. That is why it should be interesting, but at the same time front entry should be in accordance with the architectural style of the house. Its design does not have to be complicated, however, it must leave a positive impression.

Front door
The front door of any home has important practical functions, including security and insulation, but nice door can beautify the entire front of the house. Door can be made of almost all available materials. Most often we find the classic wooden doors, aluminium doors and anti-burglar door. Cast iron doors, matched with a small fence made of the same material can create an interesting visual appearance.
Glass can also be a part of the front door. Engravings, stained glass, or metal inserts on the door, or above the door can make your front entry look unique.
Colour of the door doesn’t have to match the colour of the walls; it can be a completely different colour, one that does not appear elsewhere in the home exterior. Colourful door, well integrated into the overall exterior design of the house creates a strong visual appeal.
The front door should be clearly indicated. This does not mean that the main entrance have to be on the street side, although that is almost always the case. If your front entry is on the side of the house, it should be pointed out with a path through the garden, porch or interesting creepers. Climbing roses or ivy on your front porch make your front entry look inviting. Plant small decorative flowers or shrubs in pots or other green arrangements and put them on the path or steps leading to your front door.
Your front entry and hallway have to be painted in light colours, and if you have darker pieces of furniture on your front porch or in the hallway, make sure to add details in bright colours, especially red. If you want to leave a comforting impression, paint the front walls in pastel shades, and if you prefer a cheerful atmosphere, choose the colours that are brighter and clearer, but which are still enough light and mild. Make sure that you paint your front porch and steps leading to the front entry with a concrete paint in order to protect them from hash weather conditions.
Lights in front of the house doesn’t only help you to find a keyhole at night. In addition to providing security, lights can be interesting and they can emphasize the texture of your walls. Spread the lights on your front yard and create a three-dimensional experience for your guests.
We all know what is the purpose of the mats, but they also create a psychological transition from walking outside to entering someone’s home. That is why you should choose mats that are looking welcoming and inviting.
Put an unusual house number, mailbox and other interesting details on your front entry. Flowerpots with greenery surrounded by lanterns on both sides of the door create a distinctive aesthetic harmony, which will help your home make a powerful first impression. 

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