November 29, 2015

How to get the most out of a small bathroom

Just because you have a small bathroom space does not mean that you cannot have a luxurious feeling design. Everyone has seen these huge bathrooms with incredible design features and top of the range components creating visually stunning spaces. For many the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, it is a space to relax and contemplate, an escape if you will. Having an inspirational space can help with this process but it can seem difficult to achieve when you are working with such a small canvas, however if done well you can achieve some incredible results and leave yourself with a great looking, luxury bathroom.

There are a few simple things to take into consideration that can vastly improve the design of any small bathroom. Don’t let a smaller space limit your imagination, work with a specialist bathroom designer to realise the potential of your space.

Storage Solutions

A key part of any bathroom is having enough storage for day-to-day objects, such as toothbrushes and razors, and locations to store towels and other items. This can be especially difficult in a small space, especially when you want it to look high-end and luxurious. The obvious choice for storage is usually a vanity unit, if there is space, due to the space this opens up below an otherwise void location (i.e. under a sink). A vanity unit is still a good choice for small bathrooms and by either having it open or floating it off of the floor can provide you with a slightly different look and help give the impression of greater space. An open vanity unit is generally an open shelf where you can either store neatly folded towels or have a box for knickknacks, this can give a very clean and fresh feel to the bathroom.

If you decide not to use a vanity unit another good option is to have floating shelves, either glass or wood finishes can give an air of sophistication depending on the design style you are trying to achieve. Try to keep the clutter to a minimum so that you do not have a busy feel to the surfaces. If you have a shelf, consider extending this over the toilet itself, this gives you a longer surface and a greater area to use for storage of items, including towels.


The key to any bathroom design is functionality, it is no good having a visually incredible design if it is unusable when it comes to the intended purpose. Think about where to place each item and how it relates to the other components of the bathroom.

Using stackable baskets or boxes can look good aesthetically but their main purpose is to provid you with adequate storage. Other things to think about in the design stage is how each unit fits into the space, if you have a long narrow bathroom it may be advantageous to install a longer, thinner sink. Going even further, the use of wall mounted taps can help you maximise the space you have, not only that they also look fantastic whatever your design brief. The shape of items can also make a big impact, if you are concerned about sharp edges you can opt for circular or rounded units, and yes, a round vanity unit can work in a square or corner location.

Feeling of Space

This is the million dollar question that most people will ask, just how do you make a room feel bigger? One reasonably simple thing you can incorporate into your design is a large mirror. Mirrors naturally make a space feel bigger and are also a functional piece of any bathroom. The use of glass and a clean neutral pallet also help you achieve the feeling of space. Examples of this include not using a shower door – you can use a simple pane of glass to keep the area watertight and give a natural barrier. The ultimate sacrifice in space saving is the bathtub itself, although this is a big decision to make. A shower-only bathroom may not be as scary as it may seem at first, after all a lot of people no longer take baths and prefer showers for a number of reasons. Losing the bath tub can open up a lot of space for you to utilise for other aspects of your perfect bathroom.

If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom first of all write down your ideas and then discuss it through with a specialist bathroom designer. They will have great experience in helping people just like you and will most likely be able to contribute some of the best ideas to your design. A new bathroom can be an exciting improvement to your home and the possibilities are endless, even with smallest spaces. 

Article provided by The Brighton Bathroom Company, a professional bathroom specialist offering a range of services to suit any requirements – from the stunning showroom and workshop in Sussex.